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Kennedy’s challenge for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was to have an American walk on the moon.   That was certainly inspirational.   Obama’s challenge to NASA is to inspire Muslims.

From the book by Mark Steyn “After America”:  ” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden appeared on al-Jazeera and explained the brief he’d been given by President Obama:”   Quote:  One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and math and engineering.   Unquote

Okay!!!  Our NASA Administrator wasn’t challenged by Obama to put a man on Mars, he has been assigned to come up with an educational plan to make Muslims around the world feel good about their science, math and engineering.   Not all children around the world but Muslims; in other words the POTUS’ people of choice.

I can’t even begin to say what is wrong with this, except everything.  First, isn’t that what teachers are for?   2nd, if Muslims are wonders of the world, seeking world dominance…………if they can make car bombs, learn to launch rockets, know how to slice a throat open, they should be able to figure out their own educational agenda.  

So, Obama wants us to teach a people who have made us their ultimate enemy set on destroying us, and help them along in doing so.   The only reason Muslims would have any interest in science and engineering would be to create new weapons for killing.  

This confirms what most of us knew all along; Barack Obama is insane!   Whatever happened to our Education Czar?