I don’t want to wait until its too late if an Ebola outbreak does occur here in the U.S. , but you need to know what your government is doing.  Just so you know.   They have a tendency to keep things from us.

From the Blacklistednews.com

“The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday. The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.”

Hopefully this is one of the few things our government gets right.   Our government agencies don’t have a particularly good history.




Take your comedy act on the road.  Finish your term, keeping that wide opening in the lower part of your head (where the lips are) shut.

Nancy, you are an embarrassment to your home state and this nation.  When you speak, your ridiculous self-defensive comments are heard around the nation and parts of the world.  Do you understand people are laughing at you and because you are in a position of leadership, laughing at us?  You are not alone though, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Joe Biden, King Obama and a cast of others share your company.

Most of the world is laughing at us America.   Look at what has been misrepresenting our nation……we are not taken seriously.    Those not laughing aren’t and haven’t been paying attention.  We have lost most of our credibility with the world.  Putin makes Obama look like  a beaten Joker.

At the polls we need to thank our present office holders for trying, pat them on the back and say “see ya”.

Clean house and that means the White House as well.   Obama, finish your term (he won’t impeached) quietly please.   Keep Hillary away from the residence at Pennsylvania Ave. as well.   Hillary is nothing more than “Obama in a skirt”.   No offense to the rest of the ladies in our nation.

Together, we can clean up this mess.

Obama to Hamas: Release Israeli soldier

Wow, I bet that really frightened Hamas, all this tuff talk from the U.S. President. Hamas’ answer, We’ll get right on that Mr. Barack. Not even an “or else” from Obama. No one, no one takes this presidential freak seriously.

Aletho News


Press TV – August 2, 2014

US President Barack Obama has called on the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas to “unconditionally” release an Israeli soldier captured in the Gaza Strip.

“If they are serious about trying to resolve this situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally released as soon as possible,” Obama told a news conference on Friday.

On Friday, the Israeli military confirmed that one of its soldiers was captured by Palestinian fighters in the Gaza town of Rafah.

Obama framed the release of 23-year-old Hadar Goldin as a precondition for a possible ceasefire.

“A ceasefire was one way in which we could stop the killing, to step back and try to resolve some of the underlying issues,” he said.

Obama also characterized the relentless Israeli aerial and ground attacks on Gaza– in which more than 1,650 Palestinians have been killed– as self defense.

“No country can tolerate missiles raining…

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Redacted Paperwork from 9/11

I believe I must reblog this article a friend wrote. Not because she is a friend, but because I am obligated to help spread the message regarding information our government keeps from us, otherwise I become part of the problem, America you need to view the video……

My Soapbox

Glenn Beck is speaking with Rep. Massie regarding this report.  There were numerous times that Bill Clinton could have taken Bin Laden out but didn’t.  Gotta wonder…  gotta watch.  I now that Rep. Massie has to be careful about what he says and how he answers questions.  Let’s see what is said!  I haven’t watched it yet either so let’s watch it together!

http://Redacted pages from 9/11 report Glenn Beck & Rep. Massie

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The ISIS now tells the Palestinians to be patient, they will come and fight the “Barbaric Jews”.   There is no reason to believe they won’t.  The 72 hour ceasefire is a joke, and one that has probably already been broken as I write.

Watching the Israeli and Palestinian/Hamas war unfold further, with this added threat, it can only escalate.   If the ISIS follows up, they may be getting more than they want and so will Gaza.  I doubt that Israel has shown all their cards.

Americans, are we paying attention?   We take our freedom  and the peace we do have for granted.  We absolutely have an interest in this war.   Islam hates the Americans as much as the Jews.   We have heard the chants “Death to America”, Islam teaches it to their young.   They have struck us before and on our own ground, I don’t need to remind you of the date.  They will strike again…..they have promised as much.  We have loose borders and Obama is tight with the Muslim Brotherhood.    Speaking of the say nothing, do nothing POTUS, he is simply working his agenda.  We are being set up.    Obama wants to lower our daily lives to mirror that of the Middle East.   Islamic terrorists must destroy Little Satan (Israel)  before they can destroy the Great Satan (the U.S.).

How much do we enjoy our way of life in the U.S.?   We take our morning walks in the neighborhood and the parks.  We attend our children’s baseball games.   We go to the free admission St. Louis Zoo, or attend a Cubs and Cardinals baseball game.  We go to our theaters. We go to the stadium or watch the NFL in the comfort of our living rooms on Sunday.   Yes we take it all for granted.   We have what no one else has in the world right here at home in the USA.  We have it because of our Founding Fathers and all those who fought and sacrificed defending our country, our freedom and all that comes with it.  What are we willing to do to keep it?

Obama’s ruling philosophy is cancerous and it is spreading, up to now it has gone untreated.  Unlike “his promises of hope”, we have hope, there is a cure, the Constitution.  Congress has the means to take away his Executive power.

We have come too far as a nation to allow one man and his team divide us.   We need Israel to endure.  God bless America.



troops leave planeWith the U.S. budget and financial issues being as dismal as they are, the Pentagon is preparing to cut billions of dollars from its budget, reducing military spending, forces and weapons program.   The cuts, according to NBC will put American military forces to its lowest level  prior to World War II.

The budget cuts will come at a price according to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel:  “As a consequence of large budget cuts, our future force will assume additional risk in certain areas,” Hagel said, citing gaps in training and maintenance and a smaller force that would be stretched thin if major conflicts broke out in several places at once.

I thought we were already stretched pretty thin.   Talk about a nation that sacrifices for the well-being of other nations.  We give up so much that our own security is of greater risk.  This can only place greater pressure on the forces we keep in place.  This is how we show support of our men and women who sacrifice enough as is.   Military cuts will include loss of quantity and quality of protective equipment and weapons.

Lets cut to the chase, we can look directly at the money this nation gives away around the world and to benefit who?   I know the argument about treaties, promises, humanitarian causes, all of it  Our number one priority should be the security of this nation and it isn’t.

We may be pulling troops out of Afghanistan, but how long will it be before we are considering redeploying them, does Iraq come to mind?  With all the violence, bombing…..wars currently going on around the world, more widespread than anytime in my lifetime (I am 62) we are cutting our military?   This is the greatest brain-dead decision our government could make.   You can include all that is happening at the border here as well, our border, I’m not talking about Israel now.   We don’t know what all is crossing over.   I can here all naive Obamaites now…… the you’re nuts crowd.  The same ones that believed Obama was the answer of hope.  He has been hope not.

Seriously, common sense here, would you run your personal budget this way; give so much to others, that you put yourself in a financial position where you can not take care of your basic needs?  No, you wouldn’t, most of us wouldn’t.  Without securing and keeping our nation safe, nothing else will matter.

I am not saying we must withdraw foreign aid completely.    If we can even consider cutting our own budget, we must cut foreign aid from that budget, obviously more than we are or will.   Some nations we give support, do not deserve it, most hate us anyway.

Our military protects or freedom, and our freedom allows us all that we have and need.  Our military need our greatest support.   We can not compromise our men and women that serve our nation.










Hillary’s Explanation Of Why Hamas Operates From Schools And Hospitals:

This answer reminds me of a a kindergarten kid on the Art Linkletter Show years ago. Linkletter would ask each child a question, testing their imagination. The child answers, making up a story having absolutely no knowledge or experience whatsoever, right out of the blue. The childrern use their imagination. Hillary is obviously using empty space, with her B.S. trying to fool the public into believing she knows what she is talking about. She has about as much knowledge and experience as the Linkletter kids. They’d probably have better answers.

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