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The country (U.S.) has pandered to this group from day one even knowing they are an arm of the Democratic Party. The corporations are pandering to them like they did to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – so they could pay them off and they would leave them alone. Well. they are back for more […]



My teen years were during the 60s and the early 70s.   I remember the words of Martin Luther King during some of our nations most darkest periods.  Yes Dr. King spoke about issues of the day, particularly human rights and racial tension/war.  He spoke of prejudice , discrimination, the riots that came with it, the vandalism, the real lynchings, the church burnings, the no blacks or whites only signs, even the white sheets, the Black Panthers (I saw a march in Chicago down Main Street. by the Panthers, I was there for that one myself in 1969, however Dr. King was already gone before that one), the college sit-ins, the police station sit-ins, Biloxi and just about any city in Mississippi.

Young people today haven’t experienced anything today, except assaulting those on the other side that have a difference of opinion, that they don’t even try to understand; compared to what we witnessed.  Hell, I haven’t even mentioned the war I watched on TV every night for over for what seemed like an eternity (Vietnam).  Our news coverage didn’t mention car jacking or shootings; it was all about Vietnam.   I remember military jets flying over my grade school every 30 minutes just above the tree tops, for their bombing practice.  I remember the bombing drills we practiced in class, ducking under our desk.  I was in grade school, but this war carried on until I was in college.  I had a draft number (84), but I was fortunate enough that I had already enrolled in college before my 18th birthday, I was given a student deferment (the last one given in America by the way).  Those that were fortunate enough to survive Vietnam, advised me to take the deferment.  There is a long story there but for another day.

I’ve gotten off track a lot here, Dr. King, yes he spoke about the issues of the day, racism, and got political of course.  But what Dr. King NEVER left out was THE WORD OF GOD.  Dr. King would preach and teach.   I did not always agree with his politics, but his faith was evident.  I never hear Rev. Al Sharpton speak the word of God.   Maybe he does when he hops in a black church in a place such as Ferguson, Missouri when he can spread his racial divide.  Al Sharpton is an enabler.   Dr. King wanted peace.

Young people today think that voicing their political will, is punching out someone that has a different opinion; with a camera in your face.  Even with social media, they don’t understand the issues of the day.   We never fought those with different opinions we usually fought the government that didn’t inform us with the truth.  We also knew our sexual gender.



Trump’s silver lining!
> *Trump’s special qualifications for being president*

> Lets check out Trump’s presidential qualifications
> Obama  is against Trump
> The  Media is against Trump
> The establishment Democrats are against Trump
> The establishment Republicans are against Trump
> The Pope is against Trump
> The UN is against Trump
> The EU is against Trump
> China is against Trump
> Mexico is against Trump
> Soros is against Trump
> Black Lives Matter is against Trump
> MoveOn.Org is against Trump
> Koch Bro’s are against Trump
> Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

> Bonus points
> Cher, says she will leave the country
> Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
> Whoopi says she will leave the country
> Rosie says she will leave the country
> Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
> Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

> Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!!! Go
> Trump!
I concur

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Has there been an Al Sharpton sighting at Mizzou yet?   Would you be surprised?  Al Sharpton is an opportunistic race baiter.   If AL wants to make his wrinkly old body feel the spirit of youth again, he is probably somewhere down I-70 headed to Columbia, MO.

However, Al, the student protesters, mostly black, seem to be doing well, they have taken over the campus and pretty much run the institution now; something you have never accomplished.   Al, you are out dated!


According to Fox4KC.com lawyers for the parents of Michael Brown will be filing a civil lawsuit against Ferguson today.   The wrongful death lawsuit will be filed on behalf of Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden and his father Michael Brown Sr.

In case you’ve been in a coma for the past nine months, this is the Michael Brown that robbed a convenience store, bullied the store clerk around, jumped a police officer through his car, tried to take the officer’s gun, was shot during the struggle, ran, then turned around and charged the officer again and was killed by the officer in self-defense and defense of the community.   Then friends and outsiders for months claimed this 6’3″ nearly 300 pound 18-year-old was murdered surrendering with hands held high.   All of this turned out to be total lies by autopsy/coroner evidence.   But yet this summer long fiasco was a wrongful death caused by a police officer doing his job, protecting the community?

Who should be filing a lawsuit?  Outside of a bully that made stupid decisions that warm August day last year and was killed over it, Darren Wilson, the officer has suffered the most.   Darren Wilson should file suit, but who would he file suit against?  He wouldn’t file against Brown’s parents.  Nothing to gain there.  May be he files suit against Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Barack Obama, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Governor Jay Nixon

These lawyers for McSpadden and Brown Sr. know they have no case.   That case has been lost a number of times already.    They are headline seekers, using McSpadden and Brown.   They all seem to crave the attention.   Al Sharpton has taught them well.


Metrolink screengrab

A man was beaten on March 23 on the St. Louis Metro Link train.

“What do you think of the cop killing Michael Brown situation?”    The St. Louis (where else) Metro Link rider didn’t give the politically correct answer, then got beat-up.  With that question or statement, depending on how you look at it, and that the victim was white and the two attackers were black, wasn’t enough to be determined a hate crime.  So just what does it take to be considered a hate crime?

The 43-year-old male was seated on the Metro, three young black males were standing nearby.   The 15-year-old ask the man if he could use his cell phone; he was told no.   Then the kid ask the man what he thought of the police killing Michael Brown and the investigation situation.  The seated man said something to the effect “I haven’t given it much thought”.   The kid suddenly turned into a 15-year-old punk……he proceeded to slug a seated man in somewhat of a defenseless position.   A 21-year-old companion also punched and kicked at the passenger.   A third companion of the two attackers stood by and just watched.  When the train came to its next stop, the three ran off, like the cowards they are.

Was it a hate crime?  I don’t know in the context that hate crimes are meant.   I mean hate crime, isn’t that really the same as racial or religious and ethnic hate (bias motivated crime)?    If this man was beaten because of his view or non-view of the Michael Brown stage, race is definitely involved.   Much of what occurred in Ferguson last Summer was about race, right Al Sharpton, right Holder and yes Obama?   Hate crime charges will not be filed.   The 21-year-old has been charged, with assault, the 15-year-old was turned over to juvenile authorities.

Did the 15-year-old bait his victim, test him?   Asking to use his cell phone, was it to see if the man would stand-up to him by saying no, or just give it up.   Was it a test to see how friendly the man was?  I don’t think in this case it was.   To followup with the question of Michael Brown, the kid wanted an answer to instigate trouble,   possibly to see if the man had nerve to say what he really thought.   His answer was middle ground to avoid a confrontation.   The passenger thought he was playing it safe.   The kid found someone passive he could pound on and beat.   That was obvious, the man didn’t fight back, only slightly raised his arm as a shield to protect his head.   He was in a seated position and he was out numbered.   No one, not one individual gave him any assistance.

Hate crime is a separate charge all of its own and can be complicated.   The definition of hate crime can vary from state to state.     The act of beating someone can be a hateful act, and does not need to be motivated by bias.  The phrase “hate crime” is a poorly selected title.   Like I said earlier, it is meant to be a bias motivated crime; but it doesn’t have to be.    Some hateful people hate everyone, no bias there, they hate everyone.   A man can kill his father-in-law out of pure hate.   They don’t charge him with hate crime, they charge him with murder.

Hate crime, one of those poorly selected phrases to get it politically correct.    Assault is assault, rape is rape, arson is arson.  I have no problem with additional charges brought against someone for killing a man because he was black or white or Jewish……whatever.   Why not call it a “Biasly Motivated Crime”.    Hate crime can get complicated, and with legality issues someone could get off, escape the charge.   Bias motivated, more to the point.   Hate and bias have a lot in common, but there can be differences.

One more point I would like to make, the 43-year-old turned the other cheek.   Maybe he’s a better man than me, but he could use a lesson in self-defense.   I know he shielded himself, but I can’t see myself in that same situation remaining seated.   It would have been a war.   That is what cowards do though, prey on a weak and sometimes a person in a defenseless position.



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These idiots took the word of a thief and hung with the Al Sharpton race baiters wrongfully accusing Darren Wilson of killing a young black thug in Ferguson, who they wanted to believe held his hands up in surrender.   Instead of listening to a police officer doing his job, they took sides with  community trouble makers, liars, and a punk friend of Browns.

Even when evidence and in the least doubt that Michael Brown held his hands up, they accused Wilson of murder while Brown had his hands raised; and gave their hands up demonstrations in congress, either not yet knowing the truth or ignoring it.  They were ready to lynch Wilson before they learned the FACTS.  They didn’t care about the truth or they would have waited for it, so who is the racists here.   Darren Wilson defended himself against Michael Brown, the DOJ and lynch mob in Congress.

You’ll never hear the four jackass’ above admit they were wrong or apologize.   Quite frankly an apology just isn’t good enough. They were out of line, and misrepresented their districts.   They should retire, but they won’t, that would be the right thing to do.

The Department of Justice, now since you are finished hammering the Ferguson police department from your investigation; you see the four above who are guilty of misrepresentation, profiling, ignoring the truth and wanted to ruin a white cop’s life; investigate them.  While you’re at it investigate all of Congress and the racist in the White House, investigate his lying, corrupt, anti-American ass.


So, no Grand Jury indictment, no federal civil charges.   Evidence did not support the protester’s demand for an arrest of Darren Wilson nor Al Sharpton’s cry for civil charges.   Might the real law breakers in Ferguson beginning back in last August be Michael Brown, the looters, the arsonists, rioters and racial baiters like Al  Sharpton, for instigating violence.

Story below by Brian Hayes.


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Office Darren Wilson just let go a big sigh of relief — and the “Reverend” Al Sharpton is about to burst a blood vessel.

We just found out that Wilson will NOT be charged with Federal civil rights violations, in the shooting death of Michael Brown — a huge shock to leftist protesters.

The Washington Times reported:

The Justice Department will not bring any civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the White police officer involved in the death of a Black teenager, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Mr. Wilson was exonerated by a grand jury last year of any charges in the altercation that led to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The announcement sent off waves of protests and riots, with accusations that the local prosecutor’s office had deliberately led the grand jury to return a “no bill” that didn’t file any charges against the officer.

Many civil rights advocates had pinned their hopes on the Justice Department’s own investigation, saying they wanted the agency to file some kind of charge against Mr. Wilson, who has since resigned from the Ferguson police force.

(But) The Times reported that federal prosecutors are drafting a memo that recommends no action be taken against Mr. Wilson.

So will this finally make Al Sharpton shut up, and see the end of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protesters, rioters and arsonists who burnt nearly 20% of Ferguson to the ground last year?

Not likely. The Left is absolutely furious already, and will rant and rave for weeks over what they are calling Obama and Holder’s “surrender” in the face of overwhelming evidence supporting Wilson’s side.

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