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Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge – St. Louis


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I’ve been a customer of Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge for a few years now.   I can only call myself an occasional visitor, as I don’t get in there as much as I would like.   I usually go in after I get off from work, to chill out, have a drink, smoke a cigar and wait for my girl to come in for a quick drink before we head off to the Fox, or Blues or Cardinals game.

What I love about Stanley’s is………the atmosphere.   The guys are very friendly, helpful with cigar selection, its extremely comfortable and they have several TVs for watching sports.   The ladies, love the place too, and yes they too like a good cigar, a beer, rum or wine.

There is nothing negative to say about Stanley’s, except, I wish they had a place out by St. Charles.

Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge at 1000 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO.

I’ve never left there without a couple of cigars in hand.   They have a great walk-in humidor.

Check out the link above with photos from Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge (Yelp.com/biz).