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Ten Most Popular Stocks Owned by Congress in 2021

INTERESTING! LOOK at Apple, Microsoft and then the PHARMACEUTICALS! Wonder why, they are pilling and vaxing us to death. MONEY, PROFIT………      Yep, BIG PHARMA, produces all those vaccines to be distributed throughout …….MANDATED BY GOVERNMENT.    BIG PHARMA only gets bigger, richer!   They receive 6-16 Billion in revenue, from your taxes paid.   All those pricks in congress see their stock income rise right along with it.   This is how a middle class man or woman goes to Congress, makes the right insider stock purchases and becomes filthy RICH, as we get financially and medically raped!

Political Arena

Members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws. This is one reason why politicians start out middle class and come out rich.

This list is very revealing. Big Pharma is well represented as two of the companies make the marginally effective Wuhan Poke.

You can also see that most of the others on the list have huge investments in China. This is why the corrupt establishment went after Donald Trump with such a zeal as Trump was doing much to impact China from ripping us off as they have with these one sided trade deals since the 70’s.


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arlin report thought(s) of the day: now on mEWE

I have joined MeWe as another source for communicating. Parler has temporarily been shut down ……….due to Big Tech’s censoring (The Apple app’s cancelled Parler). Parler is working on getting back up via another platform.

Big Tech only wants to hear from those that agree with their radical leftist ways. They only want to share what meets their agenda. Freedom of speech is not in their playbook. This includes Twitter (which I have quit using some time ago), Facebook, and Google and Apple. The big boys got too big for their own pants and are about to go bust!

I look forward to being back on Parler soon. Nothing wrong with having multiple sources to listen to, follow and speak out!

Things are happening!