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psalm 119:14

Psalms 119:14

Have a great Sunday! Pray for the end of the pandemic and chaos.

Jesus and American Thuggery — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Originally posted on Unfathomable Grace: Mobs are screaming, commentators are speaking, windows are breaking, monuments are falling, inventory is evaporating, buildings are burning, and lives are being ruined. It is a day of anger and anarchy in the United States of America. Wow, 2020 just keeps throwing bombs at us — one disaster after another.…

Jesus and American Thuggery — Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Ever since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the U.S., the liberal left has attacked, attacked and continues to attack his Presidency and everything Trump.   You believe there is no higher level that can be reached, that they will fade away into acceptance, start acting like productive Americans.  Difficult for them to do I guess when you have global terrorists leaders George Soros (major fund vein), Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even Elizabeth Warren encouraging them to stay defiant; the brain trust for those to the left that do not or can not think.

There are no ethical or moral boundaries the left will not cross.  Lets burn  down our campus rather than go to class.   Lets protect unlawfulness rather than support lawfulness.   The left believes they can achieve their goals they can not explain, with chaos, violence and vulgar signs held high in their marches.   They practice everything they claim to be against.  They are against offensiveness yet offend.   They are against violence yet destruct.

Typical George Soros and Saul Alinsky!    Some of their students, they have taught well; destruction of America.

Some arrests have been made over the last few days of illegal immigrants, many with criminal records and current warrants against them.  Good to see law enforcement doing their job.