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we are in the midst of civil war…………undeniably, will the naive will.

BLM Inc., Antifa, anti-Americans, radical Islamic groups and the lost sheep of followers (like kids who get in the car when they are offered a piece of candy); those in the streets turning peaceful protest into aggressive protest and rioting, looting and arson. The same people pulling down statues and defacing property, marchers breaking into gated private communities; all trying to destroy America. These are the people that want us to forget our history……….change our future from a democratic republic to total anarchy. They want to destroy all we have built, all that is good. They are a socialist lawless, flag burning body of crap. The only thing they understand is destruction. What they don’t understand is it will only take them so far. They will self destruct; with a little push. Chaz and Chop is their socialist failed experiment. But they likely didn’t learn a thing.

HR 6666 (hmmmm 3 6’s)

Does that 4th 6 represent Bill Gates?

Democrats just released HR 6666, also known as “The Trace Act” The bill would provide $100 BILLION to institute contact tracing protocols throughout the country This is the future Democrats want This is a totalitarian power grab from the left They must be stopped!10:42 PM · May 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11)