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We are at War — Aletho News

By Peter Koenig for the Saker Blog | January 4, 2021  We are at war. Yes. And I don’t mean the west against the east, against Russia and China, nor the entire world against an invisible corona virus. No. We, the common people, are at war against an ever more authoritarian and tyrannical elitist Globalist […]

We are at War — Aletho News

War Is Coming – July 26, 2020 — Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Originally posted on The Master’s Voice: I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his own brother, and everyone against his neighbour. City against city, kingdom against kingdom. – (Isaiah 19:2) I received this first part of a prophecy during our 11 a.m. online service this morning: Civil war is coming to…

War Is Coming – July 26, 2020 — Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

I believe it is already here! (Arlin Report comment)

we are in the midst of civil war…………undeniably, will the naive will.

BLM Inc., Antifa, anti-Americans, radical Islamic groups and the lost sheep of followers (like kids who get in the car when they are offered a piece of candy); those in the streets turning peaceful protest into aggressive protest and rioting, looting and arson. The same people pulling down statues and defacing property, marchers breaking into gated private communities; all trying to destroy America. These are the people that want us to forget our history……….change our future from a democratic republic to total anarchy. They want to destroy all we have built, all that is good. They are a socialist lawless, flag burning body of crap. The only thing they understand is destruction. What they don’t understand is it will only take them so far. They will self destruct; with a little push. Chaz and Chop is their socialist failed experiment. But they likely didn’t learn a thing.

trump is setting some of us up to be killed–maxine waters

Outlandish, ridiculous but always entertaining, Maxine Waters says “Trump is setting some of us up to be killed” “He is dangerous!”, and to paraphrase ‘In a civil war some of us will be the first to be killed.’ Ummmmm, this woman is crazy, says ridiculous things, has trashed talked Trump from the beginning. However, I’d have to agree with her about one thing if “In a civil war some of us would be killed first”. Isn’t it interesting that Maxine Waters would bring up CIVIL WAR. This came from her mouth. She says she receives death threats, can’t go to the grocery store without hiring security because she gets threatened. Maxine I have a solution. Watch what you say………. and if you can not, keep your mouth shut. Do you think maybe you bring it on yourself? You after all make threats against the POTUS. You have a right to freedom of speech like we all have. However, be careful, you appear to be on the edge of committing HATE CRIMES. She has in the past suggested people be violent towards Trump supporters.

Below is the link to Maxine Waters’ latest rant, stomp and public cry-out. Maxine should be a stand-up comedian. Appears she is just that.



The media makes Trump the story.    Certainly they do!   Their mission is not to report news, if it was they’d show what really is behind the riots.   Their mission is to continue to tear down Trump, find a way to get him removed from office.   Blame him for everything, anything.   Hell, Trump is the cause for litter along Interstate 70, just because it’s there.    Riots, Trumps fault, because damn it, it happened!   Trump drove that car that killed that woman in Charlottesville.  Trump is vandalizing monuments, not some illiterate group of thugs.

The Media shows the video, the pictures…….. its real evidence.   Then they accuse Trump, like he created all this.    According to the Main Stream Media the world and the U.S. were just fine, until Trump came along.   The only world Trump is ruining is theirs.

What you see in the cities, in the streets IS CIVIL WAR.    Opposing groups fighting one another from these United States.    There is no civility, nothing united, not one, not two but multiple groups.    Each fighting for their own purpose with one common denominator ……….HATE, and they don’t even know why they hate except the others color is wrong, or religion isn’t their religion.   The KKK, Nazi’s, and Black Lives Matter and who knows who else, all have that one ugly characteristic………hate for anyone different.    This didn’t start over a Confederate statue, this is from deterioration of society, failure of society,  parental failure, school failure, church failure, GOVERNMENT FAILURE.   Every facet of society is failing.   We have pulled away from God and we are collapsing.

What is going on today is worse than civil war, it’s a chaotic free-for-all.   We can not be a united nation before the world when we are divided at home.   Division?  Think about it, who supports division in America…………. ISIS, Terrorists, Russia, North Korea……….they’re all smiling, laughing along with George Soros………and in my opinion Barack Obama.


http://hardnoxandfriends.com/2017/03/15/unmasking-protestors-could-this-be-a-way-to-stop-them/ The intent of the rioters/protesters/seditionists, is nefarious, thus subject to the anti-Ku Klux Klan mask laws. If klansmen were masked, they would be denied bail and remanded to custody. Double standards, risk, Civil War and bloodshed. Think about it.

via HN&F | Unmasking Protestors – Could This Be A Way To Stop Them — Brittius


I attended my first 2 years of college at East Central College in Union, Missouri, a community college.    Back then our mascot name was the Rebels, East Central College Rebels.    It was okay back then, but my how times have changed.

In February of 2008, the Board of Trustees changed the mascot name to Falcons.  Will that should be safe, until the Bird becomes extinct.  Will we forget about the history of this bird then? There apparently were too many gender problems with using Rebels, which I can kind of see.    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, had they left it at that, but no, they included other reasons for the change.    They couldn’t use the symbol of the school without displaying the Confederate Flag!!   Rebels were the soldiers of the Confederate War, not the Civil War but the Confederate War.   “That’s not who we are!” some said back then.    I wonder if they removed the Civil War and the rebels who fought from the history  books at this teaching institution?    You can change history today by just wiping it out of the books, records, so it never enters the minds of our children.

If those that fought for the South, from rebels to Generals were so bad, were so wrong, then why did we bring them back into our United States?   They had too much to offer a united nation, too many resources, talent to separate from a United States, for strength.  But now let’s forget the Civil War ever happened.

This might explain a nation’s attitude with accepting the corruption and crimes of Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton.   We just forget about their history!