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all msm wants to talk about is roger stone



Richard Fletcher

More arrests have been made in the beating of Richard Fletcher, 61 year-old of Dundalk (Baltimore) on April 22.   There have been 7 arrests to date, 6 juveniles are being charged as adults.   This wasn’t just a beating this was a mob of black teens that beat the hell out of Fletcher.   Don’t hear much about this though do you?

Fletcher came out of his house to get two black girls that were fighting to move from his car when he was surrounded by the mob and beaten.

Fletcher was in a coma for a few days, but has been released from the hospital.  He suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed.   The 61-year-old is recovering but faces multiple surgeries.

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I have seen this over and over, no not the exact same photo, but many photos of the looters and rioters in Baltimore stealing toilet paper.   Why toilet paper, it seems to be the most noticeable item jacked?   Is this symbolic?  Are they eventually going to TP the mayor of Baltimore’s house?   That is where they need to take it.   The mayor seems to be full of more s_ _ t as anyone.

I don’t recall toilet paper being that popular an item for the rioters in Ferguson.  No, Ferguson was more into booze, shoes, cigs and cigars.

Maybe, just maybe the toilet paper is symbolic.   People are tired of the s_ _ t, and the rioter (protester) is pointing out, it is time to clean up, wipe out all the s_ _ t, the powers that be.  The politicians, not just in Baltimore, but through out this nation are the targets of this demonstration.    Take a look at this photo, the man is showing the package high for everyone to see.   It was stolen to use as a prop to get a message across.  I doubt that those powers are smart enough to figure that out.  This is a protest, a demonstration of a frustrated society.   It isn’t just about Freddie Gray…….he was just a boiling point.

I believe Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton and all those in Congress could use a few rolls delivered to them as well.




They say they are protesting in Ferguson in support of the protests in Baltimore.   Lets call it what it is “The continuation of unlawfulness by idiots in a high crime area”.    The pretentious protesters in Ferguson are only using the riots of Baltimore as a lame excuse.

Shots were fired, and at least one man was wounded.

These people have no cause except to act in a way that is already character within them.  It has become difficult to find new words to describe what is repeatedly happening in Ferguson.  As Hillary would say “It’s old news.”     It is the norm in Ferguson, and yes it now defines them.   When outsiders hear the name “Ferguson” what do they associate it with?  Violence and rioting, unlawfulness, that is Ferguson.

The only words I have, Ferguson, it’s the same old crap.



Our nation is falling apart due to lack of/missing leadership.   Barack Obama was a great campaigner, but has no leadership skills.  There aren’t any leaders on the horizon, from either political party.  The nation is in a survival crisis.   Don’t look for a savior from Congress, they are worthless, overpaid dominoes, they fall together, all look and smell alike, rotten.

All of the candidates, all those so-called Republicans and their challenger, the corrupt, I am entitled Hillary Clinton are political puppets, every damn one of them.

Being in a leadership position does not make you a leader.  Without leadership you get what we had in Ferguson and have in Baltimore.  We have protesters exercising their right of free speech and to demonstrate, unfortunately they are out numbered by the criminal looters and rioters.

We are or are becoming Iraq West.   What we see happening in Baltimore has become all too familiar, it is becoming the norm.  This is what we have handed our children and grandchildren.  Do you see any leadership capable of turning this nation around?   Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, John McCain, a full House and Senate of morons. the POTUS, and lets not forget Hillary; how many chances do they get?    All of these people have been elected or appointed to positions of leadership; where has that gotten us, but exactly where we are today.    No more Bush and Clinton candidates, enough is enough.

The rebellion we see in Baltimore isn’t the type of rebellion we need.   The only statement you make when you smash windows and loot and burn down businesses is that you are an idiot.

I really believe we have leadership out there, but it must be fresh……The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, McCain, Obama, Hillary is not only corrupt but stale.    We need fresh minds, not mindless greedy leaches.  

March on Washington, enter the halls of Congress, raise our voices, serve them notice we are removing them all.   The power still lies within We the People, but we must wakeup and rise.