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Trey Gowdy seems to have a pretty good picture of what is going on with Obama.  Trey Gowdy is not a follower….just going along with the crowd.   We need him to take a greater leadership role.   We need someone that will challenge Obama and the left, along with Republicans that really don’t seem to have gotten the November message.    John Boehner needs the boot as Speaker.

Hopefully, 2015 will be a year of change, no Obama’s definition of change.






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The above from @jjauthor on Twitter

A good question “Why didn’t they help the Mexican economy before they left?” as quoted above.

Can Barack Obama answer that question?  I’m sure he would have a response but it wouldn’t carry any logic…….nothing does.  Obama would possibly say something like “Will they haven’t created jobs in Mexico because there just aren’t enough productive businesses and no new business has been established.  But I have created new opportunities, new business in my six years here in America, unlike Mexico.  We have to create new jobs for all these new FOLKS we have invited in.”

So, what are these guys really going to be lining up for, newly created jobs, or unemployment benefits they haven’t earned or other promised benefits from the Obama administration?

Housing, where are all of  Obama’s folks going to live, that have no jobs or source of income…….free housing?   Seems like much will be given to those who have earned and contributed nothing to this country.

I guess they will find their way to a line outside a military recruiter’s office.   Will they be replacing our current military personnel that are to be released?

Lots of questions, very few honest answers from an illogical president and administration.   2015 should be interesting to say the least.



The Film Archives: Video: Booknotes With Brian Lamb, Norman Mailer on Why Did Lee Harvey Oswald Kill JFK? From 1995

LBJ……..Oswald was the fall guy.

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I think it is pretty clear why Lee Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy. JFK was a Liberal Democrat, a cold warrior, a strong believer in liberal democracy and freedom for the individual. And by the time his life ended, he was in favor for freedom and equal rights for everyone. Which included non-Caucasian-Americans. Which put the Far-Right at odds with President Kennedy, who perhaps didn’t see him a strong threat before. And the Far-Left in America, which included Communists, that didn’t like President Kennedy’s tough cold war anti-communist stance against Russia and Russian allies.

Lee Oswald represented what Jack Kennedy hated, which was communism and a strong belief in a strong centralized authority. Where this huge centralized superstate would assume responsibility and authority for people’s lives and their well-being. Lee Oswald originally wanted the Russian communist system and…

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Your daily dose of Conspiracy Theory ;)

New World or One World Order, they’re all in it; most anyway.


Ok, so I have never shared this in any blog, but I am naturally drawn to conspiracy theory. I know….I know….right now your thinking, “good lawd she’s gone off the deep end!” But before you come to that conclusion, hear me out 🙂

It all started when I stumbled across “Coast to Coast AM” (a radio show played late at night) in college and ever since, I have been hooked. Now, to clarify I don’t buy most of what I hear, I really don’t….but what I have found is that in most conspiracy theories, there is a tiny bit of truth. The truth often spins into a blown up crazy wacko story that no one believes, but often, if you dig deep, and research….you’ll find that lot’s of those conspiracies out there, have some legitimacy.

I would like to briefly discuss, the Bush’s and Clinton’s….and how these families, hold much…

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