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1 PETER 2:21

Hope your day is going well!


Before the return of Christ, believers will experience GREAT TRIBULATION. I believe we are experiencing great tribulation now! We are living it. Tribulation is not persecution, it is living in difficult times. It may explain the world we live in now. Yes, it can get worse before it gets better, and it probably will. Look around, stupidity and evil reign. Believers stand strong (Trust in Christ), end times will come.


Hope all of you are well. I haven’t been posting like I once did. Finding I have little significant influence, and probably was fooling myself that I ever did. Just trying to make a little difference in the world. Not even posting many Thought(s) of the Day anymore. Feel like I am just repeating myself. Corruption is never going to end and I never believed it would, but……..a little true justice would be good to see once in awhile where it would really matter. The Deep State, along with elites who think they rule us (and have been) accompanied by a totally corrupt media are destroying our quality of life and our freedom. We are constantly lied to, deceived (which is destructive lie) and we have been worn out because of THEIR relentless, power striving selfish manner. Citizens don’t fight back like we once did. We cave in. We have allowed our power of will to be dragged down, where there is or we see little hope in any change. Our government is an organized destroyer of HOPE.

Those in governing positions in our nation pretend to OPPOSE ONE ANOTHER to find solutions to our problems. Instead they spend most of their time fundraising and hounding us for money to keep their sorry butts in office. Their true opponents are the American people and that they are united on. They don’t work for us, they work on us, against us. Just look at the characters in BOTH party’s across this land, especially the ones in both houses of Congress and the White House, along with governors. They are pathetic jokes. Clowns! And we don’t vote them out, because we allow a corrupt system.

We don’t have a president! We have a committee chosen by the Deep State (controlled mostly by a Socialist Democratic Party) ruling as they please. Power and world control. Destruction of Americans and America is their goal in our side of the world. Bring down America, the world will follow. Globalism!

I don’t usually go political on my Bible verses I post. But, it’s the most viewed article I post anymore. I am taking about a 10 day vacation. Will not be posting during that time. Will be my longest drought in about 9 years. I hope to come back fresh and inspired. The one hope we can count on is Christ! That I believe and He lives for us!

Have a great 10 days!