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arlin report thought of the day: my thought process upon waking up

Normally, my first thought of the new day as soon as I wake up is what is it I had planned for the day. Then I get my first cup of coffee, sit down and look through other peoples blogs. I may glance at the morning news occasionally to see whats changed or happened overnight in the world. Too often someone has been shot somewhere, overnight in the early AM hours in St. Louis. They should have been home in bed like I was. THAT is a continuous story, and despite it all, those are the people that should not have guns and will find ways of getting them regardless of any laws, saying they shouldn’t. They will! That is as far as I am going on that for now! Now back to my Thoughts of the Day posting!

I often think about my children and grandchildren early in the morning, not so much about how they are, just picture their beautiful faces and wonder what their day will be like for them. It really is a pleasant thought.

This morning, my first thought was: “Oh crap, I forgot to make my list of questions for my Urologist!” Better get up and do that! Well, I’ve never had prostate cancer or any kind of cancer before, so its like: What do you ask? Whats my Gleason Count Doc? Were all ten of the biopsy samples cancerous? What are my alternatives for treatment? What is the plan of attack?

I mean what else is there to ask? My significant other and I go see the Urologist this morning, 8:00 AM. Will get some answers then.

I’d rather be writing a blog about Hillary and Bill, maybe even Trump or a conspiracy theory (of mine). But if I’m going to be honest about “The Arlin Report Thought of the Day”, I have to write about what is truly occupying my mind. Unfortunately, a little more than I want, its the not knowing of this prostate cancer. I won’t even capitalize the name, I don’t want to give this crap any honor! Have a great day! I’ll stay in touch!

arlin report thought of the day: many thoughts, many questions on prostate cancer

Have known I have a high PSA count for about a year now. I had a prostate biopsy done last week, and yesterday got the call from my Urologist. Yep, I have prostate cancer. The next step is a bone scan tomorrow. Then, my significant other and I will meet with the Doc to discuss treatment (of course much will still be determined from the scan).

I was looking around in Bass Pro Shop when I received the call, had a rod and reel in my hand, then became disinterested after the call. Went home, to gather my thoughts, really just became PISSED! Still pissed! Angry pissed! I have no problem going to the bath room, that symptom is not present. So, currently I am really just dealing with the anger management part. Why am I angry? I’ve always been pretty healthy. I just completed my 12 week recovery from open heart surgery, where I had my Aortic Valve replaced and aneurysm repaired. This condition was genetic, I was born with a bi-cuspid aortic valve, rather than a tri-cuspid valve. That’s taken care of! i was back to playing golf! NOW THIS FREAKING CANCER CRAP!

I know other people suffer and deal with much more than I am. That doesn’t escape me. I am grateful, thankful there are options. My thought for today is not a single thought. Much is going through my head. I will deal with this and get it taken care of. It just ticks me off, we have to spend time getting evaluated and fixed; like time is being robbed from us. Maintenance, like I’m an automobile or machine.

I will keep on ticking. Thanks for letting me sound off! Now I’m going fishing.

arlin report: still learning

Still learning about some of WordPress’ new features, with blocks, and embedding, etc. I currently tend to repeat my clicks when adding an embedded feature. Therefore the links I add get added multiple times and I haven’t figured out how to delete links I have over inserted. So, for now if you see a link multiple times on my posts, its because I am still in the learning process of how to use them. My apology. Any help, tip or advice would be appreciated in the meantime.

50 years ago i watched the moon landing and the walk, i remember

I grew up in Union, Missouri with a population of about 5,000 in 1969. I remember that historic lunar landing and watching Neil Armstrong step foot on the moon’s surface. It was pretty exciting for a 16 year old about to turn 17 and begin his senior year in high school.

I worked part time in the evening and on week-ends at a teen-center, which was only 3 blocks from our house. The center had a lounge with a sofa, a couple of chairs and most importantly for THAT night a T.V. There were only a few teens in the center, we all gathered in the lounge to watch the astronauts work their magic and become national if not worldly heroes. There is a lot I remember. I was sitting in the middle of the sofa, with a friend on each side. There was also this smart ass that lived a couple of blocks from me that always tried pushing my buttons. I always ignored him as there is no honor in popping the mouth of an idiot a couple of years younger……..until now. More on that later, hey it’s part of what I remember.

When Armstrong made that first step on the moon and made that now famous declaration (which I don’t even need to repeat) you could hear a pin drop. It was the quietest I ever heard the teen center. All of us watched with amazement. It really was happening, just as John F. Kennedy had challenged us to do. I also remember Kennedy’s speech that pushed America to explore and achieve beyond what was thought to be impossible.

It was a wonderful moment, the landing and first steps, we all shared the time “together”, everyone enjoyed the history being made before our eyes. Then that smart ass, as a smart ass must do, tried to ruin it. This jerk, yeah the one that was always trying to intimidate me, had to find my breaking point. He knew I wouldn’t get sucked in to his smart mouth, I wasn’t like him. As I said “There is no honor at that age to pop someone in the mouth younger than you.” Well, he finally made a mistake, he struck first. As I was watching T.V. from the sofa, the punk got up from his chair walked in front of me and stomped on my foot. I took that foot and kicked him in the butt as he passed by. Oh, but he immediately returned, while I am sitting he came up and slapped me in the face. That was it, the moment he must have been waiting for. He obviously did not expect my reaction, I forgot about worrying about what was honorable. I rose from the sofa, walked towards him and punched below his right eye, knocking him completely out of the lounge. Now, the lounge door was near the entrance door to the center. There was a big picture window in front next to the entrance (the center was previously a furniture store). In front of the picture window on the inside was a wooden railing, inner fence of sort. The boy, the punk, sailed out of the lounge, through the rail and nearly reached the window. I was actually for a second gasping I may have put him through the glass. He got up, slowly, looked at me in horror and ran out the door. He ran the two blocks to home. About 15 minutes later his older, bigger brother came to pay me a visit. I never got to speak with him, the other teens in the center this magical night informed big brother what happened. His response was “So he got what was coming?” Yep! Younger or not, the child needed a lesson. I gave him one.

This is how remember The Moon Landing!

arlin report thought of the day: my posting errors of today

Okay, maybe it was a bit too early upon my rise and shine to post an article before it was ready or edited. I apologize to the few followers/readers and to those that stumbled upon my post about how government’s role is mentioned in the Bible (specifically the UN). I launched my post a wee bit premature. I have edited it since some of you viewed or possibly actually read it. I had some grammar errors that were awkward to say the least.

Forgive me, I am still a work in progress. Or is it process?


The inaccurate adage “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” can be given some merit and would apply here!

A 96% rejection of incumbents would indeed be revolutionary.  We the People should be held equally accountable for holding these power dogs accountable.


I for one am sick and tired of a minority setting policy in our schools, communities and in Washington from political correctness.   Stop it fools, its incorrect.   You are entitled to make your opinion, we all do, but policy and laws should not, can not be dictated, set because of a minority; often an extreme minority.   That means only a few of you.

If I want to wear red, white and blue to a football game,  I WILL.   Try and ban me……You’ll create a scene you might not want.   Eventually, those on the side of righteousness will STAND UP to you.

So, We the People, when we make up a majority, start standing up to the minority that cries till they get their way.   The majority voice drowns out the minority to a whisper.

My goodness!




MY posts also show up on Twitter.   Someone, recently tweeted to my attention that the ArlinReport was, in her exact words “FullofCrap”.    The response came about as a reply to my post on “the total criminality of Hillary Clinton on full display………..over her emails being turned over”.

I do not believe for a moment the reply was meant as a compliment.  However, I would, if you take it word for word and not really how it was meant, have to agree.   My blogs are often FULL OF CRAP!   Crap on Hillary, husband Bill, Obama, Michelle, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid………..my goodness, I could go on and on, but my wrist are getting cramped!   There is not a lot of good coming out of Washington D.C.   Most politicians are full of crap!   That is what We the People get fed from Washington, C-R-A-P.

It’s not all I write or post, but it does dominate; it’s a messy job, somebody has to do it! As long as there are the Hillary’s of the world, my crap will continue to flow.