Pentagon confirms Russia violated US air space 16 times in the last 10 days

The definition of incursion is: 1) a hostile entrance into a territory: RAID 2) an entering in or into
It sent our U.S. jet fighters scrambling to do what? Nothing. Obama was informed of these acts, there were 16 incursions over our space near Alaska and the West Coast. They should have been given multiple U.S. Jet escorts right back out or brouht down. These incursions are to test our response. They should be given a response they wish they hadn’t tested. Putin needs to be sent a message and not via the phone. These are early strategic acts of war. Are we going to sleep while we experience another Pearl Harbor? Putin knows he can do this with this White House and Pentagon. Wake up America……..

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Russian strategic nuclear bombers conducted at least 16 incursions into northwestern U.S. air defense identification zones over the past 10 days, an unusually sharp increase in aerial penetrations, according to U.S. defense officials.

The numerous flight encounters by Tu-95 Russian Bear H bombers prompted the scrambling of U.S. jet fighters on several occasions, and come amid heightened U.S.-Russia tensions over Ukraine.

Also, during one bomber incursion near Alaska, a Russian intelligence-gathering jet was detected along with the bombers.

and the most interesting part:

A defense official disagreed with the spokeswoman on the increased bomber forays. Russian strategic nuclear forces appear to be “trying to test our air defense reactions, or our command and control systems,” said an official familiar with reports of the incursions.

“These are not just training missions,” the official added.


“Additionally, we have seen significant Russian strategic aircraft deployments…

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Hemingway and Donne – For Whom the Bell Tolls

“For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee” comes from the poem by John Donne, of course.  For many years I did not realize it came from a poem.   Despite my lack of knowledge of poetry I was familiar with the line and was curious of its meaning.   I had for many years believed it to be from Hemingway’s book For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I often would recite this lyric, not really knowing why, as I was fascinated with how it sounded.   Mind you, I was quite young and poetically ignorant.  One day I checked Hemingway’s book out at the library and began to read.   I could not put the book down.  It was such a great book, not one dull paragraph.   I kept anticipating where the famous quote would show-up.  What would a bell be doing out in an isolated mountain region?  I waited patiently ……….the words never came, not even at the end of the story.  It was not there, are you kidding?  How could such a great lyric not be in the book.  There was more to this, the title only covered half of the line.   I did my research……then discovered it in Donne’s poem.   My desire to find the line written somewhere pushed me to read a terrific book and a poem I did not know existed and would not have otherwise picked up.  It only proves wisdom is gained when you have the will to lose the ignorance.


Harry Reid Greeted by Protesters at Dem Fundraiser in New Jersey

REBLOGGED; This is the type of news event that needs to be shared not only with the locals but nationwide. Let everyone see those of us that are awake do not think as highly of the elected officials as they do themselves and those asleep. Too bad this is not taking place back in his home state. Harry Reid you are not invincible.

American Glob

Senate majority leader Harry Reid was recently in New Jersey to campaign for fellow Democrat Donald Norcross.

Not everyone was happy about Reid’s appearance in the Garden State…

Protesters meet Sen. Reid at Cherry Hill fundraiser

New Jersey Republicans turned a campaign fundraiser featuring U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid into a rallying point.

More than 100 people protested outside the event Monday at Caffe Aldo Lamberti, situated at the intersection of Haddonfield Road and Route 70.

The intent was to raise money for New Jersey state Sen. Donald Norcross, who is running for Congress in the 1st District near Philadelphia. Tickets were advertised to Democrats at $2,600 each.

Norcross’ Republican opponent, Garry Cobb, and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bell both spoke at the rally. They said New Jersey should elect candidates who are not tied to Reid, a Nevada senator who is often criticized by Republicans.

Protesters had…

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Biden: Lawyers needed to help solve ‘heart wrenching’ border crisis

Lawyers? Seriously……..who are they sending their invoices to for their “consulting fees”? Just what are they going to do……defend each immigrant that goes before a court? I know…..questions.

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) – One thing critical to addressing the current influx of unaccompanied minors along the U.S.-Mexico border: lots and lots of lawyers. That was Vice President Joe Biden’s call to the legal services community on Wednesday.

“We need lawyers. We need trained lawyers to determine whether or not these kids meet the criteria for refugee status,” the vice president said at a gathering of representatives from law firms and non-profits at the White House.

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America is Fed Up

No, we are unhappy with the economy, unhappy we’re heading in the wrong direction and down on the political system. Correction here though with the pollsters; there is nothing wrong with the system, it is the elected officials executing the system we are unhappy with. We are not Fed up….not yet. FED UP MEANS YOU ARE UNHAPPY BUT ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. WE HAVEN’T SEEN THAT YET. Hopefully more of us get FED UP!

T.B Rickert's Call

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll provides an interesting insight into the mood of the country, while President Obama’s approval number hit an all time low of 40 percent for this poll, Congress’s approval remained significantly lower. While the numbers for President Obama are dreadful, I want to focus on the country’s mood.

Let’s start with this local news broadcast in Massachusetts from WWLP-22:

Other numbers from the poll:

  • 40 percent say someone in their household lost a job in the past five years;
  • 27 percent say they have more than $5,000 in student-loan debt for either themselves or their children;
  • 20 percent have more than $2,000 in credit card debt they are unable to pay off month to month;
  • 17 percent say they have a parent or a child over 21 years old living with them for financial or health reasons.
  • 49 percent believe the country  is still in a recession

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