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It was an accident! Made in China spy balloon shot down! (Arlin Report thought(s) of the day)

Photo Source: John Ball

China said their balloon (spy balloon) flying over our country (coast to coast) was doing so by accident. They also said once Biden/and his military decided to shoot it down that that action was an ‘overreaction’. Dear China…………our shooting down your toy balloon was an accident! LOL! Not really!

If it was an accident that this balloon was flying over our nation, why didn’t they (China) turn it around once it was discovered it had entered our air space? BECAUSE IT WASN’T AN ACCIDENT! And why didn’t our government do something about it sooner, before it entered over our land? The military knew when it entered, they knew it before if crossed over our boundaries. But I guess this is part of Joe Biden’s open border policies. Biden ordering this balloon shot down over the Atlantic (near Myrtle Beach) does not get him off the hook for another Biden blunder! Americans must be concerned that this can happen again. Was China testing to see how far one of their aircrafts/balloons could fly over our nation? Will, they found out! THIS WAS A NATIONAL SECURITY FAILURE! Who knows what and how much that balloon communicated back to China before it was brought down (audio/video & images).

If there was anything that balloon could provide (and I am sure there was plenty, this was not a decoy) it did so before it was brought down. China’s statement that we overreacted was probably theatre on their part. They already go what was to be had. They are laughing at us.

This is why China (and Russia) wanted Joe Biden as President of the U.S. This is exactly a good example of what they get from it/him!