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lawlessness in ny…….

A Washington Heights deli, in NY. BLACK LIVES MATTER! ALL LIVES MATTER, but keep this up……..and you make it difficult to ever gain understanding and lose respect. You are hurting your own. How can you win the argument of being a victim with this kind of behavior.

The sickest part of seeing this is no body comes to assist the victims of this attack.

we are in the midst of civil war…………undeniably, will the naive will.

BLM Inc., Antifa, anti-Americans, radical Islamic groups and the lost sheep of followers (like kids who get in the car when they are offered a piece of candy); those in the streets turning peaceful protest into aggressive protest and rioting, looting and arson. The same people pulling down statues and defacing property, marchers breaking into gated private communities; all trying to destroy America. These are the people that want us to forget our history……….change our future from a democratic republic to total anarchy. They want to destroy all we have built, all that is good. They are a socialist lawless, flag burning body of crap. The only thing they understand is destruction. What they don’t understand is it will only take them so far. They will self destruct; with a little push. Chaz and Chop is their socialist failed experiment. But they likely didn’t learn a thing.