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If you listen to the Haitians, the Clinton Foundation (the Clinton’s) helped maintain Haiti’s s..thole status.   Clinton’s false promises!   This is how low the Clinton’s are:  seek donations for a cause…..but pocket the majority of the funds for their own benefit.  That isn’t an opinion…..its a fact.



Emergency vehicles……..police cars next?

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The left, the enemies of Trump, and there are many from the swamp, are screaming that the news of the Clinton Foundation investigation and the Hillary Clinton email re-investigation are a diversion by Trump against the Fire and Fury book.


Even if all the above were true, that should be something the Left should be familiar with; its one of their own tactics.  And if it were true…………..What difference does it make?!   Next thing we’ll hear…..Trump set the Clinton compound on fire!





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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton Foundation, did they become one and the same?  With Hillary Clinton controlling them both, controlling/laundering money only Clinton would benefit.  Tom Perez, officer in name only!   Look how easily Hillary controlled and manipulated Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary Clinton easily the ruler of, queen of the DNC got her way.   DNC money spent under her thumb.   It paid for a FAKE dossier against Donald Trump.   (Ge’ez in the future Hillary at least be smart enough to find someone a bit cheaper to prepare ridiculous false documents.  YOU after all have no problem with-in your Clinton Crime Cartel finding people to do your scum work).  Hillary would not have spent money from her own purse for something the DNC (and her campaign……was there a difference) would be quite willing to cover.  That kind of dough doesn’t disappear without many folks being aware of, though they attempt to HUSH!

Anything and everything Hillary Clinton is connected with that has a bank account has  corruption rolling through it.  From what I understand, Hillary and the DNC use the same bank in NY.   How convenient, easy to transfer money, or not……….keeping it from the name of Hillary but using for/spending for everything Hillary.   Seems like easily proven trails of money laundering, if not extortion and embezzlement.

Hillary knows a lot about the people around her, those in her circle.   That would include the DNC.  She knows/has dirt on them………she knows what they do, what their roles are.  They were placed within the circle with purpose.   Surround Hillary, protect Hillary…….then when the flashlights come spying at night, lie for Hillary.   Hillary’s vantage point, squeal on me, I ruin or have you killed.  No folks that is not a conspiracy nuts crazy talk.   It happens, has happened.  They’ve covered up one murder of one of their own already, just ask Donna!

The DNC, the Clinton Foundation ………..controlled by Hillary are one and the same, only thing is: everything with Clinton’s name on it is Hillary’s, everything DNC is Hillary’s.   She thinks the C means Clinton.    Money is Hillary’s power……what she always has and will surge to gain more.   Sitting on a throne in the WH was to be a bonus, placing herself in a position for more deals, that Hillary would only benefit, not the U.S.   Thank God, the witch LOST.

The Dems have a serious internal problem……..how to get rid of a rodent named Hillary.


Newly found emails show Hillary Clinton shared classified information with the Clinton Foundation — America’s Watchtower

Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 election and she may have been relegated to relative obscurity until last week however Judicial Watch is still fighting to get to the bottom of the email scandal which in all likelihood cost her the election. As a result of Judicial Watch’s effort another 115 State Department emails […]

via Newly found emails show Hillary Clinton shared classified information with the Clinton Foundation — America’s Watchtower

Emails: Huma Abedin did ‘Russia’ favors for Clinton Foundation — Flurry of Thoughts

Among 2,078 pages of newly obtained State Department documents are emails showing Huma Abedin doing favors for a Russia-connected group on behalf of the Clinton Foundation while her boss, Hillary Clinton, was secretary of state. Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the time, also provided a government plane and hotel reservations to Chelsea […]

via Emails: Huma Abedin did ‘Russia’ favors for Clinton Foundation — Flurry of Thoughts


Too many social media websites are posting NEWS ALERTS without any confirmation or verification, and often no evidence or witnesses.   They post these stories as factual.   They want to be the first to a story, ANY story, so confirmation isn’t important, truth isn’t important.   They know others will re-post (many of us guilty of that, when the story seems to have so many details presented, it must be true; but too often is not) and bang its viral.   When no one can disprove, especially right away, the story must be true, right?  Wrong!  It may take several days to contradict, by then the story is ASSumed to be true.

The danger here and its a problem now, a growing problem that only benefits criminals and the corrupt; put out as much bullshit related to a current issue or investigation (like Gowdy on Clinton/Foundation); smear it up so bad that it will always be a muddy issue that can never be cleared up, not even with actual facts.  Now it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to differentiate fact from fiction.  Witnesses are no longer trustworthy……stories contradict, and other fake witnesses see something else.

Anything and everything is now accepted as truth (fake truth, fake news).   There is no such thing as a liar on the Main Stream Media.  If they say it, it must be true.   I WANT this to be a true story has become a story today; after all the ignorant general public has no way to disprove.   Say it, it makes it so…………This is one huge reason how people like Bill and Hillary Clinton have survived.   They have a cast of characters around them, that muddies everything………  Throw a ton of fiction in……smear it around, now even the truth can not be confirmed to be true.  It really is criminal genius.