Does anyone really believe that there will ever be peace in the Middle East?  It has been a violent region since early biblical times, it always has been, it always will be.   In my opinion, real peace is a hopeless dream.

Wars, terrorist activity, often over religious difference; and so many other reasons for the hate and fighting are too numerous to mention.  You name it, someone is killed over it.  They have been fighting for so long, it’s in their genes.  Children are taught to hate, to especially hate Israel and Americans.   They are committed to destroy us.

The moment troops left Iraq, the door was reopened for militants to have their way.  While our troops were there, Iraq was not at peace, just not as violent.  When our men and women left, so went civil order.  What did we think would happen?   Oh, we gave them some weapons, some training………..but you can’t teach will.

American lives were lost, many lives damaged……..physically and mentally, and now for what?  My son was in Iraq for nearly a year as an Army Staff Sgt., I can’t imagine how  he feels now.  I don’t have the answer, but there does need to be a military presence to keep the violence to a minimum.    It just can’t always be the United States.  How long do we sacrifice our military men and women in a hopeless land and for people who have no gratitude, only hate? You pray for the children, that attitudes can change……praying just for hope.  Peace is another thing.

Was it all in vain?   I pray that it wasn’t, if only for the sake of our men and women who sacrificed for the freedom of others.

I would like to know your thoughts, what do you believe?   I would like your comments……what do you believe should be our roll now?



Bikers Ride To Free A Real Marine From Mexican Jail While Obama Frees Deserters

Strict gun laws in Mexico, but yet triple the gun homicide rate of U.S. Are you listening Barack?


GMN: Bikers Enroute To Free US Marine In Mexico Prison!

Published on Jun 12, 2014

” The founder and president of Shield Tactical, John W. Harrington, made the trek from Shiner, Texas to Tombstone, Ariz., in the effort to ultimately free Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who served two combat tours in Afghanistan and has been held in a Mexican prison since the beginning of April on weapons smuggling charges.

  Pete Santilli of the Guerilla Media Network (GMN) caught up with Harrington on the road. In a video posted at GMN’s YouTube page, Harrington confirmed that he was on his way to meet with the group “Riders USA.” The group “2 Million Bikers to DC” has also been supporting the effort, posting updates at their Facebook page.

  In the video, Harrington questions the wisdom charging the imprisoned Marine with smuggling. “He had [three] guns that were registered to…

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I’m 61 years young.  I’ve lived through many presidents and their administrations, each with their own history of controversy and scandal.  I have never in my life seen a trail of trash left behind a commander-in-chief and His chosen cabinet time after time like we have today.

If you google “The Obama controversies” Wikipedia has a list of 46. Now that is Wikipedia, I understand other documented lists may have more or less. In fairness to Wikipedia, they do not just throw out a number, they name or describe each.

A behavior or event does not have to be true to be controversial, suspicion or an accusation will suffice, as will just being in strong disagreement over what is right.  However – where there is smoke, there is fire, and our White House is burning.

Some of the decisions and lack of action at other times are very serious and pose a threat to our national security.   Obama, Hillary, John Kerry and the rest of the crew of course would beg to differ or just say, “What does it matter.”

We have a president in His final term, he seems to have gotten more reckless, less caring, dangerously out of control, and more flexible as he told Putin. Obama is on a fast pace, with gaffes, insane decisions (the 5 terrorists give away) and actions that are unlawful.  He shows no signs of slowing down.

Arrogance of power equals tyranny.   His vision is a new world order with Him on the throne.  Obama does not have the best interest of our nation at heart, He never did.


Disgrace in more ways than one!

Total disgrace, Illinois, she is coming to a town near you, she wants to represent you.

What Did You Say?

Maybe she just got confused as to which was her right hand, nah, the look says it all. Look where her hand is 

The look or her face sums it up;

  • Disdain for The Flag

  • Disdain for the salute

  • Disdain for patriotism

  • Disdain for America

  • Disdain for all that America once stood for

  • Disdain for all who disagree with her and her Socialist. Saul Alinsky disciple followers and Marxist cronies on the Left.

Michelle Obamas disdain for the salute
Sorry Yet 02
 VOTE 02

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