This is my first blog in the category for Writers.   I have been reading blogs or articles if you prefer for a few weeks now, but until now have not contributed.   I have been blogging for about six weeks within the theme of politics under the Arlin Report (  I enjoy stirring things up with readers for reaction and to get people involved in politics, if only to speak out, Lord knows we need help.

I am a 62-year-old male from Missouri, a rookie at freelance writing.    I  am an International Banker by day, but wish to retire someday, with writing as a hobby/retirement gig.   Most of what I write will be on the political side.   I have  a political science major with about nine years of experience as a city councilman.    However, politics can get tiresome, even frustrating at times, possibly because you lose hope of where we are headed as a nation.   I will occasionally write about other topics, just for a break and to move to a lighter side.

I have a writer’s website I am attempting to finish for launching, just short of an article or two for show.   Once I have the website released, I will share it with you.  Hope to hear from some of you soon.


Obama Admin Sending $47 Million To Hamas-Run Gaza Strip…

And this with an immigration crisis at home. Who is the moron, him or us, because we let him get away with it; not holding Congress accountable for doing nothing.

Socialism is not the Answer

Weasel Zippers

Obama may be shocked to learn not everyone is OK with their tax dollars going to Hamas.

CAIRO (AP) – The U.S. is sending $47 million in humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip to help tens of thousands of Palestinians there who have been forced from their homes since war broke out two weeks ago.

A State Department breakdown of the aid that was released Monday said nearly a third of the money — $15 million — will go to the United Nations’ refugee mission in Gaza.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was expected to discuss the aid with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in a meeting late Monday in Cairo.

Kerry arrived in the Egyptian capital only hours earlier in a U.S. push to help broker a truce between Israel and the militant group Hamas that controls Gaza.

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Grassroots Contemplations

Spy vs SpyNone of what is happening to America is happening by direction of one person. All are involved in this massive hoax on the people. For most of us our awakening was the introduction of an unknown Senator from Chicago that, for reasons that were yet unknown to us, was nominated to the highest office in the land. Not once but twice, and through both elections ballot integrity was riddled with questions.  But, the fix was in, the final assault on our sovereignty had begun in earnest and neither Party even bothered to pretend to glance at the evidence. We have been infiltrated, we are under assault now by our own Government.

It is crystal clear that the current President is not the real leader of this country. It’s crystal clear that playing basketball and golf is not what the leader of the free world indulges in ad nauseum.  It’s evident…

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Immigration Obama

Many are protesting against deporting relatives back to Mexico or Central and South America, not to breakup families.    If the immigrants crossing now are coming without documentation, how do we know who is related to who; and that they only claim to be related to stay?  Anyone can claim to be related to any other.  Seriously, how would we know for sure?

Just a question to ponder.

Hillary Clinton Signing Books In St. Paul Sunday

What this really means is Hillary is still trying to sell America on her B.S.

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in St. Paul this afternoon.

Clinton will be signing copies of her memoir “Hard Choices” at Common Good Books on Snelling Avenue from 2:15 to 4:15 p.m.

The store’s event manager said that Clinton asked for “a comfy chair” and a slightly higher platform if she wants to stand for a while. He said she’s bringing her own pen.

Tickets for this event are sold out.

“Hard Choices” reached the top of the New York Times’ bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction.

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Harry Reid Goes Out on a Limb to Defend Illegals

Nevada…….really, Harry Reid is the best you have?

The Informed Conservative

Facebook/Harry Reid

Given the overwhelming pro-amnesty rhetoric emanating from the Democrat Party, it takes an especially outrageous comment to warrant consideration on an individual level. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, however, was once again up for the task this week when he trashed a fellow senator’s immigration proposal in an incendiary rant.

Sen. Ted Cruz has called on Republicans to oppose the $3.7 billion requested by Obama to address the border crisis without some assurance that the illegals already here will be sent home. This group of lawbreakers includes those currently benefitting from Obama’s 2012 executive order granting de facto amnesty to certain illegals who crossed the border as minors.

Reid portrayed Cruz as an obstructionist for his insistence that federal law be enforced.

“Before Republicans help our Border Patrol agents and all the personnel trying to do something to handle this humanitarian crisis, they want President Obama to deport the Dreamers…

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Real Talk SATURDAY – The Border Crisis is a Humanitarian Crisis

I don’t know how accurate the photos are of the immigrants crossing the border into our country……I can only assume they are a good picture of what we are receiving. Take a look at the children above, they are clothed better than our poor and as well as our middle class. How bad is it really back home? Why did Obama encourage their exodus here? Come on, they traveled thousands of mile from Central America and made it unaccompanied. Talk about a FALSE FLAG !


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