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arlin report thought(s) of the day: how about that border question now?

There is more than one reason for closing our border, right? More people are now questioning/asking if “maybe we should close our border”! Maybe if the coronavirus slaps into the elite community of Hollywood some of those miserable complainers would start a revolution to “close the border”. Naaa! Probably not. Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish this virus on anyone, not Hollywood or even the Democratic presidential candidates. But, I would favor quarantining all the Democratic Socialists candidates. Put them in a room together and keep them there till after November. They are as bad an infectious disease.

Back to the border. Remember when part of the reason for have a border was to keep out illegals entering, those bringing their criminal persona, drugs and yes DISEASE. Now not all those infected by this virus are illegals. The borders are where the screening must begin for all, even citizens that may be infected. Strong borders will help with this screening. Those that may enter must be quarantined and treated immediately. I know this is not absent from our medical authorities.

Its a difficult issue to have to deal with, but it can be if all work together, wisely. Bloomberg could better serve this nation by donating that 400 million to medical research.

Joe Biden, you don’t have the cure? You haven’t been working on one? You claim to have been involved in EVERYTHING ELSE!

By the way, Trump won another debate last night!

US billionaire presidential candidate Bloomberg’s anti-women scandal — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 15 February 2020 video from the USA says about itself: The DISGUSTING Thing Bloomberg Allegedly Said To A Pregnant Employee Mike Bloomberg’s record of attacking women mirror’s Trump’s. John Iadarola, Cenk Uygur, and Lindsey Ellefson hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. “In December 2015, employees at Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun […]

US billionaire presidential candidate Bloomberg’s anti-women scandal — Dear Kitty. Some blog

elizabeth warren against term limits, here is why

From Wikipedia: In March 2019, during a speech in Conway, New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren said, “Here’s the problem on term limits on folks in Congress — it makes them more dependent than ever on the lobbyist. Believe me, if the senators only stay for two terms, the lobbyist will be there a lot longer and they’ll know how the game is played.”[145]

Guess what Elizabeth, the lobbyist already know how the game is played and they know the senators and representatives who know how its played as well. A term limitations law should also include a clause that U.S. Senators and Representatives from the House CAN NOT become a lobbyist after leaving office, at least for a specific number of years. (Currently senators must wait 2 years, representatives half that time, it isn’t long enough). Keep them out of the game players pockets.

Elizabeth’s justification of her opposition to term limitations makes no sense, except it could keep her in office longer. That is her more logical reason for opposition. Who is she kidding? She can’t give an honest answer on anything! THAT in itself is a single reason why term limitations is needed, to rid dishonest politicians like Elizabeth Warren.

If you favor term limitations, why would we vote for the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They have had plenty of terms in federal government, have been around for ever, and as Warren said ‘know how the game is played’. Best alternative to term limitations, if it isn’t an option (and for now it isn’t), STOP VOTING FOR THE SAME PEOPLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I would also venture to say, if some of these people like Sanders, Warren and Biden were not eligible to run, we get more (better) candidates to run. These people that have been in Congress for many years have deeper money bags, making it difficult for newcomers (unless you are already a millionaire like Trump or Bloomberg). Bloomberg has been in politics for years as well. Trump was not.

I know that the presidency is a different office than Congress, and you’ll say the old hang-a-rounds like the three I mentioned should have a right to run. I’d say no, especially to the likes of a Joe Biden who has been in federal government for 40+ years. Talk about being in lobbyist’s pockets. We already know his ties to Ukraine and how his tenure has financially benefited him. I’d go so far to say after 12 years of combined time in a Congressional office, enough is enough. Time to go home!

I think it is possible to work up a form of term limitations that would keep people out of office after so many years in office. Keep them from bouncing around to avoid term limitations. Something to think about. Regardless vote!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: bloomberg’s economy?

Bloomberg has said Donald Trump’s policies don’t work, that he is taking America down (paraphrasing). Bloomberg will improve our economy by taxing the poor, taxing the middle class (increases), so that we the people can’t buy things that are killing us. This sounds like something China would do. Bloomberg wants to control your everyday activities, your way of life. This is socialism. Of course we have already learned Bloomberg can’t tell the difference between a socialist nation and a democracy.

Our economy is up, jobs are up, unemployment down, and Bloomberg with his ridiculous ideas and control thought…. is going to do better. He is already showing how he spends. I know it’s his own money, but, throwing away millions of dollars in campaign ads for a position he has little chance? Is that how he’d use our tax payer dollars once he had control? Frightening!