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A bit sarcastic I admit.   But, we know about Clinton love of, thirst for, greed and will do anything for money,  including selling uranium that does not belong to you personally.   Lets step back to the Clinton White House, the NAFTA Agreement, the one sided agreement that benefited the United States ever so slightly if at all.   Knowing the Clintons, they don’t do anything they can’t profit from.

What underlying, back room deals, favors, payoffs, promises did the Clinton Crime Cartel gain/profit from NAFTA?   I’m betting there is something……..a lot of something.  I am suspicious of everything Clinton.  Especially now, some things just don’t click until years later.    We know the Clinton’s loyalty is to their own pockets, not the American people.   They’d sell us to the highest bidder.



I didn’t sleep well last night.  Nothing bothering me, I knew my oldest son was alright after a rough day with an ambulance ride, chest x-ray (respiratory infection) to follow-up with a dead battery in his car at the end of the day.   But he’ll replace the battery and take his meds, relax.  This all following a nightmare, he was back in either Afghanistan or Iraq, woke with his heart racing.   He is fine……He will sleep better tonight.

So, how do the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s, the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world sleep?   How do they go to bed at night.   No conscious.   We know how Stephen Paddock sleeps.


If you listen to the Main Stream Media, you would tend to believe this is the first time there has ever been any sort of chaos from the White House.   If WH staffers, from the President on down to the Head Chef never got into an argument or shouting match, they probably don’t care enough about doing a good job or they aren’t doing their job at all.  Even the Kennedy brothers argued.   Nixon?   Calm as kitten right?   Oh, and lets not forget about the Clinton’s.   Hillary from what we have learned threw a few lamp shades, talked to portraits of dead presidents and possibly had Vince Foster shot inside the White House.   Bill Clinton?  I guess sex with an intern in the Oval Office and what he experienced underneath our desk with a cigar while moaning in personal pleasure may not seem chaotic but should not have been so acceptable as normal behavior.

Most of the activity above had little to do with government business; just on-the-side time outs; like school recess I suppose.   At least the chaotic nature of Trump’s White House and how he is handling it by removing pieces has something to do with becoming more efficient for the security and good of the nation; and getting rid of leakers.   I prefer that to personal satisfaction………..   The Clinton’s and Obama’s know a lot about personal satisfaction.

If all is quiet and peaceful in the White House, especially during prime time, absolutely nothing is being achieved, debated and yes at times argued.   At least the First Lady is not heard screaming at Donald about who he is sleeping with during the day; nor is she cursing the Secret Service Agents for saying good morning!

A little noise from the WH is good!


Too many social media websites are posting NEWS ALERTS without any confirmation or verification, and often no evidence or witnesses.   They post these stories as factual.   They want to be the first to a story, ANY story, so confirmation isn’t important, truth isn’t important.   They know others will re-post (many of us guilty of that, when the story seems to have so many details presented, it must be true; but too often is not) and bang its viral.   When no one can disprove, especially right away, the story must be true, right?  Wrong!  It may take several days to contradict, by then the story is ASSumed to be true.

The danger here and its a problem now, a growing problem that only benefits criminals and the corrupt; put out as much bullshit related to a current issue or investigation (like Gowdy on Clinton/Foundation); smear it up so bad that it will always be a muddy issue that can never be cleared up, not even with actual facts.  Now it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to differentiate fact from fiction.  Witnesses are no longer trustworthy……stories contradict, and other fake witnesses see something else.

Anything and everything is now accepted as truth (fake truth, fake news).   There is no such thing as a liar on the Main Stream Media.  If they say it, it must be true.   I WANT this to be a true story has become a story today; after all the ignorant general public has no way to disprove.   Say it, it makes it so…………This is one huge reason how people like Bill and Hillary Clinton have survived.   They have a cast of characters around them, that muddies everything………  Throw a ton of fiction in……smear it around, now even the truth can not be confirmed to be true.  It really is criminal genius.

Gowdy’s pedophile investigators missing amid Clinton Library subpoena


How many more murders and missing people must there be surrounding the Clinton’s before we put an end to this crime cartel, Clinton Crime Cartel (Arkansas)?

99% sure must be 100%


via BREAKING: FBI CONFIRMS Hillary Clinton GUILTY of TREASON, Gave Classified Material To Foreign Governments! | enVolve — wwlee4411

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