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AP: “A judge has issued an injunction that will temporarily prevent the city of St. Louis from removing a Confederate monument from Forest Park. St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Robert Dierker on Monday issued the injunction and set a July 6 hearing for arguments over whether the city or the Missouri Civil War Museum owns […]


The city, wants to remove the monument from sight, store it away and is willing to pay thousands of dollars to do so; while street maintenance goes without repairs and police officers can not be hired for lack of funds.   The Civil War Museum will pay to remove the monument from the park, and place it in the museum where it belongs, taking the burden away from the CITY!    But no, the city lays claim, and the real issue is, they want it removed from public viewing anywhere.    So those of you that have rights to reviewing history and keeping it alive……….you don’t matter, to the City of St. Louis.  This is all being led by the newly elected St. Louis mayor.

Common sense, let the Civil War Museum have the Civil War Monument.  Allow them to be responsible.  If you are offended by seeing this monument, then don’t visit the Civil War Museum.    ISSUE SOLVED!