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arlin report thought of the day: we’d go to jail

We’d (you and me) go to jail if we did some of the things people in government (elected & appointed) are doing and getting away with. Comey comes to immediate mind. I know the investigations are probably not complete yet, but ……….. Will we ever see justice on the upper (uppity) level? I won’t start on the Clintons, not now. Some have gone to jail for lying to the FBI, and under the Mueller investigation. Those being the lesser of crimes. How is Flynn’s sins against the government greater than Comey conspiring to keep Hillary out of jail.?

arlin report thought of the day: jeffrey epstein suicide attempt? or

My first thought, no, this isn’t the kind of guy that commits suicide. He is too arrogant, thinks his wealth will get him off. My take, he had a jail cell visitor. A Clinton connection if you will. Oh, don’t act like that is ridiculous! Crazy things happen within the Clinton Cartel. The cartel is real!

Is He Draining The Swamp? — The Lone Cactus

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, one of his campaign promises was he was going to “drain the swamp”. It’s one of the campaign promises he has failed to deliver on. But, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing has certainly shown all of the weird and utterly useless critters that are populating the […]

via Is He Draining The Swamp? — The Lone Cactus

Expose it,   It is then up to us to vote the scum buckets OUT!


    • Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman (1997), ed. Robert H. Ferrell, p. 306 (Google Books). Also quoted at “Harry Truman Speaks”, on the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum website
“An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.” is logically equivalent to “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” – Modus tollens


It might very well be America’s most serious issue.   I know it’s one that middle class America, you know, us peons get most ticked about……….the double standard.    If I did what THEY do, I’d get thrown in prison.  We know who THEY are, the Bill and Hillary Clintons, Obama……….. and all those Congressional men (we don’t know, but possibly some women) who used tax payer money to hush those they sexually assaulted.  I’ve never had a LUSH fund that would have covered for me……..how about you?   Nope?

I don’t have a (charitable) foundation with a funnel running from it into my pocket.   So, I’m not misleading anyone into thinking a nice little donation will go along way to help the poor in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico or Haiti and then spend it on a vacation to Russia so I can make a speech for half a million, while my girl friend promises you’ll get some Uranium (that doesn’t belong to me) for your efforts.    No, if I did all that in one breath, I’d get the cell doors slammed behind me.  But, not in this country…….where the Uppity Class in high places covers for one another (crimes in itself).    Its a huge DC corruption circle…….famously known now as The Swamp, with the Left’s sweetheart Hillary Clinton in the center.   If I or you did what she has done………we’d also likely be in prison for having funded a murder or two or at least been investigated.

The little Rocketman in North Korea has done less damage to this country and poses less a threat than THE SWAMP.


If you listen to the Haitians, the Clinton Foundation (the Clinton’s) helped maintain Haiti’s s..thole status.   Clinton’s false promises!   This is how low the Clinton’s are:  seek donations for a cause…..but pocket the majority of the funds for their own benefit.  That isn’t an opinion…..its a fact.


Image result for photo of Jeff Sessions looking scared


Point is………..he didn’t need one.   Not enough evidence to investigate Hillary Clinton?   IS HE FREAKING KIDDING?!!!!    Comey and the email fiasco, isn’t enough?  There is enough to investigate Comey…….let alone the Queen of Crime.   Sessions is doing what everyone before him has done………… cop-out, run-away.   He is afraid of the Clinton Crime Cartel, he knows people die!    What a coward!  Sessions should definitely be fired.   Immediately!   Sessions is proving to be a part of the Elite Washington Establishment.   He is part of the system.   Protect all that is wrong about D.C.   Sessions is scared to death where an investigation would lead.    Think about this, he just did ask for the DOJ to evaluate if a special counsel should be appointed; and got his answer THAT QUICKLY!   He already had the answer, it was his.