It is disturbing enough that Ray Rice struck and knocked this lady out; it is equally disturbing that after dragging her out of the elevator he just stood there not attending to her.   He obviously did not care how hurt she was.

There is more that is disturbing and difficult to understand. The first man who approached Rice and his then fiancée, while she was still down, did not come to her assistance either.   Within seconds a 2nd and 3rd individual showed up, no one knelt down to see if she was okay.   I do not know what Rice told the other men that approached, regarding what happened, they did not see him strike her in the elevator.   However, they too could see that Rice was not looking out for her, why didn’t anyone go to here assistance?   Maybe at some point they did, and it doesn’t show on video; at any rate, it was late. Ray Rice should be in jail, and the others, I hope you feel good about yourselves and how you handled the situation.


I don’t know that much about Islam and their religious beliefs.   My knowledge is from  what I see from the news (which can be another story), videos, internet and blogs.  I use Google a lot for information that I am not familiar as many do.   I googled Jesus on Islam, this is what I found:

Muslim’s respect and honor Jesus, who in the Quran is called Isa (one name for him).  They believe that Jesus was one of man’s greatest messengers.  His virgin birth is confirmed in the Quran in a chapter entitled “Maryam”.

Muslims also do not believe that Jesus was crucified, that it was planned by his enemies to crucify him, but God rescued him and raised him up to Him.   They believe the likeness of Jesus was placed over another man, and that man was crucified, as Jesus.

From CBN.com on Jesus and Muslim belief “Christ is seen to be a Prophet and Envoy of God of “surpassing greatness” (according to one Muslim writer), but only a man and nothing more. As a performer of exceptional miracles, he was rescued by God from an untimely end, was raised up to heaven, and (according to certain traditions) will come back to earth again–to die a Muslim! He is not the Saviour of the world, and is certainly not God, or “the Son of God”.”

So, like it or not Christians do have some similar religious beliefs with Muslims.   Christians believe in the Bible’s version of Jesus, the Muslims the Quran.

I am a Christian, I have no interest in reading the Quran.   What I learn about Islam I will learn in bits and pieces as I have, by reading other sources.

This brings up more questions, why are Muslim Terrorists so intent on destroying Christians if they believe in the Quran.   Is it because we believe Jesus is our Saviour, and they only believe he was a man with a message?

Why are there always more questions than answers?



Mike Ditka, who doesn’t love this guy?   Ditka appeared in a TV ad for Republican candidate Bruce Rauner during the Chicago Bears game.   Ditka, stated he liked Rauner because of his toughness.  The former Bears coach then gave a cold stare towards Rauner, when the candidate stated maybe sometimes he was too though.  Rauner retracted his comment and Ditka responded with “stick to the game plan Bruce, stick to the game plan.”

We’ve heard Mike Ditka speak on talk shows many time; yes most about football.  He is one celeb that often is ask his opinion on many matters, including politics.   Ditka even considered running for the U.S. Senate in 2004, which would have had him contend against Barack Obama, oh my, we were that close to having an actual American citizen in the Senate seat Obama eventually won.

Mike Ditka is a tell it like it is, no BS man.  He would not be controlled by special interest groups or political correctness.  When he speaks it comes from his heart and common sense brain waves.

Mike Ditka is the type of individual this country needs in congress and the White House.   I doubt we could talk this tough straight shooter into running, but he is a great role model.



It’s the first Sunday of the 2014 NFL season.   I haven’t had many visitors or viewers today on my blogs………too busy watching games I guess.

Are people more interested in National League Football than they are with what else is going on in the world or their country?   This is an unofficial survey.   I have only been blogging for 2 months, but, this is my first Sunday during the NFL season, and my blogging numbers have dropped off significantly.   I was just curious, what do you think?



Why don’t we demand the truth.   There are so many unanswered questions.  What difference does it make?  Hillary, it makes a difference to me.

September 11th.   This date to remember 2 events, both violent, both terrorist attacks against the United States.   The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, that rocked our world, at least our nation.  Then Benghazi, on the same date, to embarrass, attack us……what have we learned?  We have learned that our leaders or not capable of leadership, have no integrity, have no strength.

What have we as a people learned.  We’ve learned nothing, we accept whatever happens.  We may bitch about it for a moment, but We the People do nothing to change the direction this country is headed.   Was Hillary Clinton right, when she said Americans could not make decisions for themselves, that government had to make them for us?

America, we do not have all the answers about Sept. 11, 2001 or Sept. 11, 2012.  Why are we as a nation, not asking, demanding answers, the truth.  Get off you freaking iPods and start caring damn it or your children will not have a country to call home any better than Iran.





Conservatives reject Palin's call for impeachment: 'Nobody wants a President Biden' - Washington Times

After pretty much being censored for the last 6 years by Obama, Joe Biden begins to speak out.  Joe isn’t going to allow Hillary to get much of a lead on the campaign trail for president.   Hillary is running, we all know it, she can OFFICIALLY announce it whenever.

Joe hasn’t given us much to talk or write about, just a sprinkle here and there.   It should be exciting, you never know what will come out of his illustrious mouth.   Joe and Hillary on the campaign trail, then debates.   Get your pens and keyboards ready friends.

UN Report: One in 10 women raped or sexually abused before they reach the age of 20

My only question…….is this roll of the U.N. involvement of all domestic issues worldwide?

Stop Making Sense

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith reports for The Independent:

‘A UN report showing the shocking levels of sexual abuse experienced by children across the globe has shown that 120 million girls have been raped or sexually assaulted by the time they reach the age of 20, amounting to just over one in 10.

The report draws on data from 190 countries and shows that the most common perpetrators of sexual violence against girls are current or former husbands, partners or boyfriends.

The report, which uses Unicef data, stressed that boys experience sexual violence too, but to a lesser extent than girls. It is one of the most comprehensive reports of the global experiences of violence against children, and notes that while people are increasingly recognising the impact of these actions, the acts themselves mostly go under-reported and undocumented.’


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“U.S. plans border security program in Nigeria”

Border security, what the hell does our government know about border security?

Iowa Independents Blog

[USA Today 9/5/14]  “A top U.S. official for Africa said the United States is preparing to launch a ‘major’ border security program for Nigeria and its neighbors to combat the increasing number and scope of attacks by Islamic extremists”.

So it turns out that countries bordering Nigeria are having problems with the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, wherever you have Muslims, you seem to have Islamic extremists.

But the irony of the headline is what caught my eye. The U.S. is coming up with a “border security program” for another country. Why don’t they come up with a border security program for America?Besides that, what expertise could we possibly have to share with Nigeria? Our border has been a global joke for over 40 years.

Jim Roach

border illegal crossing

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