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A thought I have, something to ponder.    What would our Founding Fathers say, how would they react regarding the state of the United States;  the true state, not the one Barack Obama falsely spoke of in his FINAL State of the Union a few nights ago?

The Founding Fathers would not be happy, if they were with us today.

We’d have quality candidates, they would make todays choices look mighty foolish.  They’d be correcting todays politicians left and right, letting them know they have no clue or  comprehension of how this government was intended to operate.  The people and what is in the best interest for this nation would be held at the highest tier, not ones self; particularly our national security.

The 2016 Presidential Candidates from both sides claim to be the only qualified choice and are quite vocal who is not qualified.   Comparably speaking, none of the 2016 candidates qualify against our Founding Fathers.