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The truth, please tell me nothing but the truth.  I am tired of hearing lies, nothing but lies.

The only people I trust anymore are those searching for the truth.  Those that share the truth when they find it…..or they at least believe it to be true.   My friends that share what they know to be true if they have doubts will say so.

One truth most of us agree as a whole is, we can not trust our government.  I am American, I am not living in Russia or China or North Korea.   We are lied to constantly, and we constantly keep these habitual liars in their offices or positions, knowing full well what they are.  Oh so your congressman speaks the truth and he or she is doing a good job so you vote and re-elect them….. When none of us can accept the fact we are being lied to by our man or woman, then history is repeated, constantly repeated.   We will continue down the same path…..  When we won’t accept the truth, we are  lying to ourselves.  We get what we ask for…..

So many, too many lies, it is hard to believe anything anymore.  We need a fresh start, a do over.   Would we get it right the next time?  Throw all the bums out.  There is always going to be a liar, dishonest, corrupt individuals………but we don’t have to accept them.  It is disturbing that we just come to expect lies and corruption to be the norm.   We deserve better or children deserve better.

We need to hold those responsible accountable.   We know who they are.





I woke this morning to find no one killed another, no news of a rape, no child molestation reported, no violent protest in the streets, no beheading, no bully accusations, Obama resigned, the world is at peace.  The sun is shining.

Where is my newspaper, it’s not at the door and I haven’t had my cup of coffee?   I snap out of it, of course, it was all a dream.


Yep, I am a Cardinal fan.  I have been all my life and I am 62.  When we win a series like we did tonight, I still act like the kid from 1964 when we beat the Yankees in the World Series.   I remember running outside jumping up and down. I was only 12 then.  It was the first world championship I remember as a Cards fan.  We haven’t won the World Series yet this year, we aren’t even there yet.  We know not to get ahead of ourselves, when you do, bad things happen.

Tonight we (the Cardinals) beat the L.A. Dodgers 3-2 to win the divisional series.  We will now face the winner of the San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals series.

I must admit, we are spoiled in St. Louis. We expect to be here. However, beating the Dodgers and their best pitcher, the best pitcher in all of baseball twice in the same series, is exciting……..for us.  What makes it fun, is knowing you had to beat one of the best, otherwise, what is it worth?

If we make it to, and I am confident we will, the 2014 World Series, we will have only gotten there because we beat what may be the best team, outside of the Cards of course, the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have great pitching, and a scary lineup from top to bottom.  The Cardinals had to play their best baseball of the year to win this National League Divisional Series.

I grew up in Union, Missouri.  A small community 45 min. from St. Louis.   I went to Sportsman’s Park to watch Stan the Man Musial.  I watched Lou Brock tie the base stealing record from the center field bleacher seats in Busch Stadium.  Was there when Jim Edmonds beat the Astros on an extra inning home run during the National League Playoffs, only to see us lose to Boston in the World Series via standing room.

We are Cardinal Nation and winning never gets old.

To the little boy in L.A. that was making the Sign of the Cross and praying his beloved Dodger blue would pull out a win  in game Two; I understand; been there done that.  I know you are disappointed. You’ll have your day soon.  You’ll never forget what you saw.  Winning is great, but someday the memory of being there will be what stands out.

I have to say this: Go Cards!  We are Cardinal Nation.   It must be October!


I highly recommend Mitchell Zuckhoff’s new book 13 Hours in Benghazi – The inside account of what really happened, if it makes a difference to you.   We already know it doesn’t matter to Hillary Clinton, or to Barack Obama for that matter, but it should.

This attack on the consulate on September 11, 2012 had nothing to do with a video against Islam as Clinton and Obama wanted you to believe.   It’s a disgrace that Americans were murdered because our State Department under Hillary Clinton refused additional security.

The facts of what happened in Benghazi are written by Zuckhoff as told by the Security Group (some of which were former Navy Seals and Marines) that participated in the defense of the compound, they weren’t just eye-witness spectators.

The bottom line is, who do you believe, who do you trust; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who have long history of lies to the American people or former Seals and Marines who have fought to defend this nation?   This is a no brainer, the Seals and Marines that were there!   Their integrity, loyalty and love of country speaks for itself.   The administration……not so much.



Buttocks augmentation with implants and fat grafting

I’m 62 years old, so the fact that I use any social media amazes and amuses my daughter, and probably my two boys; she has just stated so.

There are some trends on social media, Twitter in particular that I don’t quite get.  Why is big booty shaking such a craze?  Is it supposed to be to show off who has the biggest butt or who has the best booty implants?   Is it sexy?   Okay some may be.

Why are people, women mostly getting butt implants or injections?  I don’t consider myself out of touch or uncool, but I don’t understand this?   Surely Obamacare does not pay for booty implants?  It’s like there is a national contest going on Twitter as to who can shake the most booty the best; like a dance contest.

Celebs  suspected as having implants or injections as well.   Can someone explain what I am missing?



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To our Military Men and Women:

By now you are aware of the type of commander-in-chief you serve under.   We the People know you serve your country.   We appreciate and support you, whether your commander does or not.  You show greater courage, patience and more importantly courage than the oneness that wants to divide you.   What he does not get is, his disrespect will only draw your troops and branches closer to one another and strengthen you within.  The insults and disrespect he shows towards you is unfortunately shared by all of you.  If it is the desire of the POTUS to drag your morale to a lower state, he doesn’t understand the meaning of being united.  Most Americans are proud of our Military.   The 65% that disapprove of the POTUS approve and respect our military.   I am sure your popularity is closer to 90%.

Hang in there, it is We the People that need to come to your rescue now.  We will be electing a new president soon.  Pray that we do a better job than we have and give you a Commander-in-Chief you can be proud to serve under.

Thank you and God Bless you all.  Be safe.



View from the Tee

Trees turning earth tone colors, many bright, but all beautiful.   Fall is my favorite time of the year.   Fall is the best time of the year for golf, the walk or ride with the view of mixed colors no longer just green.  You appreciate being outdoors, with the cooler temperatures, the air refreshing.  From high ground you look down into valleys and hills in the distance, and just stare at what will soon disappear.