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The lyrics from the Beatle’s song “Mother Mary comes to me………..whispering words of wisdom.”; was Paul McCartney’s mum!

Mother Mary (mother of Jesus), came to me in a dream.   I don’t believe it was a premonition but a message for me.   Now this dream took place about 28-30 years ago, I am 63.    In the dream I was reliving an incident from my grade school days; about the 5th or 6th grade.    A classmate, Charlie J.,  had challenged me to a fist fight (I unintentionally tripped him during PE class, he didn’t like it) after school at the bike rack, which was side-front of the school building.  In this remake of the incident we were both in our present adult ages.

I showed, Charlie showed and immediately he threw a punch, he missed but my return connected.    Before either of us could throw another, a teacher, Mr. Jenkins, was hanging from a window yelling at us to stop.  We did, he had our names…….he called us out.    We both took off in opposite directions, only I was running around the back of the building,    Not sure where Charlie went and didn’t care.

The building suddenly turned into a very high wall, I made it around the corner and continued running away from the wall.    I got about fifty yards away (which originally started out as a school building, remember this is a dream) and never looked back until…..  a light, a bright violet colored light shined down on me.   I stopped running, slowly turned and saw that the light shining on me was coming from near the top of the wall, where a perfectly round door was sliding open.   The further it opened the more light sprayed on me……..then the glare cleared and Mary, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus,  stood, dipping and re-dipping water from a bowl.   I recognized her immediately.    She smiled at me, continued dipping the water and said “You are free.”   Then the door closed.   I was in darkness for only a moment, then woke up.

It is as real and vivid today as it was then.    I have not told many about this……. I felt like sharing it now.   What I saw was real to me, and believe that Mary sent me a message through this dream.    Like it was a re-baptism…… or just a reminder of my baptism and that I have been set free.

I think about this message often, it will never go away.   I believe!