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There really isn’t much that I can say today on politics and the 2016 Campaign that hasn’t been repeatedly said.  By now we should know what we have.

Some of those in Obama’s cabinet are endorsing Hillary Clinton.   Not sure they can help or save her.   They don’t have the best reputations either.   Rick Perry’s endorsement of Ted Cruz, should help a little, especially in Texas.

There you have it for the day, kind of boring isn’t it?   The shadow government really is winning this war.

One more thought, how accurate is the X-files………was a political statement made on the tube last night?   A warning!   Nahhhhhhhh, not from Hollywood.


Tis the holiday season, peace, giving and love is in the air.   Donald and Hillary are beginning to share a piece of each other’s mind.  If this were college football, there would be no doubt who would be the top two teams.

Hillary and Donald, yes he has earned first name recognition status, have a bit in common.   The more they talk, the more outrageous quotes are provided the waiting public.  There is a difference, Donald is more honest than he is not, sometimes he may just have it wrong.    Hillary on the other hand, tells more lies than truth, or so it certainly seems.   Regardless, the public doesn’t trust her because she has been deceitful and lied so much, we can’t believe ANYTHING she says.   Her words are really beginning to backfire.   People and even the media are fact checking as soon as the crap flows from her mouth.  ISIS is not using video of Trump to recruit.   The fact checkers discovered it is husband Bill that would be found in an ISIS video.

You can count on some dandy claims, false accusations, some I did this and I did that’ s going forward in the campaign.   Hillary lie machine is just getting started.

With Donald, we are probably getting a bit more than we have been wanting or ask for in a candidate.   He is a tell like it is, with disregard for political correctness (thank God there) and bold.   The problem many have with Donald is, he is a bit extreme as well.  If he would only tone it back a bit, but then it wouldn’t be Donald.   Which would we rather have?   Trump makes the candidates discuss issues and facts about certain subjects they’d otherwise avoid.   Even Hillary.

Here is the question on character in our candidates:   Who is TRUE to character?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.   With me, Trump wins that question, hands down.


The Mainstream Media will spin the results of the Republican debate, who did well, who did poorly.   They clearly have their favorites and like to influence how the public perceives the candidates; often very unfairly and inaccurate.   They will twist what the answers ask, …………..

The American public is the best judge, and what you think is all that matters.



Clockwise from top left: Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Dwight Eisenhower, Barack Obama, John McCain and Nancy Pelosi.

Full Definition of POLITICIAN

According to Webster:

someone who is active in government usually as an elected official

:  a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially :  one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government
a :  a person engaged in party politics as a profession


b :  a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons

Note 2-b above, this gives the definition of a POLITICIAN accuracy.

What makes an individual a politician can be quite debatable.  A candidate for office could be a politician, however, you can be a candidate but have no experience in the art or science of government.  You can be engaged in party politics but never hold a public office, elected or appointed.

Being a politician often, we can even say usually, is not a particularly good thing.   Being a politician is not a positive or favorable label, accurate as it may be; again I refer to section 2-b above.  Anyone you know of come to mind?

Being a politician does not make you a good leader, or a leader at all.  The definition makes no mention of leader or leadership, they are not synonymous.

We have a lot, too many politicians, too many candidates that are politicians, but very few if any leaders.

Ben Carson recently stated he “did not want to be a politician”.  Have you heard any other candidates say the same?   Maybe Ben gets it.   He understands the word politician is a negative, often dirty word.

A most glaring example of a politician is Hillary Clinton.   No, my intention for this post was not to bash Hillary, I will however do so at every chance.  I am simply using her as the prime example.   Section 2-b above describes Hillary to a T…….actually falls way short.    Add greed,  power starved, short-sighted reasons but long-term to selfish.

Think of the White House, both houses of Congress, politicians galore, no leadership.    Think of the 2016 campaign trail to the White House, candidates, politicians, no leaders; not yet anyway.  

Politicians are smart asses, dumb asses and jackasses, and Webster’s 2-ber’s from above, they dominate overwhelmingly in Congress and the WH.   We need leaders not politicians and not just candidates hoping to be elected pretending to be leaders.  

When voting, whenever, distinguish between candidates, the politicians and leaders.    Find a leader to embrace…………good luck with that.  Know the difference.

I am not sure you can give a “full definition” of politician, conditions and situations could certainly be added here; also at times it seems contradicting, debatable.   That’s politics.



Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.09.55 PM

Many, myself included, believe Hillary is so out of touch with the American people, she can not possibly relate with us; unless you are of the few with deep pockets.   Deep pockets to Hillary doesn’t mean you are well off, good job, nice home or even taking home a CEO type salary.  Deep pockets are the Warren Buffets, the middle east Shah’s and Kings, oil barons.    Those are the people Hillary relates with, you and I are just serfs.  

Hillary said she wants to be Americas champion, a champion of the average, common folks.     What she really wants is power over the peasants.  Hillary has no idea of the struggles and challenges the average American faces in everyday life.  

Her campaign 2016 listening tour is underway.   The road show is an act, she isn’t listening to Average Americans.   The stage is always set with pre-arranged staff members and campaign volunteers.   Hillary isn’t ready to meet real Americans, she’d get more than her ears filled.  She can not relate to the middle class.  To Hillary everyone is below her, the lower class; there is no middle.

If Hillary really wanted to get a feel for common folks out here in mid-America, where better to go than Ferguson, Missouri.   Hillary…….there you will see it all, hear it all, whites and blacks, Hispanics.   You can stroll down the street for a tour of the sites, see the new, the old and burned out.  There will be plenty of good old boys and girls to speak with; they aren’t working so they have time to chat.  This is real America, the America you know nothing about.  Just don’t park the Dooby Van in our Handicap Zones.   Better yet, you may want to leave the Van back home.


Hillary don’t miss this opportunity, its your once in a lifetime chance to get to know America.


The Ladies from The Bunny Ranch in Nevada have come out in support of Hillary Clinton.   Did Bill do a little campaign solicitation at the famous sex ranch?    Maybe Bill is planning on a trip to Nevada to personally thank the paid whores for their SUPPORT.

Some of the girls are promising free service to any man or possibly woman who commits their vote towards Hillary’s presidential run.  I guess there is nothing wrong with a professional sex object selling her service for a vote.

The healthcare issue was cited as one of the reasons the girls are supporting Hillary.   I guess that would be from her support of Obamacare.   These women did not go seek employment at the Bunny Ranch for healthcare.   Most of these girls are not even from Nevada.   If healthcare was that important they should have found jobs closer to home that provide insurance.   No, these girls are at the Bunny Ranch because of the service they provide, they are obviously good at what they do and like their work, so they went where they were legal.

The Clinton campaign circus is well on its way.   I doubt Hillary will allow Bill anywhere near the sex ranch.    So here is a photo of a couple of the Bunny Ranch girls with Bill back in 2014.


Many bloggers are throwing the name Trey Gowdy around for a possible replacement of Eric Holder for Attorney General.   While I believe he would be an outstanding choice, Obama doesn’t make outstanding decisions.  Even though I doubt Obama cares what his fellow democrats think, I don’t see him making this appointment; it could possibly backfire on the POTUS.

Trey Gowdy is a conservative Congressman from the 4th District of South Carolina.  Rep. Gowdy strongly believes in accountability and limited government while upholding the constitution.  Trey Gowdy represents everything Barack Obama does not.  The former southern prosecutor would take his position as AG seriously; he would not be in Obama’s pocket.  Gowdy would hold all accountable, including and especially the president.   Besides, heat is already coming from Gowdy on Obama and Hillary Clinton as Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Benghazi Attack of 2012.   Obama is not going to put himself in an uncomfortable position, unless he really wants his enemies closer.  On the other hand, would Obama take a chance, appoint Gowdy as AG to get him off the Select Committee?   Interesting thought?   Would the good congressman even accept the appointment?   I would bet ……….no.

What I would really enjoy seeing is Trey Gowdy debating Hillary Clinton.   Yes, the same Hillary Clinton that was Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack; the “what difference does it make” Hillary Clinton.  Maybe Trey would rather be the commentator of such a debate, asking the questions?   I am sure he has a few questions for the I am resigning, I am out of here (to be fair, my words not hers) former Secretary of State.

Side point:  Why does it seem that so many of Obama’s appointees quit when there is heat on them?  Could it be because there is smoke and where there is smoke……….well you know.

Our nation is searching for someone to trust, with principles, morals, integrity, loyalty to “our” country, a common sense patriot, most of all a leader.   I would like to see this southern gentlemen challenge the other Republicans in 2016 as a presidential candidate.  Lets see how he matches up, personally I believe he would do quite well.  He is definitely intelligent and won’t back down.  I know he is the last person Hillary wants to deal with.

To learn more about Rep. Trey Gowdy check out the links below.  I’d like to hear your thoughts?





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Posted on Twitter by Feisty Floridian @peddoc63

Why would anyone even consider 4 more years of this?   The only house they belong in is a jail house.

Look at all that went on in their  8 years in the White House.  What would a non-official/retired Bill do with so much time on his hands?   Chase interns.   Hillary would have a shredder on hand in every room.

Benghazi – Benghazi – Benghazi, it won’t go away.   The Benghazi Shredder.