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anti-trump resistance among cdc ……covid-19

This should come as no surprise. The Left has spiders and rats crawling around within every institution causing friction and chaos at every turn as part of the coup to remove Donald Trump. It has been like this from day one and everyday. The hateful enemy from within is greater than any we face abroad.

Barr, Durham when are the American people going to see true justice, once and for all? Give us something that you preach but have yet delivered! America is supposed to have the highest bar, the highest standards for justice, however we now resemble a 3rd world nation with none. You need to also be held accountable. (Arlin)

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Those anti-Trump protesters, hate the Donald, claiming he is a candidate of hate.  From what I have seen they demonstrate more hate towards Trump with their demonstrations of hate than anything coming from the candidate.   Oh the hypocrisy of it all.  Most of these protesters can’t give you an intelligent reason why they are protesting Trump.

When you can not explain your position, but shout out vulgarity, become disruptive and have no idea what you stand for you are just looking for a false reason to be unlawful or in the least misbehave……..you are simply an attention seeker.   Mommy and daddy never gave you any!