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One:   Old school baseball, the way it was once played and should be played (in my opinion) is gone.   The St. Louis Cardinal manager last evening, with a one run lead in the bottom of the tenth, intentionally walked a batter (with the tying run already at 2nd base) putting the winning run on base with only one out.   I could see it coming, a double, a ball that gets past a diving left fielder, scores the winning run, GAME OVER!   Nice going Mike Matheny.   Old school, you don’t put the potential winning run on base.  Gee, let the pitcher pitch.   Also, you don’t give the pitcher his option.   That is what you are there for, to manage the team!

Two:  Illegal immigrants don’t become separated from their families, if they do not cross over the border illegally!   You want to stay together………stay the hell where you are.  Be the difference in making your country better!   Try being a solution, rather than someone else’s problem!

Orioles sign outfielder Colby Rasmus — WPMT FOX43 – Daddy interference?

BALTIMORE– The Baltimore Orioles have reached an agreement with outfielder Colby Rasmus. Rasmus, 31, signed a minor league deal with the team, and has a chance to make the club as a left-handed option off the bench out of Spring Training. He endured an injury-plagued season in 2017, playing only 37 games for the Tampa…

via Orioles sign outfielder Colby Rasmus — WPMT FOX43

Colby Rasmus came up through the St. Louis Cardinals organization.   He always acted as though he could care less that he was with a major league club.  He never seemed to grasp the opportunity, therefore underachieved.   Great talent, just missing heart.   Colby’s father tried to tell the Cardinals what was best for Colby….and Colby listened to his father and ignored Cardinal coaching/management.   This may be the perfect example of a parent pushing/forcing a child to play a sport they had little interest in.


Image result for Photos of last nights Cardinals vs. Mets game

Friday night and Saturday afternoon went to the Cards/Mets game in St. Louis.   We sat next to 3 Mets fans on Friday and there were about 200 Met fans in the right field section on Saturday.   Good, clean fun!   A little bit of back and forth rival bashing from both sides, but all in fun!   Its not quite like it was when these two teams were in the same National League division, but it was a good reminder of the past.

We then went to Ball Park Village (directly across the street from the stadium) following the game for a couple of beers; Met fans were enjoying the Village with Cardinal fans there, probably for the first time.

The weekend series is tied at one game apiece.  Today will be the rubber game!   Go Cards!



I attended this game last evening as my son was given a couple of seats in a suite.  He could not attend so his wife and my oldest grandson went in his place.  My significant other/common law wife by now…….set in great seats just beyond the left field wall, a section over just inside the foul pole.

The St. Louis Cardinals are a class act organization.   Friday night was Military Appreciation Night, with a theme of “This One’s for you”.   Military personnel and families were at the game, some of the families without their a husband, father, mother, daughter or brother, still serving in another land.

I was a bit disappointed that more families and military personnel were not introduced to the fans than there was.   I thought they could have done more in between innings, rather than having the usual game Kiss Cam and other games; but I also realize it can be difficult to arrange.   Appreciate what you get, the Cardinals didn’t have to do it at all.   But, that’s not who they are; we are, Cardinal Nation.  Thank You!


Yogi Berra, had a great life.   Who didn’t love Yogi Berra?  If you didn’t, then there is something wrong with you.

Yogi is a classy American sports legend, not just baseball, sports.

Yogi was from The Hill, an Italian district in St. Louis.   His spirit will live for ever on The Hill.

The words (ism) from Yogi will be missed.   He made sense out of the senseless.   He brought a smile to the faces of many.   Yogi (not Yogi Bear) will be missed.

Why the hell did he have to be a Yankee!


Yep, I am a Cardinal fan.  I have been all my life and I am 62.  When we win a series like we did tonight, I still act like the kid from 1964 when we beat the Yankees in the World Series.   I remember running outside jumping up and down. I was only 12 then.  It was the first world championship I remember as a Cards fan.  We haven’t won the World Series yet this year, we aren’t even there yet.  We know not to get ahead of ourselves, when you do, bad things happen.

Tonight we (the Cardinals) beat the L.A. Dodgers 3-2 to win the divisional series.  We will now face the winner of the San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals series.

I must admit, we are spoiled in St. Louis. We expect to be here. However, beating the Dodgers and their best pitcher, the best pitcher in all of baseball twice in the same series, is exciting……..for us.  What makes it fun, is knowing you had to beat one of the best, otherwise, what is it worth?

If we make it to, and I am confident we will, the 2014 World Series, we will have only gotten there because we beat what may be the best team, outside of the Cards of course, the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have great pitching, and a scary lineup from top to bottom.  The Cardinals had to play their best baseball of the year to win this National League Divisional Series.

I grew up in Union, Missouri.  A small community 45 min. from St. Louis.   I went to Sportsman’s Park to watch Stan the Man Musial.  I watched Lou Brock tie the base stealing record from the center field bleacher seats in Busch Stadium.  Was there when Jim Edmonds beat the Astros on an extra inning home run during the National League Playoffs, only to see us lose to Boston in the World Series via standing room.

We are Cardinal Nation and winning never gets old.

To the little boy in L.A. that was making the Sign of the Cross and praying his beloved Dodger blue would pull out a win  in game Two; I understand; been there done that.  I know you are disappointed. You’ll have your day soon.  You’ll never forget what you saw.  Winning is great, but someday the memory of being there will be what stands out.

I have to say this: Go Cards!  We are Cardinal Nation.   It must be October!