Buttocks augmentation with implants and fat grafting

I’m 62 years old, so the fact that I use any social media amazes and amuses my daughter, and probably my two boys; she has just stated so.

There are some trends on social media, Twitter in particular that I don’t quite get.  Why is big booty shaking such a craze?  Is it supposed to be to show off who has the biggest butt or who has the best booty implants?   Is it sexy?   Okay some may be.

Why are people, women mostly getting butt implants or injections?  I don’t consider myself out of touch or uncool, but I don’t understand this?   Surely Obamacare does not pay for booty implants?  It’s like there is a national contest going on Twitter as to who can shake the most booty the best; like a dance contest.

Celebs  suspected as having implants or injections as well.   Can someone explain what I am missing?




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Banks pay their executives great wages, but tellers and personal bankers don’t make enough to live on, many need 2nd jobs or a spouse with income.

There are countless industries, manufactures, look at Wall Street executives that make huge salaries, but employ workers cheaply.

Greed plays a huge factor in our economy.


Saturday night a Ferguson, Missouri a police officer was shot in the arm as he interrupted an apparent burglary near the community center.  The suspect, a black male in dreadlocks is still at large.

The officer’s injury is not life threatening, but he was being treated at a local hospital.  The burglary attempt and shooting does not appear to be associated with additional protests this week, but is being further investigated as authorities continue to search for the suspect.

US-led coalition has neither a political nor an exit strategy

Apparently we will have years to come up with an exit strategy……according to Obama’s timeline to defeat ISIS. Pssst! He doesn’t really want to defeat them…..we bombed vacant buildings in Syria. This is a show, by Obama, it will be someone else’s problem before long.

Jan Oberg

US-led coalition hits targets in Syria’s Homs province – YouTube
Short conversation with me about why I predict that the US-led bombing of ISIS structures will turn out to be an intellectual and moral disaster and that the Obama administration has neither a politico-military nor an exit strategy.

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Obama gave his usual executive order to bomb ISIS in Syria or at least somebody in Syria.  The genius military strategist picks his own targets.  Does he select those targets by throwing darts at a Syrian/Iraqi map?  Does he now have a plan within the no-plan, I don’t know what I am doing admission?   Does Obama frighten anyone other than Americans?   One thought always follows Obama, “There are always more questions than answers.”  Confusion, uncertainty, doubt lingers.

Lets back up for a moment, I just had a thought, another question.  The oil-refineries, just recently bombed in Syria; it was stated or believed that those refineries were a source of income for ISIS.  How does a young, but growing terrorist organization gain control of funds from oil refineries?  Google sites say the refineries are Islamic Terrorists controlled.   How does that happen, so quickly, so easily unless that government supports the terrorists groups?   Your countries greatest financial lifeline, you would think, would be the one asset you protected with all your might.   So, who are we fighting or I should say bombing, BO doesn’t fight, he is a bomber?  Is ISIS and Syria one and the same?  Questions, so many questions.   Does Obama know?  He may, he is close to the Brotherhood.

While Obama has us focused on Syria, he can conveniently avoid other issues, except for his beloved resigning AG, Eric Holder.   He is trying to push-off and remarkably has, the southern U.S. border to seal or not to seal and the unpopular amnesty problem.  Which, he makes our problem, not his.  Obama has no problems, as long as Americans sit quietly as he continues his free will parade, his agenda succeeds.  You see, failure is what inspires this POTUS.  Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the security and future of this country.  Obama has followed the Saul Alinsky blueprint to destroy the United States from within to perfection.  Destructive perfection!  Alinsky may be the only human being (that’s being nice) Hillary R. Clinton has ever had any pure admiration.  She’s been around longer than Barack, she understands the Alinsky theory.   Birds of a feather flock together.

One great leap we can take to protect this country, is to keep Saul Alinsky’s student, Hillary Clinton, out of our White House.

We need to elect someone of character, not “a character” and one who should by all accounts be in jail.  If we, the average American citizen sitting at home watching TV right now did half what she has, we’d still be locked up.

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