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“…….standing up for our democracy.” ??? Still full of crap!




On the whole, we are an hypocritical nation.  That includes all, from the highest official in our government, Mr. President, to those sideways and crooked politicians in Congress all the way down to We the People across this land. It didn’t happen overnight, as morals and ethics have been in decline, with broken homes on the increase.  Political correctness hasn’t made things better.  We allowed God to be removed from our daily lives, we’ve kept Him reserved to Sunday and only in your church and home.  He has been nearly privatized.  Sure, you can catch the money preachers on TV, with sermon and a please send your contributions to request.

I am writing this post this late Sunday morning, prior to the 2nd Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.   By now you all know the release of the Trump tape on Friday; no point in even repeating its content.  It was wrong, whether it was done yesterday or eleven years ago.   Can a person change during that time?   Absolutely, but that isn’t my point for this post.   He said it, he admitted to saying it, he had no choice but to admit it; he was taped.  Trump may still have that same filthy mouth and mind today he appears to have had then.   I don’t know!  I will not condone what he said; but, I worked in a coal mine for three years.  Worked around nothing but men, until 2 women were hired in my 3rd year.   I learned a whole new language, where every other word was f_ _ K this or that.   Women were often talked about……..not in a favorable way; but on the surface above the 300 foot hole we were in, the men were gentlemen and spoke respectful of their wives and girl friends.   A bit hypocritical don’t you think?   I know when men are gathered, what comes from their mouth is not always how they act; unfortunately some do both.

I did not intend to use that as an example; coal miners are some of the hardest working, honestly good people I have ever known.

The media bashes Trump for what he said many years ago.   In a normal presidential campaign that would expected.   Once again, I do not condone what Trump said.   The Democrats, Hillary Clinton and her campaign preach that Trump is unfit and “we can not let him be President”.    While bashing Trump, the media, the Democrats and Republican establishment totally disregard Hillary Clinton and her corrupt, scandalous past…….and present.  Hypocrisy at its finest!  Isn’t “What is good for the goose, good for the gander”?   It may be one is no better than the other.   I have an opinion on that, and if you’ve ever read my blog, you know where I stand on Hillary Clinton.   Truth is, only God will have final judgement.

The Republican and Democratic establishment and some media are demanding Trump withdrawal from the campaign.   How can you demand Trump pull out and not ask Hillary Clinton to do the same?  Hillary will toss the first stone in tonight’s debate I am sure!  She will do so and dismiss her past, like it never happened.   Hillary Clinton has been as insulting and demeaning to people for years…….but, she is protected by the media.   With Trump it’s an issue, a story.   With Hillary, its…..huh!  What are you talking about?

Oh the hypocrisy of it all; the media, both (all) political parties, our government and we the people.

We have 2 candidates of which to choose from as our next POTUS!  Neither are classy or favorable choices.   But they are who we chose.   One many to believe entitled, the chosen one!   The other, bucking the political establishment; wrecking the good old boy establishment.   Both, could have cleaner thoughts and deeds but, we have gotten what we asked for and possibly deserve.   It is what it is!   We could have a verbal brawl tonight.   A gloves off fight.   Remember when, We the People complained we were tired of negative political ads.   We are way beyond that, negative ads are the norm.  Bashing of the candidates, from the candidates, also the norm.

What happened to the issues, the problem facing this nation?   The character of the candidates are the issue.   Don’t do as I do, do as I say!   My candidate is immune to all, your candidate should drop out!   Yes, even we the people are hypocrites; we got here by not holding one another and those is power accountable.   Government officials don’t believe they are accountable to us, and we are to blame for that.

Lord have mercy!




These old lost artists set around praying that a Trump rally or Convention plays their long forgotten music, so they can scream “Stop playing our/my music”; so the rest of the world can remember who it belongs to.   They aren’t going to scream…….”Hey cool, Trump’s playing my music!”   Much more attention screaming “Stop playing my music.”   They should be happy anyone wants to play their stuff!

Hillary?   Does she even play music at a rally?   Oh, that’s right she only has small town hall meetings, with a few hand picked attendees.   No excitement generated!



Featured Image -- 3391

The Hillary Clinton campaign trail is about to be joined by former President Bill Clinton.   Slick Willie!

Hillary needs help with her campaign, she attracts small crowds, she is not as popular as the mainstream media relentlessly portrays her.  Bring in the charismatic popular husband despite  ever bit as corrupt, impeached Willie.   The media still forces their love for the ‘always another story around the corner’ character on the American people.

The democrats know that if Hillary is elected, Bill will have his ‘third term’, his influence will be rampant.   They should also know, the atmosphere of the White House will turn Wild again.   Affairs, sex parties, drugs, scandals and mass craziness will return, just as they left it.  The rapists team of Bill and Hillary will again walk the halls if Hillary is elected.   IF!     I do not escape the thought there is craziness and corruption in the White House today, but this article isn’t about Barack Obama.

Bill will not be allowed on stage and share the podium answering questions in any debates.   The Democrats and Hillary’s campaign team are hoping, praying Bill’s popularity are votes for the Hill.

If Bill overshadows Hillary, it will make Hillary look weaker, this could backfire.

We don’t need anyone named Bush or Clinton in the White House.

While the Clinton’s have not been held accountable for their scandals and corruption, the American public are aware.   We’ve had enough of bad news politicians.   The Clinton’s must be kept from the White House.   They seek the world’s highest office for their own power hunger and profit.  They could careless about the citizens of this nation.   Benghazi proved that.




Bush makes a point as Cruz looks on during the debate. Bush clashed with Trump often during the debate, at one point calling him a "chaos candidate."

To paraphrase Jeb Bush, “Donald you can’t insult your way to the White House.”  Then in the same breath, Jeb insults Trump, “he isn’t a serious candidate, he is a chaos candidate”.

Jeb, that made you a hypocrite.  Don’t worry though, professional politicians are hypocrites.   As far as insults, I haven’t seen many campaigns where political opponents smothered each other with compliments.   Insults have become the norm with campaigning, especially at the federal level.   Jeb, you keep saying, “Donald if you think this is hard, how are you going to handle the White House?”  Umm………Jeb, if you can’t take insults, if you actually made it to the White House, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET.   Take a look at Obama and Hillary, they’re getting pounded with insults.   If you had a scoreboard of their insults, it would look like the numbers of our national debt.   Hillary is used to insults, or I should say negative criticism.   She acts like it doesn’t bother her, but then behind closed doors she goes nuts.   Eventually she cracks and shows her true self publicly.   I predict, this will all get to her and she will blowup.  Oh, sorry…….back to Jeb.

One more thing Jeb, on the issue of the Ban against Muslims into our country, directed at Trump:  He said temporary…….he also explained it was not a religious issue but a security issue.   Now, you probably don’t want to believe him, because you twisted what he had stated, you made it against all Muslims forever!   But I get it, professional politicians twist or spin everything.    Jeb, you want to fight ISIS, militant Muslims, by ENGAGING ARABS.   Your words!   We have been engaged with Arabs for forever, hows that working?   Saudi Arabia, how many Syrians are they taking in?   Jeb you are delusional.   Sorry for the insult.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up!


It has been often said that Donald Trump says exactly what is on his mind, that he echoes the middle class in America.  Trump doesn’t concern himself with being politically correct.  Are we seeing the real Donald or are we getting something else?  Is it all an act?

All candidates have a bit of Hollywood in them.  They put up a front, sometimes an attitude, political correctness and play to the crowd.   Today they’re with you.  Tomorrows crowd they’re twisting and turning what they said yesterday to cover; “Here is what I really meant” or “I was taken out of context.”   They after all are out for one thing and one thing only, convince you to vote for them.   That is what campaigns are all about, forget about sharing a platform, that changes once elected.   Would that be true with Trump?

Are we seeing the real Donald Trump on the campaign trail?.   Here is a thought I haven’t really seen anyone raising about Trump and his  campaign:    We all know Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman.  He had a very popular television show the celebrity Apprentice.  We viewed Trump weekly with his critiques, comments and firings.   Trump is a high-profile businessman and often his dealings are much more public than others.   He takes on big projects, purchases and overhauls.   He turns them into the best in the world.   That may be the only similarity between his business mind and his political mind we are seeing.   “I will make this country great again.”   We will be the best, it’s the everything I touch turns to gold mind-set.   There isn’t anything wrong with that.   I want us to have the greatest economy, the greatest producer, number one in education, the best healthcare, the strongest military.   There isn’t anything wrong with that attitude.   Here is the difference in Trump the businessman and Trump the campaigner.

Trump isn’t, in my opinion anyway, handling his campaign like his business.   His intent to be president is to operate the government like a business.   But, when he opens the mouth from behind a podium, something outrageous too often comes out.   I’m not talking about, the “Make America Great Again” slogan.   It’s the mocking of Carson with the belt buckle or mocking a disabled reporter.   Those type of acts from the Donald.   I like a President that sets the bar high reaches for the top, goes after nothing but the best.   On his TV show, you didn’t see this craziness, the outrageous comments.   I doubt you saw it in his business boardrooms.   Trump is known for his business savvy, his shrewdness,  very strict and professional.   Often we do not see that professionalism on the campaign trail.  I’m not talking about a professional politician, we’ve had enough of them.   I want to see Trump as professional on his pursuit of the White House as he is when he is interested in another golf resort.   I want to see that Trump.  He doesn’t go into any of his business meetings or board meetings dancing with a belt buckle or smacking other businessmen around.   Does he, I could be wrong?   I just don’t think he got where he is except for being shrewd and for being compassionate about his deals and profession.   That is what we need in a president, someone who will deal with the world with compassion, with what is best for America with the shrewdness of a successful businessman.

That is the Donald Trump I want to see, if he really wants to be president and make this country great again.   Is that what he really wants?   Sometimes, too often he doesn’t ACT like it.