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Illinois reports 4,000 new COVID cases; Metro East sees new mitigation Wednesday — FOX 2

What they won’t tell you…….this media network; Illinois is one of the most dishonest, corrupt managed states in the United States! How many of these deaths are actually from pneumonia, the flu, and heart attacks? CDC is saying these diseases I just mentioned HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE COVID COUNT!

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- Illinois is reporting 4,000 new COVID-19 cases today as well as 46 additional deaths. That brings the total in the state to 382,985 cases, including 9,568 deaths.  The preliminary seven-day statewide positivity is 6.4%.  Last Tuesday, the positivity rate was 5.5%. As of Monday night, 2,758 people in Illinois were reported to be in…

Illinois reports 4,000 new COVID cases; Metro East sees new mitigation Wednesday — FOX 2

anti-trump resistance among cdc ……covid-19

This should come as no surprise. The Left has spiders and rats crawling around within every institution causing friction and chaos at every turn as part of the coup to remove Donald Trump. It has been like this from day one and everyday. The hateful enemy from within is greater than any we face abroad.

Barr, Durham when are the American people going to see true justice, once and for all? Give us something that you preach but have yet delivered! America is supposed to have the highest bar, the highest standards for justice, however we now resemble a 3rd world nation with none. You need to also be held accountable. (Arlin)

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This is appalling. Should absolutely be investigated?

Former CDC Chief Claims Cuomo Could’ve Prevented 50-80% of NY Deaths AAN Staff By AAN Staff April 8, 2020 A new report bolstered by Dr. Thomas R. Frieden – the former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under President Obama – estimates that if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued […]


Fife Is In Charge — MCViewPoint

It has become apparent recently that the Wuhan district in China has been a known viral hotspot, particularly for mutant coronavirus, since H1N1 more than ten years ago. The Daily Mail tells us that the US has spent $137 million on Wuhan research labs. Yet the CDC, NIH, Fauci’s NIAID and the WHO were caught […]

Fife Is In Charge — MCViewPoint

pneumonia just for one vs. coronavirus (covid-19)

Look at the symptoms and characteristics of COVID-19 compared to pneumonia. Pneumonia especially kills adults 65 and older and children 5 and under. 250,000 will be hospitalized this year for pneumonia in the United States. Thousands will die. I know a little about pneumonia, I nearly died as a junior in high school back in 1968. We have come to “accept” pneumonia deaths of older folks as being common/almost natural death.

Now lets add the flu, we are still in flu season. How many “will” die from the flu? So, why the hysteria and so much attention over the coronavirus? Yes it will spread. The flu spread, may still be. Hell people die from the common cold. I get it though, they don’t know as much about the coronavirus! So they say. If symptoms are the same or similar it seems treatment would be similar. I don’t know enough to make definite statements. There are even a number of different coronavirus’, this one being COVID-19. So, I guess there is enough difference and unknowns …….that creates the greatest concern, which created the hysteria and panic. Don’t get me wrong, it is serious and needs to be treated as such……… but is it worse than pneumonia or flu? I know it sure spreads quickly. Is that it, is that what has made us bat crazy?

This is just another disease to add on to the pile to research. We really are not very good at coming up with cures. If we are, somebody would be receiving it, who are they? Researchers always say we’re making progress. Jerry Lewis was hoping to live long enough to see a cure or prevention to Muscular Dystrophy. We are still waiting. We might be good at making people more comfortable, but curing……….? We could use a little help from our alien friends in the galaxy.

We still don’t know everything there is to know about pneumonia or the flu, or the common cold for that matter. Apparently we know even less about COVID-19. Why have we never had the same concern about the other virus’ and bacterial diseases as this one? Just seems there is an underlying issue going on. I keep coming up with “control”.

I know this, we damn well better stop relying on getting so much of our medication from China. We have the capability here in the U.S. to provide for ourselves, be independent not dependent. And seriously, we are getting masks from China as well. Made in America is sounding much more secure to me.

See the link on pneumonia from the CDC below.


Panic over Corona — Serve Him in the Waiting

I am posting this because this is one of the prophecy preachers who generally has good information, but I believe the WHO and CDC and NIH, etc, are making a huge deal out of something that is not as huge as they are letting on. First off, this is not a virus that ” did […]

Panic over Corona — Serve Him in the Waiting

VITAMIN C…….. lots of water! Be smart, no panic necessary. (Arlin Report comment)