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(of nations or peoples) exist in mutual tolerance despite different ideologies or interests.

“the task of diplomacy was to help different states to coexist”
I recently posted a blog about the Muslim Brotherhood’s Project.    To dominate the world under Sharia Law, for all to be ruled under Islam, through means of violence, killing anyone not Muslim.
Someone posted me a message I need to learn to CO-EXIST or leave!
First of all, I am not going anywhere.    Secondly, if their idea of co-existence is for me to accept their immoral, wrong, destructive and murderous ideologies and replace it with ours, then this world will just have to continue with nations at war with one another.
I will not sacrifice freedom, my Christian values and worship by caving in simply to co-exist under their terms; especially a radical Islam.    You can not co-exist with someone who believes the only way to co-exist is to exist under them not with them.