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Lets face it, Hillary is a very bad loser.   She’d hit the bottle or I should say stay on the bottle, and go into another drunken state if she failed at another presidential run.  Another loss would be devastating to Hillary and her followers, suicidal.   Would be fun watching though.

Hillary  has stated she will not run in 2020, but that she isn’t going away and will continue to speak out on issues important to her.  An important issue to her is joining the left on trash talking Donald Trump and doing her part in riding him from the White House she so desperately coveted.

What Hillary is really afraid of is:  the email scandal returning and possibly more dirt Trump will expose, rehashing Bill and her party dates with Jeffrey Epstein (sex trafficking, which rumors abound with the Clintons), the dossier on the fake Russian collusion Hillary paid for, and of course all other DNC corruption under the THEN PARTY BOSS.   Jim Comey gave Hillary a pass, and Comey is no longer around to bail Hillary out of anymore trouble, and there is always trouble in Hillary’s purse.  Besides, Hillary can keep screwing companies and institutions out of money for all those boring, BS speeches she’ll continue to give.




Jeffrey Epstein…….Bill Clinton, YOUNG GIRL SEX BUDDIES


The Obama FBI-DOJ Covered Up Clinton Foundation – AGT Crimes — KILLED INVESTIGATION BEFORE 2016 ELECTION PART-3 — The NeoConservative Christian Right

This is the final installment of The Gateway Pundit’s exposé of Obama Administration government corruption that benefitted the Clinton Crime Cartel. On this blog you can read PART-1 and PART-2. JRH 2/24/19 Your generosity is always appreciated: Please Support NCCR ******************* Gateway Pundit Exclusive: The Obama FBI-DOJ Covered Up Clinton Foundation – AGT Crimes […]

via The Obama FBI-DOJ Covered Up Clinton Foundation – AGT Crimes — KILLED INVESTIGATION BEFORE 2016 ELECTION PART-3 — The NeoConservative Christian Right


Lets see, Clinton’s take more pride in Canada than the U.S.   That shouldn’t be surprising to any of us, since Hillary wants to assist Obama in destroying us.  If Willie and Hilly like Canada so much, why not just RETIRE there!   What is really happening here, the Clinton’s are finding it more difficult to rape American’s and fill their treasure chests.   The Clinton Foundation (The Clinton Cartel) balance of funds has dwindled.  Nobody wants to go there, not even Hillary partner Saudi Arabia.


Bill & Hillary with their dirty hands in Haiti


The Clinton Cartel, CRIME CARTEL!

This has nothing to do with the above article, but, it is my understanding the speaking tour Bill and Hillary were about to begin has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.   They can’t fill-up a two-seat out-house let alone a gym or arena.  Maybe they can speak to inmates in a prison cafeteria.



While we’re at it, lets talk about insignificant Hillary trying desperately to be significant.   She is going to go on a 13 city speaking tour, accompanied by her rapist husband (frequently alleged rapist husband) Bill.  Good move, really smart………thank God you were not elected president.   Now is a great time to take a highly alleged rapist around the country with you, of course you’ve always been Bill’s cover, an accomplice.

Hillary’s comments and urging Dems to “…………… not treat Republicans with civility”, might as well be saying “We must engage in a Civil War with Republicans and Republican voters”.   Not to be civil and treat another with violence and unrest, is Civil War.   This is the Democratic Party Hillary and Bill are so badly trying to lead.