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But we know he isn’t competent therefore is not capable of fixing anything.

All those ships off shore idling, burning fuel.; if Joe Biden was half serious about the climate or environment he’d do something about these ships still in idle mode. It could be a two, maybe three birds with one stone thingy! Where is Greta? LOL!

Really, this administration is about “Lets see how much we can screw up in our first year, first term…………!” Joe’s infrastructure bill, build more roads, when you have no truck drivers. Build Back Better! RIGHT! Leave the ships out in the water, KILL MORE FISH! Release more oil, burn more into the atmosphere. Lets wait until the numbers even mount up more, then “Let’s have an offshore waste party!” Joe have you ran out of depends yet?

Widespread Crop Failures The U.S. — The Most Revolutionary Act — Manifest Injustice

Originally posted on © blogfactory: Torrential rains have been hammering the heartland of America for months, and at this point vast stretches of farmland in the middle of the country are nothing but mud.? As a result of the endless rain and unprecedented flooding that we have witnessed, millions of acres of farmland will have nothing… […]

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Originally posted on PA Pundits – International: Trimming the climate fat and refocusing on authorized agency missions By Larry Bell ~ The Trump Administration is taking a cool fiscal position on feverish global warming alarm-driven regulatory agendas. Politicized EPA, NASA, NOAA, and DOE programs will be targeted for special discipline. Curbing EPA overreach New EPA…

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Winters in Missouri are not as cold as they were when I grew up.   No, this isn’t about climate change.   I believe climates changing, temp wise anyway runs in cycles over centuries.   I am not scientifically  wise enough to begin to explain it.

It seldom gets down into single digits let alone minus degrees here.   This morning was the coldest day of the year in St. Charles/St. Louis MO.   Yesterday led up to today.  Of all days…..our furnace malfunctions.   I don’t think its the thermostat.   The house temp yesterday never got above 64.  The furnace was on then off, on then off…….then OFF!   We had a similar problem last year with the ignition switch.  The repair man will be there today, before noon.

Through the evening the temp gradually dropped a degree about every half hour.   I tried to calculate how cold it would get by the time I got up in the morning……6:00 AM.  My prediction was 50 degrees.   I checked it when I got up, wearing my sweats…….which I slept in; it was a whopping 53 degrees.    Hey, if I’m outdoors this time of year, that’s beautiful.

I woke up  occasionally in the middle of the night…..fairly comfortable but thinking, you lucky ass, you could be homeless.   Don’t complain!

By the time I get home this evening hopefully the house will be a toasty 69 degrees.

Baby its cold outside………this morning the outside temp read a frigid 18 degrees, but rising.  I think it is supposed to get up into the 30s today….mid to upper.

Stay warm!