Another 9/11? – My Thoughts on ISIS and America.

I believe it would be tragically naive of us to think they aren’t already here.



On The Daily Caller, we read:

An intelligence official warned Thursday that the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable,” The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reported in his latest column.

The columnist, known for his extensive sourcing in the intelligence community, summarized an intelligence briefing he attended:

In a briefing for journalists Thursday, a panel of five U.S. intelligence officials summed up their assessment of an organization that has shown a remarkable durability because it is “patient,” “well-organized,” “opportunistic” and “flexible.” Under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group has rebounded from about 1,500 fighters in 2010 to more than 10,000 today — becoming a global jihadist organization that communicates in many languages. 

…Beyond the current conflict between ISIS and the American military in Iraq, members of the terror group have repeatedly threatened to attack the United States. VICE Media’s…

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Critics say Ferguson PD is assassinating Michael Brown’s character with release of robbery video

No…being caught on video and Michael Brown’s behavior maligned and tainted his character from only a few minutes past. He was responsible for his own behavior.

WPIX 11 New York

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — A young black man, unarmed, is gunned down by police and sees in just a matter a days, his character maligned and tainted by images and information from his past.

That is now the reality for the family of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which expressed outraged Friday over newly released video, which shows Brown, the high school graduate and soon to be college student, allegedly stealing a pack of cigars and pushing his way past a store clerk.

If that evolving characterization sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen it before –most recently in the Trayvon Martin case.

But journalist, and NYU Law school media ethics professor Thane Rosenbaum says further aggravating the situation, Ferguson’s police chief disclosed Friday Officer Darren Wilson, who fired the shots that killed Brown, at the time had no idea the teenager was a suspect in the convenience store…

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Apples need to ripen.   Every bushel starts out beautiful, then one gets bruised.  If not attended to it goes bad and begins to smell.  You remove the rotten apple so it doesn’t spread……then you search for other bad apples.  It doesn’t matter, they can be red, green or yellow….. every bushel can and often does have a rotten apple.   Then you think all the others must smell too and are going to go bad.   But they will not if taken care of.

Humans are like bushels of apples……….  We need to be properly nurtured, are we go bad.  

There are good cops and bad cops, good white people and bad, good blacks and bad, good Latinos and bad……you get the picture; that’s stating the obvious.   What gives us hope (and I am not talking about Obama hope) is the good far out number the bad.  We all need to start taking more responsiblity.  

Our schools, all of them, can be better.   There is no reason why the black community can not go to school, finish school (at least high school).   There are plenty of whites that can do the same.  Become productive citizens.   Money spent on arming the police to resemble the military would be better spent on education for all.   Education, moral education starts in the home.  Know where your children are, know who their friends are.

If we want change……..we must change, all of us, black and white.    The government will not do it, we must take the initiative.   If you do not like the way things are, then do something about it.    




I remember this speech when it came out. Not enough of us took it seriously. We had better take it serious now……because what is mentioned here is real and at our doorstep. The are here America…..this threat is not just against our freedom but our existence. We need to be active. We must come together…….use the energy and aggressiveness we see today in Ferguson, Mo to a constructive purpose. We need to stand together more so than ever.

CindyFrench-stranger than fiction stories


Be sure to notice the check with SNOPES at the very end of this very long note.

This speech was given in 2009, has been circulated numerous times on the internet, but the information is still valid, and needs to be kept in circulation until every American understands the message fully

For those who know me and have spoken to me or read earlier posts, you know of my concerns. I have been studying extensively what the Holy Word of God says about all this. I really believe that we are on the edge of eternity-does that mean days, years, decades? I am not a prophet. I can only point you to the scriptures. Read them for yourselves. God always keeps His promises and prophecies.

 Geert Wilders was a Member of the Dutch Parliament.

 In a generation or two, the   US   will ask itself: “Who lost   Europe  …

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Someone else is going to die before it is all over, if it’s ever over in Ferguson, Missouri.   The black raging mob will not be happy until a cop is dead, but it could lead to another local getting him or herself killed, the tension isn’t letting up.  Its nothing short of a miracle no one else has died……..yet, from all the violence.   A man was shot last night by a police officer after pulling out a hand gun.   Really, how stupid is that, are they testing the cops?   A local radio station said it wasn’t known if this shooting was related to the Ferguson unrest.   I would say its all related.   If you are anywhere near Ferguson and pull a gun around a police officer……you are an idiot.  How smart is that, to try to provoke a cop in that area, especially now.   ( not a question). 

Al Sharpton, isn’t helping.   He sounds like Barack Obama “I’m not here to stir things up.”   That is exactly what he is here for, he doesn’t mean that.   Sharpton, referred to the Michael Brown killing as a “murder in the streets of St. Louis”; before we even know the truth.   It is how Sharpton and thugs of Ferguson want it.   Al Sharpton makes his living on racial unrest and feeds off the division between black & white.

When I speak of the thugs of Ferguson, I am referring to those breaking the law, with all the violence.  I know there are a lot of good people in Ferguson, black and white that do not condone the behavior of those rioting, that want the truth.

The longer all the violence and threats of violence continues, the longer it takes to find the truth.    This mess gives me a bad feeling…….that the worse is yet to come.   Al go home and take the Black Panthers with you.

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