More confirmation that ISIS is in the US NOW! DHS monitoring movements of key individuals

Careful you all, you’ll be labeled paranoiacs like I have, just don’t let the name callers keep you from speaking the truth.

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Democratic Representative on Ferguson: There is going to be a problem in the streets if justice is not served

Excellent article…..on fairness and justice for all.

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 Earlier today Democratic Representative Lacy Clay of Missouri was on ‘Face the Nation’ and he had this to say about the situation in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown at the hands of the police:

“I  am not really concerned about the funeral reigniting the tensions. I guess what I am most concerned about, and I made a promise to Michael Brown’s parents that I would do everything to bring all of the resources of the federal government to this investigation so that it is transparent, so that it is a viable investigation and we bet [sic] to the truth. Now, I am more concerned that if we do not get to the truth and get to what actually happened and bring justice to this situation, then there is going to be a problem in the streets.” 

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Barack Obama and ISIS: Clueless Priorities

Watch it, some out there will call you “paranoid”.

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Subhuman ISIS murders engaged in a "crime" credit: Subhuman ISIS murderers engaged in a “crime”

Our hapless Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, actually seems to get at least something right. From The Guardian: 

When we look at what they did to Mr Foley, what they threaten to do to all Americans and Europeans, what they are doing now, I don’t know any other way to describe it other than barbaric,’ Hagel said. ‘They are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else.’

Hagel said Isis, also kown as Isil, which began as al-Qaida’s Iraq affiliate before being disavowed last year over its brutality, was a calibre above previous terrorist organisations the US has faced.

‘Isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess, they are tremendously well…

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I haven’t written about Obama being on a 2 week vacation, until now.  What is all the fuss?   Let the man have some time off, Lord knows he can you use a little relaxation.  Haven’t you seen the stress he is under?   Is Michelle with him….I don’t think she plays golf?

King Obama can still make executive decisions from the golf cart, then go hit that next shank.  I have seen his swing, it can use some work.   I would also advise the President to walk from tee to green, it gives him more time to think, or in his case plot.

Please Barry, take all the time off you need.   Shanks for your service, but why not take a permanent vacation.  Does Joe play?

White House Changing Its Tune On ISIS – The Kelly File

Articles and comments warning the public of the ISIS threat and where their recruiting grounds may be, will get you responses such as: from Twitter “I am unfollowing you, go wallow in your paranoia.”. Are any of you out there writing about the ISIS threats and build up experiencing the same type of feedback. I have strong shoulders.

Special Report!! ISIS Members Currently Residing Throughout America

I agree the ISIS is here, they have threatened war on us, they could be your next door neighbor. The article, while troubling, I believe has merit. I believe we need to prepare to defend ourselves. What I find odd is, you point the finger at Bush and his administration having putting us in this position, but in the article and all your previous, there is no mention of Obama, the current prez. How is it he has been president for the past 6 years, and with all your warnings……and finger pointing, never did you lift it towards Obama, in fact you have to search for mention of his name in any of your articles. Even if you didn’t place any blame towards our great king… can you write an article and related stories, informing and warning without mentioning the POTUS, whether in supporting or blaming him. While I agree we are in grave danger, thanks for warning us, but I have to question your interest. You don’t sound like left wing demos either. You have me puzzled.

Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations (CABIRI)

All American Citizens In Grave Danger

America, please realize the International ‘ISIS’ disasters currently occurring in the United States was previously communicated long before all of this occurred! The International crisis in America and was communicated previously to American Citizens, Federal Government, Congressmen, Professionals, Businesses, Tv Stations, News Reporters and many more! CABIRI, was not considered an credible source so many failed to read any of the previous article’s written by CABIRI! All the previous article’s written, you’ll view below outlined the exact nightmares currently occurring in America! CABIRI, effortlessly tried to warn all American Citizens month’s before all of this started occurring! Sadly, ‘No American’ was willing to take the written article’s seriously! Now the ‘Economical Warfare’ has hit American soil and people seemed to be stunned by the fact!

In October 2013 CABIRI, researched America’s Top 10 Pharmaceutical Corporations in the United States. In the research findings there…

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