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A meeting with an insignificant Russian lawyer, in the Trump Tower for campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton?   You do not have to go to a Russian to find dirt on Hillary Clinton.   The dirt is all over the place and has been back to her years in a law firm she got the boot.   Follow Hillary’s  move from Arkansas to the White House; she left a trail of crumbs that led from one scandalous adventure to another, and gained extreme wealth along the way.  There is a Clinton Crime Syndicate body count, not even Al Capone could match.  The Clinton line of business is DIRTY POLITICS.

So, Donald Jr. may have met with a worthless Russian Lawyer……….?  Big freaking deal.  You don’t think the Clinton’s, particularly Witch Hillary haven’t broken campaign laws?  There are only the ones we know about.   And look what she did to “poor” Bernie Sanders!  That didn’t exactly break my heart though……..in fact it was rather humorous.   Hillary will crush anyone in her way, insiders and outsiders and some are dead!   Period.

How is any of this Trump Tower meeting with a Russian nobody getting to be more serious than all those Hillary classified emails on a personal server?  Because the Libs make it out to be.  Talk about twisted priorities.   And Mueller keeps finding these goons that will say anything when he threatens them if they don’t.   It comes down to one man’s word against another.   Oh right, lawyers never lie!


The blogging world of politics in America, I’ve been especially quiet, for me that is, on the political front; reporting and releasing my opinion.  I get bored easily, when its the same old thing, for such a long period.   I mean, really, aren’t you sick of Mueller by now?  He has nothing, doing nothing but throwing away taxpayer money……. His effort to find something, anything, real or make-believe (that he can convince people to believe) to run Donald Trump from office, to ruin him is top shelf government spending waste and an illustration of U.S. Federal Government stupidity!

I am disgusted with the ranks of our political system that can not find enough evidence, where evidence is clear and abundant to prosecute within, on the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, while they ran rabid with their Clinton Crime Syndicate named under their “foundation”.  And, those emails, classified info……if it were you or me….we’d need a lawyer.  But, if you, you little peon, middle American, you miss paying your income tax, or cut it short……..or forget to pay that parking ticket…….they are coming after you!

Senate and House committees?   Meetings to cover-up their colleagues…..planning committee on how to cover Senator Little Johnny Moron’s latest sexual abuse accusation, payoff the victim from funds from the storm water run off account, or highway and bridge infrastructure.   I mean, its more important to clear Little Johnny Moron’s uncontrollable penis, than replace our nation’s highways and bridges.

Everything dirty about Washington, is covered-up in these false, smoke screen committees.   House and Senate intelligence committees?   What intelligence?  They have these two-year investigations, they claim are going on, but do nothing, once again, despite overwhelming abundance of evidence.  I mean come on, Comey’s big mouth proved…….his FBI (I should say the Director) assisted in covering for Hillary.    What has the COMMITTEE done?   Absolutely nothing!   They do nothing to serve the American people, they self-serve, to protect not you, but their own top shelf corruption.

Talk about Venezuela?   Our U.S. government is as corrupt!

My point of this post was, I’ve been quiet, sometimes absent.   I’m not arrogant, I just have things to say.   I probably needed a break, from my own tongue and mind.  To refocus.   I guess what I mean is:   I’m back!


When was the last time our government did anything you applauded?  It has been this way for a long time, they no longer work for you, they only take.     Don’t say Obamacare……not for the majority of us anyway.    They create a program, tell you it’s in your best interest, but only benefits a few, very few.   Deceit, is expensive and the middle class always pays the highest price and receives nothing in return.  Insurance benefits?   It isn’t a benefit, it is a service most of us pay for; more and more and get less and less.

Corruption runs amuck at every governmental level.   The political establishment in Washington is a Brother and Sisterhood, a Washington Crime Syndicate (Clinton Crime Syndicate) they protect each other and it makes no difference what side of the aisle you sit.    They all have so much on each other, corruption runs like a wild river with no end.   In Washington, it is second nature to have something or know something on all; so the corruption circle jerk spins on and on.   How the Hell do you think the Clinton’s survive their daily behavior.   Chelsea, didn’t fall from the tree as we now know as well.   Obama, oh my God yes Obama, the head master, but his corruption is unmatched with the Clinton’s; Hillary in particular.  Hillary wrote The Book on Corruption.  She runs on cold blood.  AG Lynch, takes her orders from Obama, but she took an oath to uphold the constitution as well; and she has not!   The White House, the State Department, DOJ and the DNC, all corrupt and yes the Republican’s standby and watch ………….do nothing.   The FBI Director?    I venture to say this is not his first cover-up.

Hillary was the chosen one, she’ll do as the master bosses say (Rothschild and Illuminati and Soros).   She is The Puppet!   They’ll feed her with wealth, and she’ll do as they say because she has no choice.   She was bought long ago, there is no going back for Hillary; even if she wanted and she doesn’t.   She loves where she is, corrupt and sick, but wealthy with a Title.   She does not represent us and she never will; she works for herself and those that feed her.   This is how a monster is created and survives.

With all the corruption, and a government that is no longer for or of the people; they are pushing us, intentionally pushing us towards further unrest.   They are pushing us to revolution.  Listen to your Founding Fathers!



Hillary Clinton hoards the company of celebrities, it’s where the money is.  She camps out on their coat tails, hangs on to their often exposed bare legs and cleavage.   Hillary loves to share the stage with Hollywood, and entertainers; it’s the few moments you see a real smile.   Its the only time she expresses excitement.   When have you seen the same enthusiasm for YOU the average American?

To Hillary Clinton the likes of you and me are mere peasants.   She is the great pretender, deceiver…..suck us in; then when elected she’ll separate from the American public.   She’ll pick up where she left off as Secretary of State, wine and dine with the Middle East (and elsewhere) money hounds; accept more bribes.   Only now, she’ll have more to sell.   America will be sharing our resources and assets unlimited with the rest of the world (uranium to Russia already), while Clinton’s throne and wealth expands (Illuminati and Soros her only bosses).  National Security?   She’s already placed it at severe risk with here unsecure/insecure  personal server.   There is nothing she will not share, give away for the almighty dollar.   She has nothing to worry about, she gets away with it all, she is above the law.

There is a deceptive DOJ to protect the Clinton’s.   They were chosen many years ago for this time, this moment.  They believe, and its easy to see why, they are above us all.  Only we collectively can stop her, stop them; the Washington Establishment (criminal gang)  and the Clinton Crime Syndicate.   They don’t pay for their crimes like we do, they cover-up and pardon each other.

God watches to see if we respond by helping one another, help ourselves.  God help us!


Image result for photos of hillary encouraging voters to vote early

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are encouraging, out begging for voters to cast their ballots early.   Why is it important for her to get them to vote early?   Before they learn anymore from Wikileaks releases or the leaks from the investigations, that’s why.   Shes losing votes by the day as we learn more about the corruption and treasonous crimes of Hillary and the Clinton Crime Syndicate.


First post I read this morning was a comment from a reporter…….I won’t repeat the name:   “I wouldn’t leave my daughter alone in a room with Trump.”     My first thought was:  That’s a vote for Hillary?   You’d leave your daughter in a room with Hillary?   You really do ignore recent information being leaked on the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s child sex trafficing allegations.  Just allegations for now, but ………you trust it not to be true?


Hillary is calling in her chips, her favors from all the other corrupt politicians and office holders in Washington.  What do those latest emails from the Weiner household really include?  Mass exposure of Washington corruption?   Hillary has called on the likes of Harry Reid to trash FBI Director James Comey for announcing they have re-opened the Clinton email investigation.

Reid, that straight arrow senator, has said “Comey may have broken the law”.    Harry Reid, like party leader Hillary Clinton, doesn’t know the difference in lawful and unlawful. Sounds like everyone in Washington is in panic mode, fearful of what may be revealed.   They are in joint conspiracy fashion, desperately COVERING-UP for Hillary, and their own asses!  No wonder the same First Lady that trashed Hillary as unfit for the White House during her husband’s campaign, is prancing around the country singing her praise.   Barack, how much do you really know?   You’ve lied before, often!  This, may be the biggest exposure of the Washington political filthy establish in the history of our country.  Obama’s and the Clinton legacy; the Clinton Crime Syndicate!