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Except for a few comments here and there, I’ve been relatively, to say the least, quiet for quite some time.   I am officially retiring from my banking career Aug. 31st.   I plan to devote a bit more time to this blog.   Hope you hang around, it is my intention to hit my refresh buttons………..with variety.

Have a great day!


Outside of your home, on the way to work, to the grocery store, doctors office, even the dentist office, the first person you walk by……..smile.  Say good morning.   You could make their day, starting it out nice.   It can get contagious!  🙂


Yeah, happened to me as well!  Hit the wrong key!

Dah!!!   I had a post started, almost complete for this morning.   It was one of, I think, my better pieces in a while……. “It was on elected officials, where, how and why we find such works of art, not really but stupidity in candidates”   Then with the brain not quite functioning, I hit the wrong key and lost everything!

No, please don’t put me in the class I mentioned above, I just wasn’t completely awake.   I was still on my first cup of coffee.

The words coming nicely, the sentences and paragraph were flowing………..then suddenly, with one wrong tap it was gone.

Life, I’ll start it over, after I thatch and over-seed the yard.



I introduced myself a day or so ago as a rookie to blogging and freelance writing.   I normally write about politics and current events, focusing on issues the mainstream media does not report.  I said then that I would like to post articles in the writer’s category occasionally to break the monotony and break to a lighter side.

As a newbie to writing I find myself becoming addicted to placing my body at this keyboard and writing something.    I already posted two political articles today……didn’t feel like a third, but I had to write.  I believe in the 6 to 7 weeks of experience I have now gained I see improvement.  I have a question for the more seasoned writers.   Is it good that I am addicted so quickly and can’t get enough?   I don’t want to just put words down, I really am striving for quality and content.   Is there a point where it is too much?   I know once in a while you need a break, even a vacation.

I was given a Nook a few months ago as a gift.  I bought books to read and found like most items you purchase, you get what you pay for.   Because I like to read a lot I would buy some books rather cheaply and some I ordered that were free.   I became quite frustrated with the lower valued readings, as the grammar and spelling errors were ridiculous.   I got to thinking, I can write better than this.   By all means I don’t believe writing is easy, it is not.

I had thought about writing before, but never really knew how to get started, and was I articulate enough?   My nook readings convinced me I should give it a go.  So, here I am and enjoy it more than my day job as an International Banker, which is not as glamorous as it sounds.

I could use some tips on the addiction thing, and critiquing is also encouraged, but don’t beat me up too bad.   Thank you for reading.



This is my first blog in the category for Writers.   I have been reading blogs or articles if you prefer for a few weeks now, but until now have not contributed.   I have been blogging for about six weeks within the theme of politics under the Arlin Report (arlinreport.com).  I enjoy stirring things up with readers for reaction and to get people involved in politics, if only to speak out, Lord knows we need help.

I am a 62-year-old male from Missouri, a rookie at freelance writing.    I  am an International Banker by day, but wish to retire someday, with writing as a hobby/retirement gig.   Most of what I write will be on the political side.   I have  a political science major with about nine years of experience as a city councilman.    However, politics can get tiresome, even frustrating at times, possibly because you lose hope of where we are headed as a nation.   I will occasionally write about other topics, just for a break and to move to a lighter side.

I have a writer’s website I am attempting to finish for launching, just short of an article or two for show.   Once I have the website released, I will share it with you.  Hope to hear from some of you soon.