Hillary Clinton ‘Very Pleased’ At Arrest Of Benghazi Attack Suspect

I am very pleased, now can change the f__king subject?



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When I was a young boy growing up in central Missouri, things were good, biggest challenge for me was learning to play poker from a friend who cheated.  Life was really good back then, but I could argue not the best of my life…….I have 3 wonderful adult children and 3 beautiful grandsons.   I am worried about the quality of life they will have, if they will have their best years ahead of them.

My memories include the Beatles coming to America on The Ed Sullivan Show, the St. Louis Cardinals 1964 World Series Championship over the New York Yankees.  When I was in high school Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  We saw the Statute of Liberty, toured the White House, the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls on in the same week.  Oh, and China Town.

Life to a young boy growing up was good, a roof over head, never had to go hungry or naked.   We were innocent kids expecting our parents and adults of our nation to protect and take care of us, we were a free nation.  But as innocent as we may have been we were aware of what was happening around us and throughout the world.   We were drawn to a president and as young as we were, we related to him and especially  his family.   This is around the time things began happening that were difficult to understand.  There was a Cuban Missile Crisis, that had my mother nervous……..I remember her saying “He is going to get us in a war.”  There was the Bay of Pigs, another event that didn’t turn out so well.   Then in the middle of a grade school class one day, Vernon the janitor came in and announced President Kennedy had been shot, only to return moments later to inform us our President was dead.   A couple of days later I was a witness with millions of other Americans as we watched Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald;  the scapegoat for killing Kennedy.  We watched the Vietnam War (no it was not a conflict) from our living room every evening on the news.  The best coverage in the history of the news media in this country.  Vietnam lasted from grade school all the way through my college years.   I can’t leave out Nixon and Watergate…….The Iranian Hostages, Bill Clinton’s sex scandals……..

I could go on and on, with the crap that is happening today.  You know what’s going on.

My point is, I know my grandchildren will have great memories, and they like us, will experience tragic events here at home and abroad as we have.   What scares me, what are we leaving them?  We are not leaving this nation, our planet the way we found it, we are giving them a destructive mess.   Their future is in our hands……….we still have time to do something about it, but time is running out.

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Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols – The Truth About Hillary & 2016 Pt 1

This is how politics and crime works together to gain power in the U.S. Clinton’s at the center of it …………
Some of the comments by Larry Nichols I don’t care for ….. ……but aside from that this drives home the Clinton agenda. Time has made some of us forget these events……..its a good listen. Power it’s all about more power.


There is a lot we are not being told. That’s a given, for quite a long time.
Is the CIA for us or against us? They are completely incompetent, as is every other agency of the US Government. Corruption is everywhere, understatement of our lifetime. We stay involved in global chaos, for what? Stop the insanity, we have enough issues on our own soil. We should invest all our resources here at home. We can clean this mess up……..

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According to Hillary:  “We can’t let gun control opponents hold an opinion that Terrorizes America.”

Unless you agree with Hillary Clinton, she, though she said “We”  can’t have an opinion.  Hillary, obviously supports the creation of the  “Thought Police”,     Your opposing opinion means nothing…..even when the majority do not share her view on stricter gun control.   According to a Rasmussen poll, 53% oppose stricter gun control.  Hillary, did you check any polls to get an accurate statistic?  No, you just expect us to accept whatever you say as the truth.   That’s not working for many, with the way you’ve hopped around on issues.   What will tomorrow bring?

Another Hillary quote, same subject:  “We can’t let a minority of people who hold a viewpoint terrorize the majority.”   I would agree with that in principle; but it doesn’t have any merit when the numbers don’t add up.   Best she not make quotes about the minority and the majority when she doesn’t know the difference.

As Hillary continues down the campaign trail, we won’t be able to trust that any stats she uses to back her views will be the truth.  If Hillary keeps talking with gaffes like this, she won’t shoot herself in just one foot but both……..   Hillary is shrewd, if she repeats herself enough she knows some will believe.    This is a good indicator to expect more of the same.  The I know whats best for you……….all of you mentality.



Click on the URL above the video, not the video itself. Awesome! Please share this. A guy asks Hillary to sign his copy of her book. When she asks who to autograph it to, he replies, “Make it out to Christopher Stevens. I think you knew him.” When she refuses, he asks, “What difference does it make?” and then tells her she has more security on a book tour than Chris Stevens had in Benghazi. Touché, brother!….

This does need to be shared as was requested. Apparently, it matter to more than Hillary would like to believe.

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