I’d like to get something off my chest…….something that has weighed heavily for quite a long time.  Litter!  I believe it’s a serious problem, but one that should be an easy fix for the most part.  I’ m not talking about toxic dump sites, that’s a much greater issue and for another time.  My gripe is the trash along the highways and waterways.

I can’t drive down the highway without looking at and looking for trash strung along the way.  I know the problem is greater in some areas of the country than others, but I believe it can be  improved everywhere.

I’m from the beautiful state of Missouri, but to be honest I believe it would make the top 10 list of the most trashed states in the country.  Maybe I’m being overly critical of Missouri only because I know it could look even more beautiful.

Along the highways the site of paper bags from the fast food restaurant you just left lies along the side, right where you left it.  Pull up to an intersection and you’ll find evidence where cigarette smokers have passed.  Some people toss their garbage and trash out just to get it out of their vehicle.  They have more pride in their damn truck than they do the land.

I don’t have to go on and on with examples, you’ve all seen it, somewhere.   Doesn’t it make you sick or just a little disgusted?  Just picking up the litter you come across, and not adding to it would make such a difference.  I know that occasionally you’ll see organizations and volunteers, God bless them, strolling along picking up what they can.   This just isn’t enough, more can be done.

There are benefits to controlling our waste that we should be taking  more advantage of; let alone what it does for our environment.   More recycling, simply beautifying our land…..possible disease prevention.  I’m not an expert on all the benefits we could gain by any means and hopefully I am not coming across like I think I am.   It is a problem that troubles me.

Remember the old TV commercial with the Indian Chief, a tear running down his cheek, standing, looking over his polluted and trashed country?   This is our land, our county and we must all do more to take better care of her.

I was hoping I would feel better venting, but now I must go to bed depressed.  Thank you anyway.






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