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In the past McCaskill had an easier ride to be re-elected.   Not so fast this time!   Claire is a DEMOCRAT, and Missourians are growing tired of her HANG WITH THE PARTY AT ALL COSTS ATTITUDE.   She like her colleagues will do anything to stay in office, no matter who she(they) destroy!



Claire McCaskill’s greatest interest……..Claire McCaskill


Time for Claire to stay home and take care of her mansion.   Claire does not represent the interests of Missourians, Claire represents Claire.   If you are not from Missouri, and don’t recognize the name with the face; Claire is the one that followed Barack Obama around like a puppy dog, marveled over Obama.   Claire will do anything to stay in the party elite!


Politically and financially motivated scam artists!

John McCain, pretended to be a REPUBLICAN, and a patriot.   Did little John survive North Vietnam’s prison by feeding them information and future promises? Did he stage his own capture?    It’s a good question when you’ve seen him hanging out with ISIS members; and now we learn he tried, probably did, influence the IRS to cause audit havoc.   Oh I can hear the left now smacking me around for bad mouthing such an outstanding American.   The worse of them, once a true patriot, who does a 180 degree spin.

And Claire McCaskill ……… the so-called Senator from Missouri.   An extreme left-wing democrat as you can get.   She’ll ride your coat-tails, anyone’s coat-tails……….. I could go deeper than that, but I need to keep it clean.    She pretends to be on the right side, not the conservative side……… she wants to give the image of purity.   It’s an act, she is only interested in whatever benefits her.   I’d be looking into her highway to wealth too!   How is it, so many, elected to the U.S. Senate and House come out so wealthy?

who will be in and who will be out? Claire your time is up!

Chris Wallace says Republicans could lose 50 House seats in the 2018 elections.   First of all, Chris Wallace didn’t think Trump had a chance in hell of winning the presidency.   And, he doesn’t get it……… one party is as bad as the other.    Republicans and Democrats have gone back and forth in domination of the House………and we keep getting the same results, nothing, except more corruption and incompetence.    Republicans and Democrats have become just a difference in name……  Together or separately they make up the Washington Elite.

Incumbents should lose their seats……..left, right, conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, whatever the label, you’ve had your chance……….now go away.   You too Claire McCaskill.  Stop sending me your survey and money request.   I sent you a letter, you never read……..now you ask me for my thoughts and donation? That too not from you directly.   You’re a fake.    Had you read my letter, and it not gotten lost in your email dump, you’d have my opinion. Quit acting like you listen to your constituents……….we know you don’t.  We only hear from you when you’re up for re-election.

Party membership is simply a label to place on a ballot.   Elected Congressional members have become highly paid worthless leeches.  There are not enough leaders (very few, you could count them on one hand).   When you have no leadership…….you have only lost followers, like lost sheep.    Claire we are tired of your rhetoric.  Time to retire!

Political user; not a friend! Claire McCaskill



How do you call someone you don’t support a friend.  That isn’t the kind of friend I want; certainly wouldn’t call them a friend and then toss them aside or under the political bus.  Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has called Senator (now Attorney General) Jeff Sessions a friend, someone she could and has worked with across the isles of the senate.   Apparently sticking with the Democratic Party ties is more important.   Sessions is a great guy when Claire gets what she wants from him, support of one her potential bills or programs….but when it comes to everything anti-Trump and the will of the Democrats; the worm crawls away.

I have never voted for Claire McCaskill, but then she is a Democrat, and never will. I’ve always seen through her, she usually sides with the side she believes is the majority, or as in then case if her party is heavily voting one direction; she will follow the path.  She is your typical two-faced politician.  She’s from Missouri, but does not carry Missouri character or back bone.  She is a nice lady in public…..but she’d stab you in the back.