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wordpress will probably kick me out for this but…..

Here is the message I frequently get when I try and repost someone else’s article that calls out the left or exposes them. “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.”

Too much too often to be a coincidence.

OH, this comment is an edit: As soon as I posted the statement above, they (WordPress) inserted the link below I was trying to originally post. LOL!

arlin report late night thought of the day: censored?

It amazes me how some articles I copy and paste aren’t allowed or I receive an ERROR message? Like the coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it will kill! Had an article I found on that, copied and pasted and got a “can not preview” from WORDPRESS. Amazing!


I often use Blacklisted News as a source for reblogging articles.   I have found them to be very accurate in reporting news and current events.   However, it seems WordPress may have a different opinion, or just simply want to control what is released and not released.   WordPress has deprecated the Blacklisted News bookmark.   Another words you can not repost from the Blacklisted website to a WordPress account.   Cut and paste works though, for now!


Liberal Democrats want Rush Limbaugh off the air.  This  is nothing new, they have been trying for years to get the conservative political commentator bounced from the radio airways.

Rush has been labeled a bigot, racist, a big fat liar and too many other names to even begin to mention and some I shouldn’t, I’m a gentleman.   Liberals want Rush gone because he exposes them, what they really stand for, their underlying policy and agenda.   He sees through their B.S. and informs and even educates.

Banning Limbaugh from radio would be nothing more than censorship.   Rush represents the one principle we, Americans have a right to, freedom of speech.   I don’t always agree with him, but do much more than not.

What the liberals really hate about Limbaugh is, he is smarter than they are.   They can’t debate him without being crushed.  Pick a political issue, chances are Rush has done the research and has more facts than the government officials.  Rush doesn’t worry about being politically correct, he says what he thinks based on what he knows.

Good luck getting him booted from radio, he has too much power, too big an audience, too much popularity and too successful with his program.   Rush Limbaugh is money and that is something Democrats should understand.   Rush Limbaugh isn’t going away.


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