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Blood of Benghazi 4

What does it take, what would it take?  We know Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration lied to the American people and directly to the families of the victims of Benghazi.   They blamed a freaking video…….    We also know protection, help was denied after many requests, pleas.        Why isn’t that enough?    If you and I did this, we’d be fried, tossed in a cell with the key thrown away.   If you abandon your child, leave them alone in a car for 2 minutes; they’d charge you with child endangerment and neglect.   What’s the difference?   Don’t tell me age…..  Ambassador Stevens was as dependent on American protection as a child is dependent on their parents.

These government investigations are they just going through the motion?  Will we looked into this and while the administration made some mistakes, could have done things differently…..we can’t find enough, not enough of a smoking gun.  They spend all this time, all the tax payer money…….only to give the appearance they are doing something about this treasonous crime.   Only to say we tried, on behalf of the American people we investigated.  Here is our report.    They are protecting one another, covering up.  Governments purpose anymore has become to cover-up those that govern; cover their asses.

BS!   Benghazi wasn’t a smoking gun it was an inferno!  The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, with the State Dept. let it burn to the ground.  Then lied.   Period…..


Hillary and her supporters believe that the Gowdy led Benghazi Investigative Committee is nothing but a Witch Hunt to keep Hillary from the Oval Office.   They would not necessarily be wrong, but then so what.   They know it is more than that.

Hillary will do what Hillary does best.  Going before a committee and tell a story filled with lies.  It works for her, she is an habitual pathological liar; they easily come across as truth tellers.  She knows they are lies, but she can cause the subconscious mind to believe it to be true.  The subconscious accepts everything as fact that is fed by the conscious mind.  Yes, even Hillary has a subconscious………but an evil conscience.

I truly believe, this select committee has an honorable goal, to find the truth.   Gowdy knows he won’t hear it from Hillary, he knows what she is, but he’ll have her perjury on record in front of all America.

As for the Witch Hunt?   So what.   A successful hunt could save We the People from having Witch Hillary occupying our White House.  That could be the Committees’ greatest service to our country.

The effect of Hillary’s testimony is yet to be seen.   She is a lawyer, she bought herself more time.  That may be all.


ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Hillary before Committee

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If you were a supporter of Hillary Clintons’ bid for the presidency and you were in Vegas, would you bet against Hillary lying to the Benghazi Investigative Committee this morning?  Even her supporters know she is an habitual liar.     Would you throw your money away betting that  she tells the truth?    You know you wouldn’t.

It will be interesting to see how much her story has changed.   There will be one repeated response “I don’t recall.”   That in itself would be a lie.   Or “I’ll plead the 5th.”.

Hillary is so cold with her lies she could easily pass a polygraph.   She has no blood in her heartless body.



There is talk of another government committee to investigate the Benghazi Investigative Committee in response to McCarthy’s now overblown comment.   First of all, of course Hillary’s numbers have gone down because of the “investigative” committee.   The committee would not exist if suspicion of wrong doing or lack of competence on the part of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not exist; but they do…….. Clinton and the Democrats fear the false princess is in trouble.   NEWS FLASH:  She is!  Whos’ fault is that?   Dahhhhhh, just maybe Hillary.   We the People do not trust Hillary!

Liberal Democrats and the Witch of Benghazi are masters at the 180 degree turn, making Hillary out to be The Victim.

The Benghazi Investigative Committee is not about partisan politics; it is about holding someone accountable for the lives of four Americans and no effort to protect them.   The Democrats are further covering-up the 911 Benghazi disaster and are protecting Hillary…………..and Obama.

Sure, McCarthy spoke, misspoke and demonstrated why he can not be Speaker.   We don’t need another clown!   We need to weed out all the clowns……….that would be nearly 100% of politicians currently in the House, Senate and the White House!

America only We the People can stop the BS!






Kevin McCarthy may be a member of the House, and a Speaker wanna be.   However, McCarthy does not represent the Benghazi Investigative Committee.   McCarthy is not a member of the Investigative Committee.  McCarthy’s comment that the Benghazi Committee helped drive down Hillary Clinton’s numbers in the polls, gave Hillary and the Democrats an opening to discredit the committee and its purpose as a farce.   “That” is grasping for life support from a party and lead candidate desperately in trouble. Hillary and the Dems are taking a poor choice of words from an individual with no authority to make such a statement(except his own opinion) and twisted to their benefit.    But……….  see below.

The next two paragraphs are quotes from an article by David Hawkings in May of 2014.

“Speaker John A. Boehner is insisting the only assignment for his appointees is to uncover the facts about what happened before, during and after the assault on the Libyan diplomatic mission, during which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died. Still, fewer than half his picks have any prior exposure to the matter through committee work. Gowdy and Ohio’s Jim Jordan are on the Oversight and Government Reform panel, while Georgia’s Lynn Westmoreland is on Intelligence, all three of which already have conducted inquiries. (No Republican member is from the other panel that probed the response to the attacks, Armed Services, although Alabama’s Marthy Roby was on that committee when it investigated the attacks.)

Despite Boehner’s stated charge, Republicans have made no secret about their principal political objective: exposing so many egregious State Department failings that Hillary Rodham Clinton is dissuaded (or effectively disqualified) from running for president.”


Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want the Benghazi Committee to go away…………..Of course they do, especially Hillary, it isn’t looking good for the Arkansas “self anointed” Princess.   Damaging her chances of being president is not what Hillary’s main concern should be, its PRISON.

The Benghazi Committee did not hurt Hillary in the polls.   This Trey Gowdy led committee has not made a final report, they aren’t nearly finished.   Its been lengthy, too lengthy admittedly, not all from their part, but from stalls, from the DOJ, the State Department, lawyers and probably judges.   Hillary Clinton is responsible for her numbers sliding in the polls for president.

The Benghazi Investigative Committee should hold someone, if that someone is Hillary Clinton (lets throw Obama in the ring, he certainly deserves to be there) accountable for her incompetence and reckless action (or non-action) and possibly criminal behavior.

So what?  If that is all the accountability that comes from a committee is to dissuade (disqualify) someone from running for president, so be it.   It is the doing of the individual, not this committee.   If the individual, in this case Hillary Clinton had been more responsible and accountable for lives that were lost in Benghazi, this Committee would not have been formed.

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Redirecting Blame.   It is what she does, it is what she has always done and will always do.   She has had many years of practice.