O’bummer: You will not believe who the U.S. just asked for help in fighting ISIS




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The drama queen will be running for president in 2016, everyone knows it, she knows, we know.   Hillary likes drama, plenty follows her where ever she goes.

The early campaign slogan is “Ready for Hillary”.   I have read blogs saying “I am ready for a lady prez”.  Really…..lets vote Hillary in for president because she is a woman?   I don’t have an issue voting for a lady as president, just not Hillary, she is no “Lady”.

Another comment read recently, “Another reason I would vote for Hillary as president is, she knows how things work in the White House.”   Exactly why I do not want Hillary as my president.   The way things are getting done, the controversy and scandals that have followed Hillary during her career, why would we even consider putting her in the highest office?

One word describes Hillary R. Clinton:  DECEIT

Democrats out to repeal First Amendment

Keep this circulating.

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Wake up America, this abortion is buried in a campaign finance reform bill…”The Senate began a 15 minute roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture onS.J.Res.19, Constitutional amendment relating to campaign finance reform;” this MUST be squashed and NOW!!! http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d113:S.J.Res.19:

With House Republicans focused on legislation to boost job creation, the Senate is spending its time on an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would repeal the First Amendment with respect to political speech. Democratic Whip Dick Durbin said before the debate even officially began: “I expect a fully partisan vote.” So what exactly are all the Senate Democrats for and Republicans against?

Section 1 of the proposed amendment (S. J. Res. 19) says: “Congress and the States may regulate and set reasonable limits on the raising and spending of money by candidates and others to influence elections.”

The key words here are “and others,” meaning…

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Ooh, Hillary , you’re telling porkies whilst eating steak

Obama in a pants suit.


Hillary Clinton attended a annual steak fry fundraiser in Iowa today. She said she was thinking of running for president in 2016 “But for today, that is not why I am here”.  The event has become a ‘must do’ for Democrats thinking about running for president. The Iowa caucuses are the first major electoral event of the nominating process for president & take place in 50 days.

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Hillary Clinton will go back to Iowa to speak at Tom Harkin’s Steak Fry this weekend.   Those in attendance will get a bonus, Hillary’s husband Bill, you remember the former president, will also be a guest speaker.  I don’t want to harp about Bill, as Hillary would say regarding issues she doesn’t wish to discuss or answer questions “its old news”!

Hillary did not fare well in the Iowa caucus during her 2008 campaign, finishing a distant 3rd.   This trip isn’t about Hillary’s Hard Choices” book tour, which was Phase I of her campaign for 2016, this trip is a speaking opportunity or the beginning of  Phase II of the 2016 campaign.   What will Hillary have to say about her former boss Barack Obama and his latest declarations?

Why would anyone care about what she thinks or says?   She is a political phenomenon that has been able to continue to skate by with all the scandals that has followed her from Little Rock to the White House to the present.   It will all eventually catch up, and Benghazi may be the death of her political career yet.   With her record, why?


Dropping Bombs And Killing The Bad Guys By American Military, Is No Longer “War”

THEN MR KERRY DOES THAT MEAN WE ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN A HALF-ASS’ed WAR THAT WE WILL NOT COMPLETE TO A VICTORY? Is it another “conflict” that we’ll pursue with politically correct strategy or in Obama’s case no-strategy? Oh and nice job sucking up all those allies that were going to join us, that you and your Boss counted on. You should have been working on that weeks ago……many weeks ago before Obama opened up his plan to us Wednesday night. How many American lives are going to be lost in your NON-WAR because you and King Obama can’t get it together? You both are in over your heads.

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johnkerry The pompous, anti-military, medal throwing, ‘Lerch’ look-alike, Democrat John Kerry

Don’t call it “war.” Call it a “counter-terrorism operation,” Secretary of State John Kerry told multiple reporters…..

“And I believe what we are engaged in is not a full-fledged war like we were before; it’s a heightened level of counter-terrorism operation, and it will have its own pace, its own dynamic, but it’s counter-terrorism, and it is happening…”   here

During his attack and mass killing of  our military personnel at Ft Hood, Texas, Democrat endorsed, Politically Correct approved,  Army Major Nidal M. Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!”.  This is well know to be repeated by Islamic terrorist during their radical, rather unseemly murders.  Thus, many of us jumped to the silly conclusion that Ft Hood was also a terrorist attack, by a “radical” Muslim.

As we subsequently and fittingly learned from our glorious dear leader and his regime,  the attack hiccup…

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