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Good morning…..Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Rumors have surfaced this week that the Grand Jury decision will be announced this weekend on whether Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted on a murder charge of Michael Brown in Ferguson back in August.

Speculation and a lot of guess-work leans towards no indictment.  Why is that?   Protesters are amping up because they anticipate the Jury will not indict Darren Wilson.  There were possible jury leaks  there was not enough evidence to charge Wilson.  It may also be that the public and that includes protesters, believe Wilson may have defended himself against an aggressive attack by Brown.  Protesters don’t want to protest, they want to riot and they want a 48 hour notice so they can gather their troops.   That demand shows you the ridiculous mentality of the rioters to be.  They will not accept a no indictment decision, they want someone to be punished right or wrong.   They are looking for that excuse, egged on by the race baiters to riot, not protest, riot.  They do not care that Darren Wilson may actually be innocent of murder.   They want a white cop to pay, regardless.   The rioting won’t be limited to Ferguson, it will be widespread throughout St. Louis.  The protesters, agitators, troublemakers and rioters have pledged a major war.   Watch out they may get what they ask.

As it has been from the very beginning of this event between Brown and Wilson, there have been rumors, guessing, lies and accusations prior to any proof that this was a murder.  Nothing seems to have changed, rumors control the day.

Tension grows as the decision moment moves closer; maybe even some paranoia.   Businesses downtown St. Louis are cautioning employees against widespread trouble brewing.   Some have 800 hotlines to call Monday morning before coming to work, to see if you can even arrive safely or if the business will open.   It is like a City held hostage.

Here is my opinion, I am not saying this is true, just that it is my take on what may be happening:  I believe the Grand Jury has made their decision.   I believe the announcement of a “no indictment” has been delayed to prepare law enforcement and the National Guard to position and equip themselves against the rioters.   Of course, just as I write that, Channel 5 news announced they reached out to St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch who stated the Jury is still hearing evidence/witnesses and a decision will not be announced until next weekend.

More time for everyone!  Maybe they are waiting for cold weather.


Obama doubles U.S. troop levels in Iraq

So 1,500 troops to Iraq, are we to assume their boots will be walking on ground?

Erin Burnett OutFront -

The United States is doubling the number of troops on the ground in Iraq. The Pentagon said Friday it’s sending up to 1,500 to help Iraqi troops who continue to struggle against ISIS with large sections of the country under militant control.

The Pentagon spokesman insisted to CNN that this latest ramp up is not mission creep.

“It’s not mission creep at all,” Rear Admiral John Kirby said. “Mission creep is when the mission changes or morphs into something that it didn’t originally start out to be. This is very much in keeping with the missions that we have been performing in Iraq since June.”

So if it’s not mission creep, then what?

In June, President Barack Obama sent 300…

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Boehner warns of ‘big trouble’ if Obama forces through immigration reform

This is only a verbal but meaningless threat for the media and public, following election day. Boehner is grandstanding. He and the rest of Congress with a Republican majority or not; will do little to nothing to control Obama.

Peace and Freedom


Republican House speaker sets confrontational tone in first post-midterms comment, saying the president will ‘burn himself’ if he uses executive action to overcome congressional deadlock

By Paul Lewis and Dan Roberts
The Guardian

John Boehner wasted no time in flexing Republican Congressional strength following the midterm elections.

John Boehner wasted no time in flexing Republican Congressional strength following the midterm elections. Photograph: Cliff Owen/AP

The Republican speaker of the House, John Boehner, has warned Barack Obama he is “inviting big trouble” by using his presidential authority to reform the immigration system, setting the scene for the first major collision between the parties after the midterm elections.

Striking an uncompromising tone at his first press conference since a wave of Republican congressional victories on Tuesday, Boehner said there would be “no chance” of legislation to mend the country’s immigration system if the president acted alone.

“When you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself,” he said. “He’s going to burn himself…

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Nation To Obama: “We Won”

The Tree of Mamre

In a meeting with congressional leaders in 2009, three days after his inauguration, Barack Obama famously told GOP leaders that he was not interested in their ideas or input, and that essentially they should sit down and shut up, because “I won.” He went on to explain that “elections have consequences.” While news reports at the time tried to sugar-coat Obama’s statement, it was clear that it left Republicans who heard the remark gobsmacked. After all, they had all just won elections themselves, otherwise they would not have been in Congress.

For nearly six years Obama has attempted to rule the land based upon this premise, and has by all measures failed miserably. This is not just by conservative standards. Liberals, of all people, should feel the most betrayed by this man because of his continual prevarications, his inaction on liberal issues such as Guantanamo Bay, domestic spying, the continual…

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This is your President of the United States, aren’t you proud?  Notice the poster in the back.    What’s he on, what is he smoking while making those Executive Orders?

Obama is about to unleash the fury, his fury.   The Lame-Duck, lame Obama will ignore Congress as if it doesn’t exist.  Executive Orders are about to flow; and possibly the biggest against the message sent by voters on Tuesday – amnesty to illegal immigrants.   Green cards and work permits will be included in his day of forgiveness.   Healthcare, education, food stamps and etc., etc., etc. will be available and all at our expense.   Obama may be too arrogant (remember he is narcissistic) to realize his policies lost the Senate majority and seats in the House.   The American voters sent a message not only to the rest of Congress but to Obama; “We don’t accept your policies and agenda and we are doing something about it.”   Obama does not care what We the People think; but Congress better start getting the message.

Democrats you lost because he was your man, he campaigned and ran as a Democrat.  You supported him in your Democratic National Conventions (twice).   You have stood beside him, through all the indecision, the unconstitutional executive orders, through his negligence in Benghazi, his non-strategic military plans, etc., etc., etc.  and you did nothing.     Let me give you a tip……in 2016 “IT AIN’T HILLARY CLINTON”.   Remember Obama and Hillary were partners…..   His Secretary of State, Benghazi crime accomplice.     Hillary Clinton would be Barack H. Obama all over again.   Learn from your mistakes.    Einstein’s definition of insanity “Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.   We the People need to remember that on future election days as well.


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