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Victoria Jackson: “There’s a Muslim Living in the White House”

Vicotria may have played a blonde bimbo on SNL, but it was a well know fact she is highly intelligent. She would smoke Hillary Clinton in a debate.


Former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson sings “There’s a Muslim Living in the White House”


You might expect that a singing comedian’s video would just be silly but Victoria has studied Islam and Christianity and she knows what she is talking about.  If you can get past her comedic approach and squeaky voice long enough to take her seriously, she presents an intelligent commentary.  And by the end of her video she reaches conclusions very similar to mine.  As I posted on her Youtube video in the comments:

An insightful video from an unexpected source – way to go Victoria!
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Ready For Hillary? More And More Dems Are Saying “NO!”


Desert Musings

Hillary Clinton isn’t a smooth politician. She’s not likeable. She has no leadership skills. And she wants to be president for one reason. She wants to be the first WOMAN president. If someone else had beaten her to the punch there, she wouldn’t even be running. Not that she’s running. She hasn’t announced. Which is smart. And stupid. All at the same time.

Let me elucidate. Hillary Clinton has spent the last 12 months fund-raising. She hasn’t announced her candidacy for anything, but she’s sending out email after email trying to raise a $1.5 billion war chest. And is she doing it? Well, she’s running into problems. We’re hearing in the mainstream press that the super-PACS are having a real tough time getting to their goals for her. And her campaign’s fundraising has slowed down quite a bit. The reason? She hasn’t announced. She’s been out there asking for money…

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Political Musings February 17, 2015: Federal judge blocks Obama’s immigration executive actions at 26 states’ request

They should block a few other things as well, like the FCC and Obama wanting the gov. to rule the internet.

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Federal judge blocks Obama’s immigration executive actions at 26 states’ request

By Bonnie K. Goodman

Congressional Republicans might not need to defund the Department of Homeland Security to prevent President Barack Obama immigration executive actions, a Texas federal judge has granted the requests of 26 states to block those executive actions with a temporary injunction…READ MORE

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Here is a fact sheet from the FCC on “Net Neutrality”.     This is a very brief and vague explanation of King Obama’s plan to regulate freedom of speech.  This is more government where it does not belong.  Obama’s 332-page internet regulation plan is similar to Obamacare, we won’t know what it includes until it is poured on us.

This is the command of a tyrant.   When are we going to put a stop to this maniac?    What is stated in this FACT SHEET is not as vital as what is not being said, that is included in the 332-page plan.

Our freedoms and rights are being eliminated while we sleep!


On February 5, 2015, Chairman Wheeler circulated to his fellow Commissioners President
Obama’s 332-page plan to regulate the Internet. Here are some key aspects of that plan:
Through broad and vague rules, President Obama’s plan gives the FCC the power to

micromanage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works.
o Instead of allowing the American people to choose the broadband service plan that is best for
them, the President’s plan places that decision in the hands of a Washington bureaucracy.
o The plan curtails the ability of broadband providers to offer innovative service plans. For
example, the rules jeopardize the future of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program.
o The plan also explicitly calls into question usage-based pricing. This means that broadband
subscribers who use less data could end up subsidizing subscribers who use more data.
President Obama’s plan opens the door to billions of dollars of new taxes on broadband.

o Following a transition period, the plan contemplates adding assorted regulatory taxes to
Americans’ broadband bills, including fees to support the multi-billion-dollar Universal
Service Fund and the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund.
o These taxes will increase the prices American consumers will have to pay for broadband.
President Obama’s plan contains rate regulation.

o All rates charged by broadband providers will be subject to FCC regulation. Specifically,
they must be “just and reasonable” pursuant to section 201 of the Communications Act. The
plan does not forbear from any aspect of this statutory provision.
o This requirement will apply both to retail rates for consumers and interconnection rates for
edge providers. It will embroil the Commission in an endless series of disputes that the
agency is ill-suited to resolve.
President Obama’s plan will steadily increase regulation over time.

o The plan does not safeguard the Internet from additional regulations. Instead, it takes what it
describes as an incremental approach to imposing those new regulations.
o Some of the plan’s new Internet regulations will go into effect immediately. Others will not
take effect at this time or for now, making clear that the President’s plan contemplates even
more rules in the future. This undermines regulatory certainty and will leave consumers
poorer, step by step.
President Obama’s plan will be a boon to trial lawyers and will lead to more litigation.

o The plan allows trial lawyers to file everything from individual lawsuits to sprawling class
actions against broadband providers for any practices or charges they believe to be
o These litigation costs, including attorneys’ fees, will be passed on to consumers in the form of
higher prices.

 President Obama’s plan will reduce competition and decrease consumer choice.

o The plan imposes a host of new regulations on broadband providers. The costs of these
regulations will hit smaller broadband providers the hardest and push them out of the market.
For example, many of them will face higher pole attachment rates.
o The plan implements Title II public-utility regulation that was designed for a monopoly. A
one-size-fits-all regulatory framework intended to regulate a monopoly will push the
broadband market in that very direction.
President Obama’s plan will slow broadband speeds for American consumers and the

deployment of high-speed broadband.
o The plan contains a bevy of new regulations that will depress investment in broadband
networks. That will mean slower broadband speeds for American consumers. It will also
mean that many rural Americans will have to wait longer for access to quality broadband.
o Public-utility regulation has been shown to decrease infrastructure investment. In the United
States, where we have embraced a light-touch regulatory framework, there has been far more
investment per capita in broadband than there has been in Europe, which has embraced a
public utility model.





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