Obama Authorizes First Wave Of 9,000 UN-Approved Muslim Immigrants For US Resettlement

Obama, is out of control……..our congress is gutless!

Peddling Fiction

“…the Obama administration has approved over 9,000 Syrian Muslim immigrants, hand-selected by the United Nations, for admission into the United States as residents.”

Now The End Begins

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Obama is PURGING our Armed Forces!!

We should be ramping it up! Obama will give a ridiculous movie as the “The Interview” more attention and support.

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In the wake of the terrorattack in Sydney and the rise of ISIS, should we be cuttingback our military, or Ramping it up?!!

Barack Hussein Obamas FORWARD is BACKWARDS TOWARDS COMMUNISM / NAZISM / FASCISM / MARXISM!! The Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama is EXTREMELY LEFTWING LIBERAL / anti-United States of America Everything / anti-Israel / anti-Zionism / Antisemitism / anti-Christian ( Antichrist ) / NARCISSISTIC!!

This Abomination Barack Hussein Obama is Pro-Homosexual / Pro-Abortion / Pro-muslim brotherhood / Pro-SOCIALISM and the list goes on and on……

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White House hiding Obama Benghazi photos? Wouldn’t surprise me if they are…

The White House will probably claim there were no photos during the 13 hours of Benghazi. That would be the easy way out. What would it really prove, that Obama was present in the White House, possibly the room, will the time and date be documented. After 2 years, photos can be doctored.


So what was Obama doing during the 13 hours the night the compound and CIA annex were being under attack at Benghazi on Sept. 11th, 2012???

Sharyl Attkisson says the White House are hiding photos of what Obama was doing during the Benghazi attacks. She tried to get the photos herself from the White House but of course they were uncooperative.

While it maybe true that Obama may have possibly been sleeping in bed during the Benghazi attacks to rest up for the fundraiser in Vegas the next day, I’m sure he wasn’t sleeping throughout that whole night. While I’m sure Obama got a good 6 – 10 hour sleep that night, I’m sure he was awake for a few hours to check in on how things were doing and to see what was going on.

I would think Trey Gowdy himself would want to get his hands on those…

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What’s Next On Obama’s Plate?

Desert Musings

So, Christmas is over…we’re between the holidays…Washington is pretty much shut down because everyone is away until next year (not a bad thing), and the media have started focusing on 2016’s presidential elections en masse. What’s that mean for Obama? It means he is getting taken off of the front pages for the first time in about 7 years. It means he’s officially lame duck. It means nobody cares about him anymore (did they ever?). It means that we’re trying to get past the train wreck that has been the Obama Administration and all of the willing participants.

So what’s next on Obama’s plate? My hunch is he’s going to be taken to the woodshed this spring by the Supreme Court. I think the court has secretly been waiting to douse Obamacare in gasoline and set it on fire. They want to be done with this issue once and for…

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If you are like most, you don’t like the direction this country is headed.  If you are unhappy with the lack of (is there any?) leadership; this is one suggestion, “stop electing idiots”.

It may not be as simple as it sounds, but there are actually people within us that have common sense, I hear from them everyday.

We need some fresh blood with brains.   We need veterans and retirees that want to get this country back on track.  We need men and women from diverse back grounds and different races with dignity, with a country first attitude.   We are out there, it is the obligation and responsibility of all of us to find them now and in the future for local, state and national elections.

We don’t need partisan politics, we need people who can think and do what is right, not what they are pressured to do from special interests groups.  We can do this……it must start now.

Currently we have a congress and administration (Obama and Biden) that can best be described as zoo inhabitants that are out of control.   We must replace the zoo by a process of elimination.   It will take some time, but we can do it!

We are out there, come forward!




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