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celebrating christmas with my family!!! will be!

No one is telling me who and who I can not spend Christmas with. I did not spend Thanksgiving with my children and grandchildren this year and I vowed during the middle of the day that: “This BS will never happen again, I WON’T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN”!

We will be celebrating Christmas with my 2 sons and daughter with my 2 daughter-in-laws and 1 son-in-law, along with my 8 grandchildren. There will be 16 of us in the house at once…….and there isn’t a damn thing anyone is going to do about it! My daughter is a a cardiac ICU nurse where they care for HEART patients……..she doesn’t treat COVID. She is healthy, we all are healthy………..Dr. Anthony Fauci is a nutball!

Hope you can enjoy Christmas together with your families!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: fauci and biden

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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci to paraphrase: “You might want/need to cancel Thanksgiving.”

Easter in 2020 was not the same. Thanksgiving is approaching and Fauci is telling us to cancel. We’ll be superspreaders with our families together. What will be next? Christmas? You know it will! This coming during a time where the Left/Dems are desperately pulling us from our churches…….our religion. They are trying to take God from our lives, from those that believe. You’re no longer significant Dr. Anthony……….your BS is evaporating. The actions you have fed us have kept this country from moving forward at a needed pace. STEP ASIDE! Stop using Europe as a model………..instead we should have followed Sweden. Pack your bags and go have Thanksgiving and Christmas with your children.

Some powers that be are definitely trying to lead us down a path that takes away from our beliefs. This pandemic has been used as a tool to do just that…………and to control us. Notice how much slower the death rate has been lately, and that is a great thing. We’ve been on 200,000 + for quite some time. The Flu has killed more of us (especially in the past), we never shut it down then and we should not have for this. Dr. Fauci, like most virus, YOU have run your course. My family will be getting together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

On Joe Biden: The other day a liberal friend (yeah I have a few), said to me: “I just don’t know how ANYONE can possibly vote for “that” Donald Trump”. Wow! My response: “I don’t know how anyone can vote for “that” Joe Biden. At least Donald Trump can think for himself and knows where he is without asking Melania!


I hold one of my grandchildren in my arms, just to be near them, calm them if needed (which is seldom), but they calm me (the real reason is love and to calm grandpa).

With all the hate and destruction of humanity itself, in a mad world, which many of us write about if only our opinion; it is nice to take a day to relax and enjoy nothing else but family.   Christmas day, the perfect day to do just that.

I have 6 grandchildren, one born just a couple of weeks ago; 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter (she with the happiest disposition of all; always smiling).  The oldest, twelve and ten (boys), a three-year old boy, two seven month old’s born a week apart; the smiling girl and her cousin; then the newest arrival…who wakes for a moment and then decides to go back to sleep.   All were here together, it’s all I wanted, to enjoy each of them separately, and all together; my two sons and daughter with my grandchildren.  What brought us together in this otherwise chaotic world was the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  The greatest gift given to us that keeps on giving forever.   Our family together was a gift from Him.

I am fortunate, I have 3 adult children that turned out wonderfully.   They work……they provide for their families…..they are good people.   Oh and…..they discipline their children when needed.   A swat on the butt to the three-year old…..nothing abusive and he got the point, he stopped yelling.   The two oldest (yeah the boys) got a lecture from dad for arguing….. normal stuff!   All are healthy, all are happy…….all love and are loved.

We are a blessed family……I don’t know that I have been so deserving, but I am thankful.  Quite often I reflect on our good fortune……no we aren’t particularly wealthy, but we are comfortable.  None of us in great need like so many others.   We’ve never experienced a great tragedy.  None of us ever experienced abuse of ANY kind, no fatal accidents, no missing or kidnapped child….. My father died at the age of 67 from a damaged heart caused by a previous major heart attack, that may be our greatest loss to date.  But that was from a somewhat natural cause.

Yes, we are blessed and I am thankful.  I have only God to thank, and wonder, with all my faults and sins; why have You been so good to me?   Then I know the answer, and I answer the way I would answer a question from my children:   Why do ask questions you already know the answer to?

Have a great day!