Must read. Well said Fred. The President of the United States is our Commander-in-Chief. We need a president that is a leader, that supports our military. Obama and the Clinton’s are not supporters of the military and know nothing about military strategy dealing with threats to the U.S. Hillary C. and Obama, could not protect a consulate in Libya and 4 Americans were killed because of their negligence. Hillary wants to be president in 2016? Under Obama and Hillary C. as Sec. of State, we have been embarrassed, disrespected, hated; while our influence has dropped to its lowest level worldwide. Hillary could not perform in the role she was appointed, she will fail as president “IF” elected. Hillary is a female clone of Obama, their resume is similar, they haven’t the experience, knowledge or the loyalty.

November 5, 2014 at 10:37 pm

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Today I heard former President Bill Clinton offer his opinion on the Obama ISIS plan. It made my blood boil. Maybe I took it more personally than the average citizen because I spent 20 years of my life in an American military uniform. I served in Korea during the Korean war and was there when the fighting ended. I served in the Vietnam War with the 355th TAC Fighter/Bomber Wing which did 85% of the bombing of North Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I was in Orlando, Florida with Mace and Matador Missiles for the Cuban Missile Crisis, ready to go if Hell broke loose.

All of that has a tendency to make me take things concerning our military and our national security a little personal. I have heard much discussion about what President Obama is saying about what we are going to do about ISIS. It seems…

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Barack Obama is rolling up his sleeves, set to by-pass Congress.  Obama lost some buddies in the House and the Senate last night.  How will that affect this President of Arrogance?   It will make him more reckless, more dangerous.  Obama has 2 years left to finish his agenda of destroying our nation.

The term Lame-Duck never had more significance, and is totally fitting for what will come.  Obama is rolling up his sleeves, the veto pens are all laid out before him on his desk in the Oval Office.   Executive Orders, a dictators best friend are about to roll at a historical rate.   Obama’s arrogance and defying attitude are about to go extreme.

We will find out if our Congress has any integrity at all left.   They are capable of stopping this maniac, it only takes a little conviction, loyalty to the people.  We are about to find where they and we stand, either together or divided.

Dems blame losses on Obama | TheHill

You can add democratic leader wannabe Hillary Clinton as well, she has that Benghazi negligence hanging around her corrupt little neck right along with Obama. Hillary we won’t forget what you wouldn’t do to protect Americans. It will not go away……at least not until you do.

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New claims WH delayed action in saving ISIS hostages | Fox News Video

Falls in line with what happened in Benghazi……nothing. Failing to act in our best interest or to support Americans wherever we may be is success to Obama and his agenda.

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New claims WH delayed action in saving ISIS hostages | Fox News Video.

Catherine Herridge  EXCLUSIVE:

“As early as May, the Obama administration had strong and specific information about the location of American James Foley and other hostages held in Syria, a source close to the discussions told Fox News, but the rescue mission was not approved until early July.

The gap raises new and compelling questions about whether the operation to save the American and British hostages was unnecessarily delayed for at least five weeks because the administration wanted the intelligence to develop further.

“We had a lot of really good information on where they were being held, very specific information,” said the source, who agreed to discuss the details on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. The source added that the Islamic State captors felt so secure in their stronghold of Raqqa, Syria…

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