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fox losing viewers ……..


I have always been bothered that Fox would put such a corrupt individual like Donna Brazile on so many of their broadcasts. For the left factor?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: trump vs. wallace…….and a little bit of joe

Rules set for Trump-Biden debate — and shaped by COVID-19

We expect it and it is happening, each party claims victory! The referee Chris Wallace couldn’t control this sparring match, and that is really all it was. THIS WAS NOT THE MAIN EVENT. However, Biden may have thought so. What wasn’t surprising was a bias moderator who tossed the gas on the flame that started a California like wild fire that burned out of control all night.

Here is my take on why we saw the interruption contest:

Trump intended to knock Biden off balance, to cause him to lose his focus with the constant interruptions. While Biden shared little to no substance, his greatest victory of the night was he had ‘no MAJOR gaffes’. The interruptions worked for a bit, as Wallace had to remind Biden of the question a couple of times, to get him back on track. Where Biden failed was, with honesty. If you do your fact checking Biden gets the award for LIAR of the night. Of course that was one of the names Biden called Trump. What was surprising, most or all of the name calling came from BIDEN!

Trump on Wallace, (again my take)……… The interruptions were due to what Trump refers to as the fake media. Due to the attacks from the media (Wallace included) Trump also sparred with Wallace on the night. I believe from the start, Trump felt like he was debating 2 people. To an extent he was correct. Wallace was clearly biased, and it was a Trump vs. Biden/Wallace tag team match.

I think Trump’s biggest mistake was, he should have given Biden more time to answer, he didn’t give him enough time to make a gaffe or blow himself up.

On Biden’s remarks how he would have handled the coronavirus: He said he’d make masks, ventilators and distribute etc………. Obviously he has been in his basement too long, Trump did all Biden said he would do.

Maybe this was just that a sparring match, where Trump was feeling out his opponent for the next round. Hopefully Biden answers the bell.


http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/pres-trump-and-former-vice-pres-biden-spar-over-white-supremacy-antifa-at-first-debate/vi-BB19ygB1?ocid=LENOVODHP17 https://wordpress.com/stats/post/200048/kommonsentsjane.com Awkward question by Wallace on White supremacy/antifa to President Trump? PELOSI DEMOCRATS have been holding cities as hostages not the Republicans. Why did Chris Wallace ask President Trump, rather than Biden, about white supremacists since it has been the Pelosi’s left Democrats and Antifa (Soros’ group) who have been taking cities hostage by […]


who will be in and who will be out? Claire your time is up!

Chris Wallace says Republicans could lose 50 House seats in the 2018 elections.   First of all, Chris Wallace didn’t think Trump had a chance in hell of winning the presidency.   And, he doesn’t get it……… one party is as bad as the other.    Republicans and Democrats have gone back and forth in domination of the House………and we keep getting the same results, nothing, except more corruption and incompetence.    Republicans and Democrats have become just a difference in name……  Together or separately they make up the Washington Elite.

Incumbents should lose their seats……..left, right, conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, whatever the label, you’ve had your chance……….now go away.   You too Claire McCaskill.  Stop sending me your survey and money request.   I sent you a letter, you never read……..now you ask me for my thoughts and donation? That too not from you directly.   You’re a fake.    Had you read my letter, and it not gotten lost in your email dump, you’d have my opinion. Quit acting like you listen to your constituents……….we know you don’t.  We only hear from you when you’re up for re-election.

Party membership is simply a label to place on a ballot.   Elected Congressional members have become highly paid worthless leeches.  There are not enough leaders (very few, you could count them on one hand).   When you have no leadership…….you have only lost followers, like lost sheep.    Claire we are tired of your rhetoric.  Time to retire!

David Brock Demands Chris Wallace Be Removed As Moderator | The Daily Caller — wwlee4411

http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/09/clinton-camp-demands-huge-change-for-upcoming-presidential-debate/?utm_campaign=atdailycaller&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social William W. Lee

via David Brock Demands Chris Wallace Be Removed As Moderator | The Daily Caller — wwlee4411

What David Brock is really saying:  Hillary and I want to see a CNN (Clinton News Network) moderator for the third presidential debate.  Hillary could use some support right now.  We don’t want someone asking about the emails and Assange releases.