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grade schoolers smarter than joe biden

Step #1, remove troops from Afghanistan, LEAVING AMERICANS BEHIND.

Also left behind? Biden’s gift to the Taliban: High Tech, top notch military equipment………..approx. 83 Billion dollars worth; arming this terrorists nation with more firepower than they ever would have had. These, the same people that chant on a daily basis: Kill Americans!

Because of Biden’s thoughtless withdrawal, thousands of terrorists prisoners were released back to the streets and hills, now heavily armed, 13 American servicemen are now dead, and likely more to come. More lives have been lost than would have been if you removed the Americans there, followed by the military equipment and destroying bases, then pull the troops. Joe Biden is not smarter than a 4th grader.

China and Russia will surely want to take a close look at our coughed up military equipment.

IF THIS IS NOT TREASON, NOTHING IS! THIS IS THE RESULTS OF A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. Impeachment is not enough, Biden should be charged with treason!

while at the pentagon……..we’ve always been lied to and so?

I just watched a press conference from the Pentagon with Milley and our Defense Sec. They really struggled with answers to any question. We have been lied to for 20 years on Afghanistan. Not just there but about anywhere in the world where Americans are or are involved. The government lies to us about virtually everything;; JFK assassination, Vietnam, Iraq, Benghazi ………the list goes on and on! AND WE KEEP LETING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. SO WHY WOULD WE BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY TODAY, IN A PRESS CONFERENCE OR OHTERWISE?

The government has sent alerts to American citizens left in Afghanistan that they can not be assured safe passage to the airport. SO ANOTHER WORDS………YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

Biden chose this way of leaving Afghanistan. HE can not blame Trump for the way HIS ADMINISTRATION chose to carry the evacuation out! It is on Biden! You know, the foreign policy expert! He is responsible for leaving Americans in Afghanistan as hostages of the Taliban. Biden totally screwed this “mission” of theirs up! We are now to believe that Biden’s Administration are capable of getting OUR PEOPLE HOME? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Milley lied in the press conference……”that there was no indication that the Afghan Army could fall in just 11 days to the Taliban!” THAT IS BULL SHIT!

the most experienced foreign policy genius we were promised……..is a total screw head, (trying to leave vulgarity out): arlin report thought(s) of the day

Foreign policy genius Joe Biden has done everything he can to reverse Trump policy, decisions…….etc., etc. You’ve seen it……..Biden made a mess of the Southern Border, OPENED TRUMP’S CLOSED BORDER AND HALTED THE COMPLETION OF THE WALL. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan plan (which was really no plan at all) certainly was not going to follow the blueprint (guide lines) left by the Trump Administration. Trump’s plan was an AMERICA FIRST PLAN. Biden is more interested in getting refugees into the U.S. (you know, we love Biden future Democratic voters) than Americans. Trump was going to get American citizens out of Afghanistan first, followed by all (or at least the new equipment still useful) our military equipment. But no, Biden left the gift of Black Hawk Helicopters (new ones), weapons and other equipment and who knows what intelligence. Intelligence? No such thing in this administration. Trump was going to blow-up the military forts before evacuating as well. So DO THE OPPOSITIE OF TRUMP JOE BIDEN left it all there. Trump’s plan was to remove the troops last, after our citizens and military equipment were SAFELY OUT (what could not be removed would be destroyed. NOPE, NOT BIDEN’S WAY OF DOING THINGS. THIS IS BIDEN’S TYPICAL FOREIGN POLICY STRATEGY. ANOTHER WORDS BIDEN’S 50 YEARS OF FOREIGN POLICY FAILURE. Even Obama said, “If you want someone to F_ _K things up, JOE is your man!”

Apparently, Biden didn’t listen to the military commanders. He has placed two of his biggest morons in charge at the Pentagon. Biden and his stooges OWN ALL OF THIS MESS! Remember the election campaign? Joe Biden and his administration would bring the White House the most foreign policy expertise in the history of this nation. THIS IS THE GREATEST SCREWUP IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION.

By the way, I didn’t vote for this jackass either! This exemplifies why we must secure fair, accurate elections. Look what the fraud gives us!

The knucklehead in charge (he isn’t really, he is taking orders from a squad of morons from the LEFT) cares more about refugees than he does Americans. THAT IS A FACT! Action speaks louder than his lying words! EVERYTHING Biden touches turns into chaos…………nothing gold about it, not even a silver lining!


reminder: obama sent iran $150 BIllion in cash……….bounty money? you know it is.

Iran is paying Taliban fighters $1,000 for each U.S. soldier they kill in Afghanistan and $6000 for each vehicle.

What did Obuma do? Sent Iran $150 Billion in cash in the middle of the night. (HotScot9)


SINCE 2010


worldwide map of the coronavirus as of today


OPEN THE LINK, THEN BLOW UP (ENLARGE) THE MAP, you can then scale down the list of countries with the numbers of the coronavirus, in order of most to least cases.

Here is an interesting take: The most advanced nations of the world (not completely but for the most part) have the greatest numbers of people with the coronavirus. It dwindles down the chart to the least, which for the most part are 3rd world/less advanced countries of the world. Those with less technology, those with less living luxury, they have fewer numbers of those infected with the virus. WHY IS THAT? Many are smaller countries, but many are heavily populated.

I realize that more advanced nations like the United States make up most of the world’s travel.

There is just something about this chart with the numbers documented and the numerical order. What does it tell us? What are we not seeing?

Something ain’t right!!!

Looks like you have a better chance of living in Afghanistan than you do in the United States today!

Something is rotten, and it isn’t just in Denmark.

US, Taliban Sign Peace Agreement in Doha — Aletho News

Sputnik – February 29, 2020 Negotiators from the United States and the Taliban are meeting in Doha, Qatar to sign an accord that envisages the timetable of the US withdrawing some of its 13,000 troops. The Taliban, in turn, is expected to sever ties with all extremist groups and prevent the territories of Afghanistan from […]

US, Taliban Sign Peace Agreement in Doha — Aletho News

Main Stream Media hardly a whimper on this! Of course not…….it’s a positive thing. (Arlin Report comment)