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obama as dictator

“A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,” a statement from Obama’s address to UN representatives of its member nations. That statement came after we learned  Barack Obama’s administration is allocating $75 million dollars of tax payer money to help Mexico with its southern border wall?  Where is your Congress?

Obama against a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico but willing to help build Mexico’s border separating them from Central America.   So, an open border into the U.S. is just fine with Obama, but let’s limit those coming into Mexico.  I get it, building a southern wall in Mexico keeps out Central American illegals from entering the U.S. through Mexico; but, it makes more sense to build The Wall on the U.S. border keeping both illegal Central Americans and Mexicans out.  Obama is the ultimate hypocrite.

How much more tax payer money will Obama give away, excuse my language, piss away before he leaves office?  75 million?   Tax payer money, your money.   Your hard-earned money taken from you by an irresponsible government via the IRS….. and for the most part wasted.   We have an infrastructure in this country that is deteriorating, homeless veterans, and so on.  But Obama gives up needed funds here ……….without logical justification.   Obama takes from America and gives it all away, in places we are hated.

Obama sounded like he was campaigning for “leader of the world, of a new world order”, during his speech before the U.N.  Obama is and has since day one of his presidency been more concerned about globalism than Americanism.

We need a president that puts America first again; that is not Hillary Clinton, an extended arm of Obama.


I am a Christian, was raised Protestant and converted to Catholicism on my own, no one led me there.  I am not a preacher or teacher of the Bible or of Jesus.   I believe strongly in both.  With all that is going on in the world, a question that constantly comes up or to mind  “What would Jesus do?”  We ask that for our own guidance when we are uncertain or pulled in multiple directions with no easy answer and maybe lost for solutions and worried what the future holds.

There is no burning bush talking to me.   I may feel Jesus presence, but He is not visibly sitting at my table answering my many questions.  He would probably tell me “He has already given us the answers.”

Children from Mexico, South and Central America have been migrating here by the thousands.  Its been frequently written of all the problems they bring with them, there is no need to repeat it here; by now you’ve heard it all.

They are children.  I am not talking about the teenage gangs here.   That is another article.   I am concerned about the children that have been sent here by their families back home.  The children that are lost, ill, hungry, tired, scared and homeless because they may have been forced our way.

Americans, the most generous of people.  No nation gives more than we do.  The people of our nation do not want to see children suffer, but how much can we take.   We have problems of our own.  We can not always be the answer for the world.

So, what would Jesus do?  I believe He would expect us to take care of our family first.  How can we take care of others, when we struggle.   We have jobless, homeless, sick and hungry that need help.   We place, excuse the word but, outsiders before our own?

The children are at the border and yes they must be dealt with.   We should do what we can.  Would Jesus ask them, why did you leave, abandon your families?  Would he heal them, cloth them and give them food?  When they were rested, would He show them the path back home?   



Immigration Obama

Many are protesting against deporting relatives back to Mexico or Central and South America, not to breakup families.    If the immigrants crossing now are coming without documentation, how do we know who is related to who; and that they only claim to be related to stay?  Anyone can claim to be related to any other.  Seriously, how would we know for sure?

Just a question to ponder.


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Murrietta counter protesters, not so bright.  They would like to see the cartel come across the border and blast the racists whites.   First of all morons, if you think you are going to come into this country and intimidate our people with threatening remarks it could prove to be very dangerous and costly for you and your precious cartel.    Americans are on the edge as it is and are beginning to take things into their own hands, as they have grown impatient with the government.

There is a legal system of entering this country, and you are not here legally, therefore you have no rights and that includes a counter protest.  Playing the race card?  Do your homework, not all those protesting against illegal immigration are white.

The 3 punks in the photo above are wearing some sort of uniform with their nation’s flag on one shirt.  Really?  Wanting to come to our nation but you wear the flag of a nation that is so terrible you want to leave or are you only here to support those children that are coming across.  I noticed as well, one of you hides his face, much like a terrorist.  Are you also a member of the cartel,  the uniform dress indicates you may be?   You see, you are exactly what the good people of Murrietta are trying to keep out of their community.

I get it there is a humanitarian issue here.  The influx of immigrants is a difficult situation, especially with the children.  They are coming here, because their families they leave behind know Americans are the most compassionate and  the quality of life here is better than anywhere.  However, we must protect our borders and the interior of this nation.

Disease is spreading at the border, some of which we have not been vaccinated against in this country.   The diseases will continue to spread; which brings up another problem, they will receive healthcare, free healthcare for them.    Are the illegal immigrants going to get fined for not having an insurance policy under Obamacare?  Nope, we the taxpaying citizens of this country will be expected to flip the bill.

Also, those that have come here from Central America and Mexico have left a trail of where they have trashed the land.  Don’t believe me, go on the internet and see for yourself, plenty of pictures; a preview of whats to come for this country.

It’s too much for even the most generous nation to take on.  We are talking about protecting our nation for the future of our children and grandchildren.   I know we are a nation of immigrants, but there are limits……we have met our limit.    We don’t need to always be politically correct.