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joe biden: dopey or just a habital liar? both?

The definition of dopey: stupefied by sleep or a drug

Last night Dan Bongino was on Hannity. He was speaking on Joe Biden’s comment that gun sales at gun convention sales (gun shows) do not file background checks. As soon as I saw the video on Biden’s statement, I began yelling at the TV screen. “That’s a lie, that’s a f ing lie!” Bongino referred to Biden as either being dopey or a liar! I’d say he is both……….but! I don’t think they (his handlers) are trying to dope him down to further stupidity but attempting to dope him up. IT AIN’T WORKING! Biden has never been the sharpest color in the box. He has always made claims of doing this and that but, that is a lie as well. He has always taken credit for things he had NOTHING to do with. That is part, a major part of his character. He has written or spoken things that he was not the author of and I don’t mean speeches from a speech writer.

Back to the dopey thingy! Biden lied about the gun dealers at gun conventions not filing paper work or running background checks. I have only been to one gun show, but I know they run background checks. That was when I screamed at the TV………..he was a liar. Biden has always been an idiot. He has always been a liar. I would not refer to him as dopey, as it would imply……..he is being drugged and not his fault. He is an idiotic liar. He did at an earlier time of his life have an opportunity to control just how much of an idiot he would be. Biden is best described as a dishonest opportunist! He is smart in that aspect……..his dishonesty is a weapon. Over the course of nearly 50 years his stupidity became ingrained in, so much he is a natural. The poster politician in Washington D.C. The model Deep State politician. When Biden said “I am sick and tired of the ordinary person being fleeced ……….”, I wanted to vomit. Biden doesn’t give an ounce of caring about Americans. AND, WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS REFERRING TO US AS ‘ORDINARY’. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer……….and there are Republicans too, they are ALL alike.

I think Joe and Hunter Biden have much in common, like father like son!