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Jeb Bush, stay home.   We don’t need the Bush family extending their dynasty in the White House.   That’s just my opinion!  Jeb wasn’t that impressive as Governor of  Florida, I doubt he will be impressive as president.  He has been mentioned as a possible candidate in 2016, and now according to his son George P. Bush, Jeb is likely to give it a run for president.

Does Jeb Bush bring anything new, anything fresh to the table?   Whats his message, he says very little?   I believe another Bush brings the same old stuff.   The Bush family are professional politicians, therefore it will be just more of the same.

Jeb Bush would be an improvement of what currently resides in the White House, nearly anyone would, except for Hillary Clinton.

Personally I like Trey Gowdy, he is real, tell it like it is; not what he thinks we want to hear.   We don’t need another Bush or Clinton in the top seat.


KC Royal fans you have a great team.  You don’t get to the World Series being mediocre.   To be the best, you need to learn how to lose and win.

Whats with this obsession against the St. Louis Cardinals?  My son and daughter-in-law have lived in KC for nearly two years now.  They are Cardinal fans, they grew up in the St. Louis area.   They went to a restaurant/bar wearing their Cardinal jerseys during the Cardinals/Giants series in the KC area; they could not get served because they were Cardinal fans.   How grade school is that?  They both concurred the KC fans have a strong dislike for the Cardinals and Cardinal fans.   I guess I don’t understand that attitude, since St. Louis has consistently made post season play for many years and its been 29 years since Royal nation won anything.    It seems this dislike and negative behavior is from jealousy; KC wants what STL has built.  Good luck in your Series.






OBAMA, It’s time for a little KISS


ISIS are the initials we are all quite familiar.  Whether or not we have come into direct contact with any member of this terrorist organization, who claim to be fighting for a peaceful religion, we are aware of their presence.   Their destructive activity and hate based character certainly gets them the attention they seek.  Inflicting fear upon their enemy, anyone non-Muslim/Islamic is their greatest weapon.   ISIS, ISIL, SL, EL, HELL or whatever they want to go by now and in the future; our leaders, if we have any, can deal with them with one simple philosophy, KISS or KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

KISS, what does that really mean you may ask?   KISS is synonymous with “common sense”.   This is a great philosophy or attitude because it works.    KISS is not a Democrat, Republican,  Independent or Libertarian; it could be from the “Lets Just Get’er Done Party”.   That would be simple enough wouldn’t it?   I understand what you may be thinking; our worldwide issues are complex.   How has complex solutions combating complex problems worked for you/us?

Obama, no I still can’t address him as president, you see the word “president” is synonymous with “leader”; is not interested in simplistic solutions; chaos and complexity are part of his makeup.  If Obama really wanted to destroy the threat of ISIS or any terrorist group, he would be following the direction of our military leaders.    If I were president, I would meet with the military brass, instruct them to put a strategic plan together to defeat ISIS as quickly and definitively as possible.  Call me on the Red line or come by the Oval Office, lets chat for a moment, then GO DO IT!   KISS!

KISS will not happen under Obama, but this would be a great method of thinking for our next presidential hopeful.   KISS would be a great philosophy for all leaders and future leadership.  KISS is not limited to war or fighting terrorists.   KISS would most definitely be effective for immigration, the economy, jobs, debt…..you name it.   Oh, by the way, KISS doesn’t worry about political correctness, it gets it right, gets it done.

We are where we are because or leaders present and past have muddied everything; made things worse by coming up with complex solutions with policies and programs that do not work.   It really doesn’t have to be that way.   It won’t change either if we keep voting in professional lifetime politicians who get rich keeping it chaotic and complicated.   We need leaders that have common sense, that know how to KISS, not kiss ass!

You probably think this is too easy, too simplistic, not even possible and vague.   It’s worth a try, nothing else is working.  KISS could be a political movement of its own.  It might be time for a little KISS.



This Gun Shop Owner Has an “Obama Bin Laden” Target That Has Liberals Throwing a Fit

It’s called freedom of speech; something liberals and anyone that would cry about it want to take from us.

Socialism is not the Answer

Conservative Tribune

Spanish Fork, Utah gun shop owner Patrick Meinhart said he hopes the zombie target in his store window nicknamed “Obama Bin Laden” causes people to talk about some of the problems that the president has caused in the United States.

The cartoonish figure bears a sign that says, “Obama Bin Laden. The biggest terrorist this country has ever seen.”

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This past Wednesday evening while I was waiting for the Metro Link blue line train I was reading an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the autopsy of Michael Brown.  The same page of the paper shared an article of Officer Darren Wilson’s accounting of the shooting.  I was buried in the story when a soft female voice ask “So what are they saying today?”  I hadn’t even realized someone had set down beside me on the granite bench.

I looked up, turned slightly to face a young female black lady between the age of 27 to 32.  “I was just reading about the autopsy”, I said, not having to say “who’s”.   I had the paper open wide enough she could see the headlines.   I wasn’t sure how she would respond, and waiting for the train, she could have been from or near Ferguson.  She did not share an opinion, nor did I.   She then said without any hesitation, “I don’t even watch the news anymore.  I just want to go to work, go home and take care of my children.”  I ask the young lady where she was from, “St. Louis, but I grew up in St. Charles.”  For those of you not familiar with our area, St. Charles is a suburb west of St. Louis.   I told her I really liked St. Charles, she smiled and said “I do too and miss living there.”   I told her I lived in Fenton (another suburb, south-west of St. Louis).   “I have thought of moving to Fenton someday” she said…….”It’s quieter”.

Our conversation, while it only lasted about five minutes, left an impression on me.  I thought about her comment……”I just want to go to work, go home and take care of my children.”   I thought about her words for a while, with a slight grin I must admit.   She too has grown tired of all the noise, wants to take care of her family in peace.  I enjoyed our short chat.



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